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Watch Mother and Daughter Fight Before Boarding Spirit Airlines Flight

Spirit Airlines continues to see plenty of fights go down, before and after their flights lately. They include flights from Las Vegas to Atlanta, and at Detroit’s airport as well. The latest is at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta, where a mother and daughter ended up fighting each other, prior to a flight, according to Fox 2 Detroit. The two were waiting to get on a flight to Detroit when things all of a sudden got ugly. It got to a point where a man nearby had to come in and separate them. Travelers nearby were surprised at what happened and now, the FAA has released a statement, as 85% of flight attendants who took a recent survey, which were over 5,000, said they’ve dealt with “unruly passengers” this year.
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Man accused of kidnapping woman, shooting witness surrenders to police

DETROIT – A man suspected of abducting a woman and shooting a witness turned himself into police Wednesday after a day on the run, FOX 2 Detroit reports. The manhunt for 21-year-old Marcus Montgomery ended when he surrendered late Wednesday, July 28, the TV station reports. Montgomery was wanted by Detroit Police for allegedly kidnapping a 20-year-old woman and shooting a female witness who attempted to follow him.
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$7,000 of Rare Collectibles Stolen from Otaku Detroit Store

Early Thursday morning, someone broke into Otaku Detroit, an otaku-themed store in Madison Heights, Michigan, and stole $7,000 worth of figurines and whatever was in the cash register. The suspect still remains at large. The figurines taken were rare, implying this is someone with knowledge on otaku culture. “It’s not...
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Detroit Cops Under Investigation Over Video Appearing to Show Them Fleeing Scene of Drive-By

A pair of Detroit police officers are reportedly under investigation over dash-cam footage that appears to show them fleeing a drive-by shooting taking place right in front of them. The clip, which is part of the news package above, shows a man pull out a gun and start firing on another person while leaning out of the backseat of a blue car. Almost immediately after, the car recording the crime-in-progress speeds away.
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Suspect arrested in stabbing deaths of 14-year-old girl, mother; Victims ID’d by police

VAN BUREN TOWNSHIP, MI -- A 47-year-old man who is on parole and wears a tether has been arrested in connection with the stabbing deaths of a teenage girl and her mother. According to Fox 2 Detroit, the suspect -- who has not been identified by police pending formal charges -- was arrested in Pontiac Tuesday thanks to assistance from the Michigan Department of Corrections and Oakland County Sheriff’s Office.

Hero Michigan Dad Sustained Severe Burns While Rescuing Twin Baby Girls From House Fire

A bigger tragedy was averted when a Michigan man ran into a burning house to save his infant daughters while suffering severe burns in the process. According to People, on Friday, July 16, 23-year-old Ray Lucas of Eastpointe, Michigan, had left the home with his girlfriend Shi’Ann Brown, the mother of his 18-month-old twin daughters, Malaysia and Milan, to run an errand. When they returned, they saw that the house was on fire.
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Detroit News Station Falls For Fake Protest To Bring Back Saturn

Friends, we are living in trying times. Between viruses, political factions, climate debate, and Marvel-versus-DC gang fights, we're surrounded by conflicts and protests. In fact, there was a noisy protest this past weekend right outside GM's Headquarters at Detroit's Renaissance Center. A mob of car-crazy people gathered to demand GM executives revive the dead-for-a-decade Saturn brand. There's just one thing – it was all sort of fake.