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Bill Maher slams CDC's ‘confusing’ new mask guidance: 'It's called science, people!'

"Real Time" host Bill Maher mocked the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s updated mask guidance, calling it "confusing." "The CDC put out new mask guidelines now, which, it’s all just so f---in’ confusing," Maher said Friday evening on his HBO program. "Indoors, outdoors, vaccinated, not vaccinated, masked, not masked. The Walmart shoppers don’t know who to punch anymore."
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Former Trump adviser Stephen Miller slams NYT essay calling for non-citizens to be given right to vote and claims left 'want to erode and erase the very idea of American citizenship'

Former Trump advisor Stephen Miller has slammed The New York Times over a guest essay calling for non-citizens to be given the right to vote in US elections. Miller - who has been credited with creating President Trump's famously draconian immigration policies, including his Muslim ban - said: 'The New York Times opinion piece is extraordinarily revealing for the mindset of the left - which is they want to erode and ultimately erase the very idea of American citizenship.'
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Texas Dem Lawmaker Compares Walkout to Sam Houston Battle for Independence

Texas state Democratic lawmaker Alex Dominguez defended his colleagues' "retreat" to Washington D.C. in order to halt Republicans' so-called voter suppression bill votes, comparing the fight to the 1836 Battle of San Jacinto. Dominguez, who is one of nearly 60 Texas Democratic lawmakers who left the state earlier this month...
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Novak Djokovic's Olympic meltdown shows hypocrisy of his Simone Biles criticism

TOKYO — A day before she was scheduled to begin competing in individual apparatus competition, Simone Biles withdrew from two more medal events, the vault and uneven bars. Her status for the floor routine and balance beam remains in limbo, though it seems increasingly unlikely that she will not compete at all in Tokyo. Her brain is overloaded and not letting her compete safely. She explained her issues in an Instagram post on Friday.
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Taliban attack UN compound, raising fears of Afghan security crisis

The Taliban attacked a UN compound in Afghanistan Friday, killing an Afghan security guard while raising further concerns about withering security in the country now that US forces have almost completely withdrawn. “The perpetrators of this attack must be identified and brought to account,” said Deborah Lyons, the United Nations...
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Apollo 15’s 50th anniversary: Moon landing seen in stunning detail

New images released to Fox News depict the Apollo 15 moon landing in remarkable detail 50 years later. The pictures, remastered by "Apollo Remastered" author Andy Saunders, show the Lunar Roving Vehicle (LRV) as it was driven by astronauts Commander David Scott and Lunar Module Pilot Jim Irwin on the planet's surface for the first time.