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Woman Who’s Hauled Off Her Flight Goes on Homophobic Rant

In yet another bizarre incident showcasing unruly airline passenger behavior, American Airlines flight attendants last week were obliged to eject from the cabin a woman who was caught on video spewing homophobic slurs at her fellow flyers. The Texas woman, later identified as Kelci Cashman, had boarded an American Airlines...
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Flight evacuated after teenager sends passengers picture of toy gun

A flight in the US was evacuated after a teenager sent pictures of a toy gun to other passengers onboard.The Orlando-bound United Airlines flight was due to depart from San Francisco on 22 July when several passengers received the photo via Airdrop, a service that allows sharing between Apple devices.The unnamed teen had shared an image of a realistic-looking Airsoft gun, reported KNTV.All travellers were evacuated off the plane out of “an abundance of caution”, according to an airport spokesperson.They were subjected to an extra security screening before everyone, barring the culprit, was allowed to reboard the aircraft.It later transpired...
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Southwest Airlines Boots Another Family From Because Toddler Threw Face Mask Tantrum

Southwest Airlines has booted another family from one of its flights because a three-year-old toddler would not wear a face mask despite the best efforts of his parents. Eric Hansen from the Bay Area says he and his wife decided to voluntary deplane and let the flight leave without them when they thought the flight attendants were calling the police on them for their toddler’s refusal to wear a face mask.

Southwest Airlines Wants To Grow But One Constraint Remains

Southwest Airlines is sitting in a really great position. With the worst of the crisis behind it, leisure passengers have come back, small- and medium-sized businesses are sending employees on the road again, and travel restrictions have started to come down. With the environment improving, Southwest Airlines is in a position to grow. However, according to CEO Gary Kelly, there is one open-ended question on whether or not the carrier will be able to grow.
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Psychologist Weighs In On Why Travelers Are Losing Their Minds Mid-Air

It seems that at least 2-3 times a week, we are telling you about yet another instance of an unruly passenger causing a disturbance in the air. It’s like they are losing their minds, mid-air. Sometimes, air marshals and flight attendants are able to control the passenger, and in other cases, the plane must be diverted so authorities can handle it.
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84-year-old man dies of heart attack on Ryanair flight to Spain

An 84-year-old man suffered a heart attack and died aboard a Ryanair flight from the UK to Spain, in accordance to a report. The passenger turned unresponsive about an hour into the flight from Manchester to Malaga on Friday afternoon, eyewitness Emma Gaskell advised the Manchester Night Information. Flight attendants...

AR Versus AI: Which is the Most Disruptive Emerging Technology?

The AR versus AI debate is quickly becoming the topic of hot discussion among industry analysts. Most analysts like to see AR as an extension of Artificial Intelligence, and therefore, think AI as the core of AR applications. We are now tempted to explore what does AR market look like in the traditionally disruptive AI landscape? Tricky question .. well, leading data analytics company GlobalData has provided some fodder to this debate of AR versus AI.