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Two passengers caught fighting over bag space during flight

Two passengers have been filmed losing it at one another over that age-old flight issue – baggage space. And if you think the locker above the aisle is reserved for the people sitting in that aisle, think again, because according to an expert, it’s not. The overhead locker is often the root of many plane arguments. It’s also part of the reason passengers line up early to board their flight, to ensure they have a spot for their bag in the locker above them. And with battle for overhead space one of the more infuriating aspects of travelling, two passengers were involved in...
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Qantas Baggage Handlers Filmed Slamming Bags

When you check your bags at the airport, you shouldn’t expect that they’re handled with particular care. However, you probably also shouldn’t expect that they’re intentionally thrown around with extra force. Along those lines, video footage has gone viral of some pretty egregious baggage handling at Melbourne Airport.

Little-known flight attendant facts they wish they could tell you

If flight attendants were allowed to tell you things you needed to know, they would, but they are not, especially when on board the aircraft. They actually have quite a list, and they are delighted that I am willing to say it for them. So here are thirty flight attendant facts that they wish they could tell you. These are from various flight attendants and stewards from various airlines around the world, and I’d like to keep their names anonymous so they don’t get in trouble.

Awkward moments flight attendants have faced during flights

Even if you were the number one or valedictorian during your cabin crew training, we can’t expect everything to be perfect when you start flying. There will be some errors and blunders that you will make. There are also those embarrassing moments that you just want to laugh about, and I’ve listed a few that many cabin crew members have experienced. These, on the other hand, make ‘crewlife’ more interesting and memorable. Here are some awkward moments that some flight attendants have experienced while on the job.

United To Flight Attendants: Here’s How To Make Flying Actually Good For Passengers [Roundup]

United Airlines tells flight attendants how to make flying a positive experience for customers e.g. recognize elite status, use customer names, highlight customer milestones and special occasions. Thanks to Western sanctions, Aeroflot can’t stream inflight entertainment. They’re telling passengers to reflect on the devastation wrought by Putin’s war sit there...

Emirates Business Class: Here Is Everything You Need to Know Before Booking A Flight

Emirates is known for its luxury commercial flights, but how good are they really? In this review, we’ll take a look at the service, food and amenities offered by Emirates Airlines. Last 2019, I had the pleasure of flying with Emirates Business Class on two connecting flights. Manila, Philippines...

Chris Christie’s Niece Accused Of Biting And Injuring Cops During Airplane Argument

The niece of former New Jersey Republican Governor Chris Christie was removed from a recent Spirit Airlines flight in New Orleans after she reportedly injured six police officers, including biting one. Shannon Epstein allegedly asked a Hispanic family on the plane if they were “smuggling cocaine” before the Thanksgiving morning...

How Far Do Flight Attendants Walk During An Average Shift?

We know that flight attendants are on their feet, most of their working time. Not just in the air but also on the ground, prior to duty and after duty, whether it is in the hotel lobby or walking through the airport. It also depends on the type of flight and how long it is. Let’s see how far a flight attendant might walk.