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Cast of Back to The Future now: Where are the stars from the 1985 film?

What ever happened to the stars of Back to The Future including Christopher Lloyd and Michael J Fox? Find out everything... We can’t believe Back to the Future hit the cinemas all the way back in 1985. Starring Michael J Fox, the film sees teenager Marty McFly travel in time...

Experts Weigh In: Who Should Win — And Who Will Win

BEST DRAMA SERIES WILL WIN: The Crown (Netflix) The Handmaid’s Tale has one more acting nomination (10), The Mandalorian the same total (24), and this is the last chance to honor Lovecraft Country and Pose, but Netflix will snag its first series win for season four of Peter Morgan’s show about the British royals. — Scott Feinberg SHOULD WIN: Lovecraft Country (HBO) The fourth season of The Crown was more consistent, while it’s easy to see how The Mandalorian and Bridgerton struck their respective populist chords. I’m going, however, with the messy and inconsistent ambition of Lovecraft Country, which swung for the thematic fences...
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Melissa McCarthy Shares “Never Been Told” Story From ‘Bridesmaids’: “We May or May Not Have Wet Our Pants”. Melissa McCarthy took a trip down memory lane and revealed a hilarious behind-the-scenes moment from filming the beloved comedy Bridesmaids — which celebrated its 10th anniversary in April…. Lionsgate Sets Premium VOD...

46 A - People Themed Trivia Questions & Answers : People Themed A-D

1 Although she had been in other movies, a breakout role for Amy was one where she played a fiancée of a successful grifter, played by Leonardo DiCaprio. What 2002 film was that?. Answer: Catch Me If You Can. In "Catch Me If You Can," Amy played Brenda Strong, an...