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Together in Peace and Protest

Support Hyperallergic’s independent arts journalism. Become a Member ». LEXINGTON, Ky — Created during a year that most spent in relative isolation, the seven paintings in Dianna Settles: Olly Olly Oxen Free at Institute 193 (open through today) assert the importance of congregation and touch to our shared human existence. With one (physically) small exception, the works depict people interacting with each other, sometimes as a pair, but more often as a group: a gathering of friends in a living room, a handful of bathers at a Korean spa, a crowd of protesters clashing with police. Indeed, not all of the scenes Settles recreates are pleasant, but that seems to be the point: for better or worse, we are undeniably yoked in our collective experience of being human.
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Exploration and Puzzle Tips and Tricks

Color Everything. Chicory is about returning color to the world after all, and it's worth your time to stop and appreciate the world as you color in each screen with the palette of colors each area has. Not only will the residents of Picnic appreciate this, they may even show up in random painted areas to remark on your work. Coloring in screens can also help you keep track of the places you've been, and where you have yet to explore.
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You Can See This New Corpse Flower for Free

Whether you get a whiff of it or not, seeing an honest-to-greenness Corpse Flower can leave a major impression. And Southern Californians have had plenty of time to soak in those smelly encounters over the summer of 2021, thanks to the fact that The Huntington Library, Art Museum, and Botanical Gardens has placed a trio of nose-testing titans on recent display.
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A mid-summer monarch update

As the school buses and vans headed down the long dirt road, I waved goodbye and scurried back to the garden. Earlier in the day, dozens of students learned about the life cycle of the monarch butterfly and explored the farm, getting a first-hand glimpse into the incredible biodiversity of a native wildflower meadow. Bumblebees zipped all around the kids, clearly more interested in the wild bergamot than the throng of new human visitors.

Spoil Her on a Budget: 5 Best Gift Ideas for Her Without Breaking the Bank

Love is the most perfect thing that every person needs. To be in love means to share feelings with another person, to have understanding, and simply to feel good. Butterflies in the stomach exist and it is a feeling that is only obtained when a person feels love. When you have the right person by your side, everything is easier. Day and night pass more easily, every call from that person is of great importance, every message and every love I have has a very different impact on behavior and on how a person can feel. So say and show how much you love the people you are with no matter what.

The one habit to try for a more ethical garden

We’re increasingly aware of easy sustainable decisions to make around the home: recycling, bamboo loo roll, that enormous pile of tote bags. In the garden, though, things are a little less obvious. It seems difficult to believe that tending to flowers and making the world a little more beautiful should have a carbon footprint, and yet it does – and worse, it’s often more difficult to work out just what damage we might be doing.
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Stories from the Mixed Zone: Our Favorite Quotes from Day Two in Tokyo

On training at home with dressage superstar and Tokyo medalist Charlotte Dujardin. “I met Charlotte in Rio five years ago – we had friends in common – and asked her to start training with her. She was very helpful to start and she was very happy to help me and then then I’ve been training her with her for the last five years. She managed to give me a couple of training sessions here between her competitions, which was helpful, and she’s great. She’s as amazing as she is rider as she’s a trainer so it’s helped me a lot. It’s been an incredible opportunity.”
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The Best Cozy And Summer Living Rooms (Part II)

The “bikini operation” also affects your living room. You will want to put it in top shape to enjoy the summer to the fullest. If during the coldest months of the year you appreciate warm textures with which to curl up on the sofa, when the heat makes an appearance, you are looking for the opposite: fresh materials, colors, and accessories that help lower the ambient temperature. It is not about making big changes or turning the floor upside down, but achieving with small actions that your living room is more compatible with the summer.
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Looking for a Universal Gift Idea? Why Not Try Flowers?

Picking a gift can be extremely difficult at times because there’s just so much choice to think about. Whether you’re picking out something for your significant other or a work acquaintance, it’s nice to put a bit of thought into the present because it really shows when you finally give it to your recipient.

Hello darkness, my old friend.

It’s storming in Arizona tonight. The wind is howling, the rain is being finicky, but the lightning and thunder are playing a game of tag. Storms were our favorite. You used to love for me to take you outside so we could dance in the rain together. Tonight, Poppy was sleeping during the storm. I woke her up and carried her to the window while I nuzzled into the side of her neck. She smelled of wet hair and dewy flowers. I breathed her in before I set her down. “Take me outside, Mom.” She doesn’t call me “Mama” anymore, only Mom. I miss the days of mama so much. I grabbed her little hand and took her outside while we watched the storm for a few minutes. She thanked me for waking her up and then asked to go back to sleep so she could get back to the “best dream ever,” she was having. I tucked her into bed and she fell back asleep, where she is hopefully dreaming of puppies and alpacas; two of her favorite things.

LEGO Flower Building Sets from $9.99 + FREE Gift w/ $40 Purchase

Hip2Save may earn a small commission via affiliate links in this post. Read our full disclosure policy here. Head on over to LEGO.com where the LEGO Flowers Building Sets are back in stock – including the Rose 2-pack and the Tulip 3-pack!. Even sweeter, today, July 31st only, you can...
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Fun Summer Nature Activities for Kids of All Ages

NEW ORLEANS, LA – With summer above, New Orleans kids can have more time outside the house. Accompanied by parents and adults, there are many activities kids of any age can enjoy. Don’t forget to check on the weather report for the day before stepping outside with your kids. To avoid the relentless heat of New Orleans, umbrellas, hats and even sunscreens can help protect your kids.

Veronica Hawaiian Flowers Batik Dress

There aren't any reviews for this product yet. Some recent customer reviews of the Sugarhill Brighton collection:. Lauretta Palm Fronds Batik Shirt Dress (S) The dress was on the small size compared to continental sizing but a beautiful item otherwise. Hetty Night Rainbow Jersey Dress (S) Lovely dress, arrived quickly.