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Kathryn Hahn Shares "Fondness" for "WandaVision" Billy Porter Talks Playing "Male Whitney Houston" on "Cinderella" Kathryn Hahn Shares "Fondness" for "WandaVision" Billy Porter Talks Playing "Male Whitney Houston" on "Cinderella" 1 day ago. 3 days ago. Kim Kardashian Reveals Which West Child Makes Mornings a "Struggle" 3 days ago. 3...
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The QAnon Shaman Stormed The U.S. Capitol Because Of His ‘Fondness For Trump’ That You Might Even Call ‘Love,’ Says His Attorney

After reaching a plea deal last week, it seemed like the story of Jacob Chansley (a.k.a. The QAnon Shaman) had come to an end. His attorney had effectively argued that Chansley has denounced his QAnon ways and reached a deal with federal prosecutors that would lessen his charges for storming the U.S. Capitol building in a Chewbacca bikini. However, new details have emerged, and it appears that Chansley, who no longer wishes to be called the QAnon Shaman, had a much deeper connection to Donald Trump than anyone knew. Although, committing outright insurrection and howling for hours inside a government building in service to the former president should’ve been a clue, Chansley’s feelings for Trump are reportedly much, much deeper.

Akshay Kumar's Mother Passes Away: Times He Spoke About Her With Fondness

Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar lost his mother, Aruna Bhatia on September 8. His mother was critically ill and the actor flew back to Mumbai from London on September 6 in order to attend his ailing mother. The actor was shooting for his film, Cinderella when he decided to cut his work short to be by his mother’s side.

'With my weak organs I am very fond of you'

I’m currently reading Lydia & Maynard, which is a collection of letters—pictured above—between Russian ballerina Lydia Lopokova and English economist John Keynes, first published back in 1989. I’m yet to finish the book so can’t give a proper verdict; however, I can give a verdict on the sign-offs that close each of Lopokova’s letters, which I noticed and fell in love with immediately—so much so that I skimmed through the book to feast on them like a child with no self-control. My professional verdict is that they’re magnificent, and I really have to share some of my favourites with you. So here we go, chronologically but not exhaustively. I typed these out with my own fair fingers, just for you, and if you don’t enjoy them, we must cease to be friends.

QAnon Shaman’s Lawyer Has a Creepy New Defense For His Client: ‘He Had a Fondness For Trump Not Unlike The First Love a Man May Have For a Girl’

Al Watkins, the attorney for Jacob Chansley (better known as the “QAnon Shaman” despite his apparent new dislike for the nickname) offered a uniquely creepy defense for his client’s actions during the January 6th riot at the U.S. Capitol: Chansley was apparently so fond of former President Donald Trump, it was “not unlike the first love a man may have for a girl.”

‘Zone 414’ Interview: Guy Pearce On The Sci-Fi Mystery, His Fondness For Detective Roles, And More

Guy Pearce has played more than his share of detectives, cops, and investigators, most notably in the film that introduced him to a lot of people, Memento. In the new sci-fi mystery Zone 414, Pearce is back on the case but in a future world where humans and androids exist, but to say they coexist is a bit of a stretch. His character, David Carmichael, is sent into Zone 414, a sordid place where humans go to play out their fantasies with the androids of their choosing, to find the missing daughter of the eccentric billionaire who designed the robots to begin with.

The Prince of Wales recounts childhood fondness for palace gardener

He Prince of Wales has spoken about his fondness for a “splendid” gardener who helped him and the Princess Royal with their “little backyard” throughout their childhood. Chatting with Poet Laureate Simon Armitage Charles mentioned he and his sister Anne had a “little vegetable patch” and had “nice enjoyable” as...
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A fondness for 4-H

PERKINS TWP. — 4-H has been a significant part of Abigail “Abbey” Schmidt’s life for the past 13 years. With her father, Butch, being a farmer, it made sense for Abbey to be involved in the 4-H program. She grew up watching family members, like her brother, Clayton, show animals. She wanted to participate once she was old enough.

Muslims in Aligarh District Recall Hindutva Icon Kalyan Singh with Fondness – NEWPAPER24

Kalyan Singh may need been a Hindutva icon, beneath whose watch the Babri Masjid was demolished, however some Muslims in and round his native village in Aligarh district bear in mind the veteran BJP chief for his different qualities. The 2-time Uttar Pradesh chief minister died in Lucknow on Saturday night following a chronic sickness. He’s to be cremated at Rajghat in Narora close to right here on Monday with full state honour.