RP Boo On New Album 'Established!' & The Founding Of Chicago’s Frenetic House Subgenre, Footwork

"I'm sticking with DJing, because that's about love!" Kavain Wayne Space, aka RP Boo, says from his Chicago home on the zoom call. He wears a sleeveless white t-shirt and his smile lights up the bare room. As you'd maybe expect from a DJ, he talks with his hands, gesturing so emphatically it sometimes looks like he's going to reach back and knock the White Sox cap off the perch behind him.
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RP Boo - Established!

The footwork pioneer sets aside the obsessive minimalism of his previous album in favor of party-starting anthems and sly sample flips. But his work remains a masterclass in rhythmic dexterity. One of the many advantages of growing older is that you stop caring so much about what people think of you. This...

Injury Reserve's "Footwork in a Forest Fire" Captures The Chaos Of 2020

If you've been longing for Hip-Hop that prompts a visceral reaction within you, Injury Reserve's second studio album By the Time I Get to Phoenix is exactly what you need to listen to. Injury Reserve has always inhabited an alternative space on the outskirts of rap, but their record is an even more experimental offering from the former trio.

Pitchfork Music Festival 2021: Day 2 in Review

Day two of Pitchfork Music Festival started off as a slightly warm day before turning refreshingly cool by late afternoon. The genuinely pleasant day with a stellar lineup had pretty much everyone wondering “Why isn’t the festival always in September?” And quite honestly, aside from September being stacked with festivals on a normal year, it’s not a bad idea…