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Pound of ahi almost doubles due to high demand and low supply

HONOLULU (KHON2) — High demand is driving up the price of ahi. People can expect to pay almost double for a pound of poke. It is is the opposite problem fish markets experienced last year at the start of the pandemic, when there were not enough buyers for all of the fresh catch. Now, there are too many buyers and not enough of fish.
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The Time Gordon Ramsay Was Held At Gunpoint While Filming

Gordon Ramsay has recently come under fire for his television series, "Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted," due to accusations of cultural appropriation. Yet, this is not the first time Ramsay has been under the gun – literally. The chef revealed that he was once held at gunpoint while working on a different television show.
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Outdoors: Change in tactics solves dog days fishing puzzle

PORT CLINTON — With August right around the corner, a common angler's lament says that the fishing has gotten tougher on western Lake Erie. When the big water does not give up its wealth of walleye as easily as it did in May and June, the frustration level spikes for some fishermen.
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Experience Diverse Adventures at State Parks in the Danville, Area

Staunton River State Park provides fishing with access to Buggs Island Lake.Katherine Hanlon/Unsplash. Danville has many unique and noteworthy historical sights. Take the city's storied tobacco and textile warehouses. Many of the storied structures attract visitors seeking to learn more about Danville's contribution to the Southern economy before the Civil War. If you prefer outdoor activities such as hiking, swimming, fishing or boating, you're in luck. You can find outstanding recreational facilities, hiking trails, and bodies of water hidden in well-kept state parks a short driving distance away.

Subway Urging California Judge to Throw Out Lawsuit

Subway Urging California Judge to Throw Out Lawsuit. Subway is calling on a California judge to end the lawsuit over its tuna sandwiches. The sandwich chain has been embroiled in legal drama since January when Karen Dhanowa and Nilima Amin of Alameda County filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California alleging that Subway’s tuna sandwich is “made with anything but tuna.” Dhanowa and Amin ultimately abandoned their original claim, but updated their lawsuit last month to call Subway’s sustainability claims into question.

State project launched to develop personal location call device for troubled fishermen

SEOUL -- South Korea will develop a personal location call device to quickly rescue fishing sailors when they are in distress at sea due to collision, fire and other marine accidents. It will be developed in various forms such as watches, necklaces, or a type attached to life vests so that troubled fishermen can conveniently and effectively use personal location transmitters in an emergency situation and send locations automatically through water sensors or manually.
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Summertime paddling oasis: Tailwater refreshing, cool for kayakers

When summertime has lakes feeling bath-water warm, the White River below Beaver Lake dam flows ice cold on the hottest days. Puffs of cool breeze swirl from the chilly water when it's 90 degrees in the shade to caress the warm faces of canoe or kayak paddlers and shore fishermen. Cold water is drawn from deep down in Beaver Lake and released through the dam when electricity is generated. That keeps the White River downstream from the dam flowing about 55 degrees even in summer.
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A day at Oregon Inlet: Isolated beaches, priceless fishing and more

Dare County — the centerpiece of North Carolina’s iconic Outer Banks — is divided by the Oregon Inlet into two vastly different parts. Even though the northern part has most of the population and all of the cities, the southern part accounts for one-third of the entire economy of the county.
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Bluefish hit close to Manasquan Inlet, houndfish at Island Beach

It's mid-summer, the ocean water is warm and teaming with a variety of fish. One really can't be certain what the tide will bring in next. On Friday, the Spanish mackerel blitzed the beaches in several Ocean County locales. The best tackle was simply a small 1 or 2-ounce metal jig tied directly to the line as the fish are known to shy from leaders.

Boating Industry Trends For 2021

If you’ve been in the market for a kayak, pontoon boat or freshwater fishing boat in the past year, it’s no news to you that many models are hard to find. The Covid pandemic, which was terrible for a lot of businesses, was great for recreational industries including both the fishing and boating industry.
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Bill Cooper Column: Veterans Fishing Organizations Provide Key Services

Outdoor programs for veterans of the United States Armed Forces have been around for some time. They all have a kindred purpose: to get veterans outdoors to help them deal with the complications of having served. Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing, Inc. is dedicated to the physical and emotional rehabilitation...
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Chicago’s Epic Fishing Competition Fail

Contenders in the Bassmaster Classic, frequently referred to as the Super Bowl of fishing, have many things to fear during the annual three-day tournament: a fish slipping the hook, a bass dying before the weigh-in (dead specimens draw a four-ounce penalty), the dreaded “goose,” as in a goose egg — catching no fish at all. But competitors in the tournament 21 years ago faced novel terrors: kids lining up on the shore to zing rocks at their heads, deafening noises from a waterfront metal-scrapping operation, container ships bearing down on them, and a persistent fear of boat-jacking. With, however, consolations: “You can say what you want about different places,” Kevin VanDam, one of the sport’s superstars enthused afterward, “but the best pizza there is is in Chicago.”