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Old Trucks for New Money

One evening last fall, a man in Marble Falls, Texas, listed a 1989 Ford F-250 for sale on Craigslist. Not long ago, the boxy, brick-nosed pickup might have drawn the interest of a bricklayer or a roofer looking for a cheap work truck. Even to Ford fans, the truck was nothing special. “They’ve always been less desirable, because they have this ugly front end. It’s just super eighties, but I dig it,” Stephen Billick, a thirty-nine-year-old filmmaker and old-truck enthusiast, told me. The truck was listed at 8 P.M. on a Saturday, for twenty-three hundred dollars—twice as much, approximately, as it would have sold for just a few years ago. Billick scrounged up the cash and showed up at the listed address at six the next morning. He handed the seller a wad of hundreds without bothering to take the truck for a test drive. By the time the transaction was done, a half-dozen interested buyers—several of them “Austin hipster types,” Billick said—were there, glaring at him. “I’m the bad guy because I got there first. But that’s how cutthroat it is,” he said. “It’s a lot like Austin real estate.”
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Here’s How Much Kanye West’s Collection of Ford Trucks and SUVs From Wyoming Brought in at Auction

Kanye West’s Wyoming-based collection of trucks and SUVs made quite the financial splash at auction. The assortment of low mileage vehicles included Ford Raptors, Expeditions, and more. As previously reported, the automobiles were used on Ye’s Wyoming ranch, which has since been listed on the market for $11 million. Per a new report from TMZ, the auction of the Wyoming-era slew of automobiles resulted in $434,780 from winning bids on seven different vehicles.
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Woodland Police Increase Neighborhood Patrols After Spike In Catalytic Converter Thefts

WOODLAND (CBS13) — There have been 14 catalytic converter thefts throughout Woodland over the last week, police said Monday. According to the Woodland Police Department, the target vehicles have included early-2000s Hondas and Ford trucks of various years. On one particular night, three catalytic converters were stolen during two incidents within the same location. Woodland police said the spike in catalytic converter thefts has prompted the department to increase patrols in neighborhoods during the times and in the areas the crimes have happened. Woodland police said some tips to reduce the chances of becoming a victim to this sort of crime are: Park vehicles in your driveways or directly in front of residences Leave porch/driveway/security lighting on throughout the night Activate audible alerts on motion/video surveillance systems Calibrate vehicle alarm systems to set off when it detects vibration

Kanye West Auctions Off Most Expensive Ford Raptor Ever

As Kanye West and Kim Kardashian inch closer and closer to finalizing their divorce (despite Ye's pleas to get back together), it seems that one facet of West's Wyoming experiment is coming to an end, too. After moving operations to Wyoming and hosting listening parties for multiple projects in 2018,...
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Kanye West Sells Custom Ford Truck Fleet, Sets New Record

The next time Kanye West boasts of his ability to turn everything he touches into gold, you’d better believe it he’s telling the truth. He’s just set a new record as he was unloading a fleet of custom Ford trucks, and he didn’t even set out to do it. Kanye...

2023 Ford Ranger Raptor is Coming Soon!: Debut, Release Date, Price, and More!

Sometimes, good news comes in bunches. For fans of pickup trucks and the Ford Ranger, that time is now. Last week, the redesigned 2023 Ford Ranger made its global debut. During the debut, Ford previewed the off-road-enhanced Ranger Raptor, and we have details. Read more to find out the debut date, release date, price, and more for the 2023 Ford Ranger Raptor.

Trucks, welding equipment, tools and more stolen from UC Davis

DAVIS, Calif. — The University of California Davis Police Department said multiple burglaries took place on Nov. 27. Around 6 a.m. a sliding gate at 2145 Garrod Drive was rammed open and a UC Davis facilities management Ford F-450 truck with a bucket crane was stolen. Later that day, at...

Ford’s New Electric Truck Will Make You Feel Old School

Ford’s new future-forward electric truck is a blast from the past. The F-100 Eluminator concept truck packs some of the automaker’s latest tech, but it looks like it came from a 1970s showroom. Ford designed the truck to look like its 1978 F-100, but under the hood, it’s more in...

Kanye West’s car sold for the highest price in history at auction

The auction included seven Kanye West cars, which included the most expensive Ford Raptor ever sold. With Kanye West and Kim Kardashian nearing the end of their divorce (Despite Yi’s pleas to get back together), it appears that a large part of West’s experience in Wyoming is also coming to an end. After moving its operations to Wyoming and hosting groups to showcase their projects since 2018, the focus on Yee’s growing affinity with the American Northwest has been enormous.

Kanye West’s Wyoming Ford Truck Fleet Auctions for $450,000

As Ye’s Wyoming chapter ends, so does his ownership of seven Ford trucks. Kanye West has been reducing his presence in Wyoming, and as a result, his seven Ford trucks sold at auction, for a total of $434,780. One of his Ford Raptors ended up selling for $86,900, and became the most expensive Raptor to ever be sold. His other cars included two other Raptor trucks, a F250, a F350, and two Expedition SUVs. All of the cars are finished in matte black, and it would seem like Ye had a great time with them while it lasted, because two of the trucks sold with roughly 80,000 miles on them.
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The Best Cars, Trucks, and EVs We Saw at the 2021 Los Angeles Auto Show

After a Covid-19-fueled absence in 2020, the Los Angeles Auto Show returned this November. Following a slew of online reveals and renderings, we traveled to LA to see the hottest cars, trucks, and EVs of the year in person. Our takeaway after scouring the show floor: Automakers’ display booths around the convention center presented a balance between tried-and-true internal combustion vehicles and their burgeoning electric brethren.

The 2023 Ford Ranger Fixes 3 Critical Issues

It’s time for the smaller trucks to shine, like the 2023 Ford Ranger. It’s back with a brand new look that has Ford Maverick vibes. It’s pretty cute to have these trucks wear matching headlights and grilles, but the Ford Ranger upgrades go far beyond looks. The 2023 Ford Ranger...

Kanye West Breaks Record By Selling The Most Expensive Ford Raptor Ever

Kanye West moved most of his business operations to Wyoming back in 2018. As part of his ongoing divorce with Kim Kardashian, Ye is selling the property for $11 million. A recent report by TMZ notes that Kanye’s auction included a record-setting price for a Ford F-150 Raptor. All told,...

F-150 Powerboost Hybrid: Ford’s Stepping Stone to the All-Electric Lightning?

A few years ago I got really excited when Ford was the first to come out with a light-duty diesel pickup truck. The 2018 F-150 Power Stroke Diesel was a dream come true for me because it offered great fuel economy in my dream car: a full-size pickup truck. Here we are just five years later, and again, Ford is first with a hybrid pickup truck, the 2021 F-150 Powerboost.