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Republicans block Democrats' sweeping voting rights bill

With today's defeat, Democrats now look to push for passage of John Lewis Voting Rights Act. The so called For the People Act was a test vote for Democrats in their fight to pass federal voting reform legislation. With the defeat of that legislation in the Senate, they're now looking to push for the passage of the John Lewis Voting Rights Act.
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Republicans defeat critical voting rights bill as White House warns ‘democracy is in peril’

A civil rights bill central to expand voting rights across the US – and Democrats’ best chance of an antidote against a wave of restrictive voting laws proposed in nearly every state – has failed in Congress.As expected, Senate Republicans universally rejected a procedural move to begin debate on the For The People Act, effectively killing the bill, and galvanising Democrats, the White House and voting rights advocates around a nationwide campaign to combat voter suppression.Before the vote, the White House warned that “democracy is in peril” and that the right to vote “is under assault with an intensity...
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Noah Berlatsky Democrats' For the People Act crisis proves liberals need show how equality helps everyone

Democrats have been struggling for some time to enact legislation — like the For the People Act, which Senate Democrats will try and then fail to bring to the floor for debate on Tuesday — to protect the rights of Black and working-class voters, many of whom Republicans have long been trying to disenfranchise. Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., had put together a voting rights bill that he hoped could pass the Senate without modifying the filibuster (i.e., with some Republican votes); Republican leaders, however, rejected his version as well.
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The Democrats’ Dead End on Voting Rights

Democrats have cast in dire terms their push to protect and expand voting rights before the next national elections. “Failure is not an option,” Senate Majority Chuck Schumer has repeatedly declared, making the oft-broken vow that leaders in both parties assign to their tippy-top priorities. This afternoon, Schumer brought up his party’s broad election-reform bill for an initial procedural vote, and it failed.
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Senate Republicans block Democrats' sweeping voting, ethics bill

Senate Republicans blocked a sprawling Democratic voting rights and government ethics bill Tuesday. Democrats have called the For the People Act necessary as GOP-led state legislatures pass a string of restrictive voting laws, while Republicans have framed it as a federal takeover of elections. The GOP has opposed even a...
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Mike Lee praises Republican success blocking 'For the People Act' legislation

Senator Mike Lee, R-Utah, joined "Hannity" Tuesday to discuss the Senate Republicans' success blocking the sweeping legislation on election reforms. LEE: "I'm thrilled that we defeated S.1 tonight. This was a victory for the angels. This bill was written in hell by the devil himself. This bill would make it easier to vote. This would make it easier to vote illegally. This is the "Corrupt Politicians Act", and I'm glad we defeated it. Most importantly Sean, we have to remember that this would have arranged for federal taxpayer dollars to fund campaigns. Several of my colleagues have pointed out to me in the last few days that in their campaigns, if this bill had been law, they would have personally been entitled to tens of millions of dollars of federal taxpayer subsidies into their campaigns. Sean, there's one thing the American people do not want, and that's for the federal government to be running politicians' campaigns. And I'm thrilled that we stopped it."
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Letter: ‘For the People Act’ protects our votes

I remember my excitement the first time I voted. Each time there is an election, I again feel the importance of the act, and I am proud to live in a country where voting is my Constitutional right. I take both the right and the responsibility it carries seriously. But the value of my vote is degraded by partisan gerrymandering, the influence of big money, and elected officials who put themselves above the law.