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Leaked Fortnite trailer reveals Spider-Man and a new island for Chapter 3

Fortnite’s Chapter 2 comes to an end on Saturday, but a trailer for Chapter 3 has already leaked, reportedly from Epic Games’ Polish YouTube channel (via Kotaku). Based on the trailer, the next chapter is poised to be a significant update, adding a brand new island, new mechanics, and your friendly island Spider-Man.
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Here’s When ‘Fortnite’ Returns And Chapter 3 Begins

Just like the end of Chapter 1, when the map was swallowed by a black hole, the popular Battle Royale game has gone offline before the start of Chapter 3. The live-event, fittingly titled The End, was an epic finale to Fortnite’s Chapter 2. The End Recap. The Cube Queen,...
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Everything we know about Fortnite Chapter 3

Fortnite Chapter 3 will soon be upon us. That means a whole new string of seasons, events, skins, and probably more marketing collaborations and crossovers than you can shake a pickaxe at. Much like when Fortnite shifted over into Chapter 2, Chapter 3 promises to be a significant touch-up to Fortnite's tried-and-tested battle royale formula, and god only knows what's in store.
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Fortnite’s Chapter 2 ending event: When and how to watch

Fortnite’s second chapter is finally coming to an end this week, which means it’s time for a new in-game event. Epic has been tight-lipped about what exactly this new event will include — and whether or not the game will have downtime before the next chapter — but we at least know a few things to help players get ready.

Fortnite's island-flipping finale gives glimpse at new Chapter 3 map

Fortnite has pulled off its latest live event - typically spectacular in scope, technically ambitious in scale, and hugely important to the game's ongoing story. Tonight's The End event closed the book on its Chapter 2 map forever - and gave players a glimpse at what's next. The End event...

Fortnite Chapter 2 'The End' event: Start time, the Rock and more

Fortnite is once again coming to an end... kind of. The popular battle royale game will end the eighth season of its second chapter, leading to the start of Fortnite Chapter 3. Before that, developer Epic Games has a big event in store for players. The Fortnite Chapter 2 finale...

Fortnite Chapter 3 COUNTDOWN: Release Date, Time, Update 19.00

We're just days away from the beginning of Fortnite Chapter 3 (we hope) so we're getting in the spirit of Christmas and counting down the days! We have a decent idea of when things may kick-off but everything could change during tomorrows event, 'The End'. Let's take a look at...

Epic asks leakers to not leak Fortnite Chapter 3, it leaks anyway on TikTok

The relationship between Epic and Fortnite's small legion of data miners and leakers has always been a tense one. Perhaps no more so than when a new Fortnite season or chapter is around the corner. With Fortnite Chapter 3 on the horizon, Epic has reportedly been asking the usual leakers to abstain from spoiling anything related to the Fortnite Chapter 3 reveal event "The End."

Fortnite Chapter 3: Who is The Foundation?

The Fortnite Chapter 2 Finale event is almost here and there's going to be a lot of major changes coming in the next couple of weeks. If you've been following the story Epic Games has been developing over the last few seasons, you might be wondering who The Foundation is in Fortnite and the lore surrounding Chapter 2 and beyond. We have everything you need to know right here.

Fortnite Leak Reveals New Weapon Possibly Coming With Chapter 3

The current expectation -- based on leaks and teasers -- is that Fortnite Season 8 will transition to Fortnite Chapter 3. For now, this is just speculation, but there is plenty of reason to believe this speculation. That said, and assuming this is true, Chapter 3's first weapon -- a mysterious throwable axe -- may have leaked, courtesy of the game's files and a recent update to the free-to-play game that added these new files that dataminers quickly digged through for anything interesting or pecuilar.
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Fortnite leak claims Matrix crossover coming in Chapter 3

Fortnite and crossovers with popular media franchises go hand in hand, from films to television series. According to a well know Fortnite leaker, Neo and Trinity from the Matrix movies could be landing on the island very soon. While its innovations on battle royale gameplay are what put Fortnite on...

Fortnite Chapter 3 Map: Changes, New POI, Tilted Towers to Return?

As we creep slowly towards Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 1 we're exploring the possibilities for the brand new island map. Will the reintroduction of the Black Hole also bring back some old and beloved POIs?. We're taking a look at some of the concepts that the community has put together...

Fortnite Chapter 3 Battle Pass: Spider-Man, Peely, Jonesy & More

As we edge ever nearer to Fortnite Chapter 3, we're taking a look at what may be included in its Battle Pass. Each season, we get at least 100 tiers of content made available for just a few V-Bucks. Last season we were treated to loads of brand new NPCs...

Fortnite Chapter 3: How to Thank the Driver

Agent Jones and The Foundation might feel like the heroes of Fortnite's current narrative, but there's one constant that never lets players down - and they probably won't. They're a silent, stalwart guide to Fortnite players old and new. They're a vital part of getting into Fortnite games and just as stuck in "The Loop" as everyone else on Fortnite Island.

Spider-Man is seemingly coming to Fortnite in Chapter 3

Rumours suggested that Spider-Man could be coming to Epic Games' free-to-play battle royale sometime this season but it looks like that won't be the case. Spider-Man won't be coming before Chapter 3 but the latest leaks suggest that the new Chapter is just around the corner. Apparently, Chapter 3, Season...

Fortnite Chapter 3: How to Redeem a Code

Whether you're a regular in the Final Circle or just starting out in Fortnite's Creative Mode, you're probably going to need to know how you can Redeem a Code for Fortnite at some point - especially with Christmas right around the corner! Fortnite mainly uses redeemable codes for V-Bucks, however, a lot of the more exclusive original content cosmetics packs are also stand-alone purchases that can then be redeemed with a code for Fortnite.

When Does Fortnite Come Back?

Following the massive The End event which finally confirmed that The Rock is The Foundation, Fortnite players are currently swimming around in the ocean while the game is in downtime, similarly to the end of Chapter 1 with the black hole. The game is currently unplayable with Chapter 3 right...