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Disability Stylist Stephanie Thomas Is Done Asking the Fashion Industry For Favors

In a story that rings a touch more ironic than sentimental, founder of Cur8able and disability fashion stylist Stephanie Thomas cites Oprah as an inspiration for a pivotal moment in her life's work: "I would always watch The Oprah Winfrey Show. [One day] she said, 'Tomorrow, we will have an inclusive fashion show [with] Tyra Banks, Kimora Simmons, and we're going to have all body types.' I was so excited. I was like, 'OK, I definitely have to be home for this.' I was home for that, and I noticed they left out people with disabilities, and that's when it dawned on me: I have to go directly to fashion brands to get them on board. That was 2003," Stephanie told me when we spoke on the phone. As a congenital amputee, Stephanie herself is a woman with a disability, and she's spent nearly 14 years as a stylist, dressing people with disabilities, and consulting with brands, like Nike and Kohl's, on their adaptive clothing lines.
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Watching the Olympics has been a UX nightmare

I have thoroughly enjoyed watching this year’s Olympic Games. There have been so many moving moments, from when Simone Biles walked away from competition for her well-being (but still cheered on her teammates) to when the men’s swimming medley relay team, which qualified in lane one as an underdog, set a world record and took the gold.
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Dogecoin price spooked, leaves DOGE on the outside looking in

Dogecoin price holds 200-day simple moving average (SMA) after breaking down from an ascending parallel channel. DOGE flashes a bearish deviation from other altcoins with just a 17.82% gain since July 21. Bollinger Bands continue to tighten, pushing the Bollinger Width down to the lowest reading since early April, just...
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Novitec's Ferrari 812 GTS is here to stave off FOMO

Did you buy the penultimate Ferrari 812 rather than the ultimate? Tuning time!. Skip 9 photos in the image carousel and continue reading. Turn on Javascript to see all the available pictures. “This is utterly spectacular to drive, an incomparable assault on the senses when you’ve flicked the manettino switch...

How FOMO is driving New Zealand investors into the sharemarket

Kiwis who use online investment platforms are more likely to base their investment decisions on online discussion forums and whether they have an emotional connection with a company’s brand than its financial reports. And one in three admit to having jumped into the markets because of a fear of missing...

The day I stepped out of my comfort zone: paddleboarding

Four years ago, I stepped out of my comfort zone and stood up on a paddleboard for the first time. It was a little nerve-wracking thinking that I was going to topple over, like all of the people in America’s Funniest Home Videos, but I took it slow, followed guidance from my friends, and it has become an annual girl’s day on the lake adventure that I love.

Royce Da 5'9" Previews Slaughterhouse Reunion: "3 Down, 1 To Go"

What is going on in hip-hop? First Dr. Dre is dropping a new album, then Wu-Tang's Once Upon A Time In Shaolin found a new buyer, and now Slaughterhouse appears to be on the verge of a reunion. Before long, Andre 3000 will be announcing a solo project on the way.

FOMO-inducing IfYouBought.xyz calculates how much richer you could have been if you had invested in stock or crypto

IfYouBought.xyz – eNom / Open SRS customer – (Pakistan) The .xyz community is home to many decentralized finance solutions, cryptocurrency tools, and investment platforms. Cryptocurrency investment platform Launchpool.xyz offers valuable exposure of investment projects to their growing community. Crypto wallet Monolith.xyz aims to make it easier for users to buy, store, and spend their cryptocurrency in the real world. Decentralized finance platform Matcha.xyz works to get crypto traders the best rates on currency exchanges. Whether you’re interested in cryptocurrencies or in the NASDAQ stock exchange, you might be wondering how much you would have made if you had taken the plunge. In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday we’ll introduce you to a web application that aims to help you satisfy your curiosity about investments: IfYouBought.xyz.
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Letter from the Editor-in-Chief

This story was featured in Horizons, a special edition of The Crimson White for freshmen and transfer students. Horizons can be found on newsstands across campus, or online here. After weeks — maybe months, if you’re like me — of packing and anticipating, move-in day is here. Maybe it’s over...

As Bitcoin stagnates and emotions turn neutral, what should be done?

This is the calm before the storm. What to do when the fear and greed index turns gray? Warren Buffett has told us to be greedy when others are fearful. We already know that when others are greedy, we should be afraid. What should we do when the market is in a rare state of equilibrium and expectations are high? We should probably write a page for those Bitcoin maximizationists, and…wait…HODL!
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After Reading My Notes from Middle School, This Is What I Want My Daughter to Know

About a year ago, I finally brought several boxes of stuff home from the closet at my parents’ house where I’d stuffed them (the boxes, not my parents) sometime during my college years in the mid-90s when I was ready to pack up my childhood but not quite prepared to chuck it all. I’ve been going through everything slowly—rediscovering some old 80s treasures (hello, rainbow Trapper Keeper, pizza and dill pickle Scratch ‘n’ Sniff stickers, and Swatches!) but also realizing that I held on to lots of stuff for wayyyy too long (multiple school passes calling me down to the counselor’s office? Why?).
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Debunked: 5 Common Parenting Myths

It seems like every time I hop on social media or read a book on parenting, I come across the latest fads for raising kids the “right” way. It’s no wonder that many parents feel like they are falling short despite giving parenthood their all each day—the right way to parent is constantly changing. We don’t know parenting truths from parenting myths. Some say we should have our kids on rigid schedules and others say we should allow our children to determine the course of their day. We’re supposed to feed them organic food, but we’re also supposed to avoid reinforcing diet culture.
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Tips for Coping With Seasonal Depression in the Summer Season

Summer is finally here, and everyone’s thoughts are turning to backyard BBQs, days at the beach, and nights on the patio with family and friends. While millions of Americans look into safety tips for staying safe in the upcoming summer heatwaves, there is another danger lurking: seasonal depression. Many people think that seasonal depression only strikes in the winter of the year when the days are shorter, the nights are colder, and everything in the outside world seems to shut down and go still. Unfortunately, that’s not true.