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Parma Western bass fishing program reeling in national exposure in fifth year

JACKSON – The Parma Western bass fishing program has grown from a fledgling tadpole to a prize fish in just five years of existence. The Panthers, a varsity club team founded by Mike and Melissa Krontz in 2017, had just two members when they first hit the water but now deploy 20 anglers at various tournaments across the Midwest. A few select members of the Western program recently dabbled in the deep waters of the High School Fishing World Finals and National Championship in Anderson, South Carolina, in June and continued to push the program’s brand to new depths.
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Drone boats sent from Jacksonville to face storms’ fury

The key to making hurricane forecasts suddenly clearer and more accurate might have floated out to sea from Jacksonville last week on something looking like orange surfboards with wings. Maybe. It will take time for federal government researchers to work with data from sensors on the drone boats, looking for...
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Wife Thought Wedding Video Was Lost Forever — Until Husband Reveals Best Surprise.

This may be the best anniversary gift ever! After finding out their wedding video had accidentally been erased, Drew Gottfried and his wife Kayla had to come to terms with the fact that they’d never get to watch the ceremony themselves. But over a decade later, a friend found a copy mixed in with other tapes at the church where their ceremony was held and secretly gave it to Drew.
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Water park should adopt farm themes

In 2019 I bought season passes to Lost Island Waterpark for myself and my now 9-year-old daughter. We eagerly waited through COVID and are finally able to enjoy the “island.”. Now that she’s old enough to go play and not hold my hand the entire time, I find myself observing...
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It's common sense: Clear away the fish killed by red tide

While there are varying views on how local communities should address the most visible effect of our ongoing battle with red tide — the multitude of dead fish that it inevitably leaves behind — the fact is any debate should boil down to two common-sense questions:. Question No. 1: Is...

A status symbol for tycoons and the yakuza, costing $300,000 this is the world’s most expensive pet fish. Now a Chinese company has created a drone clone that looks and even moves like the real thing.

Would you believe us if we told you that a drone manufacturer had created a clone for a fish? Well, in case you don’t, read on to know about this latest creation that has been designed to ape the world’s most expensive pet fish – the Asian Arowana. Designed by...
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The New Puppy

I am a Tinder guy holding a fish, and I will provide for you. How to turn off location tracking (updated). Achievable ways to feel accomplished. You have to watch this show. Updates from your FedEx package. Get more humor in your in-box. Sign up for the newsletter.
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Go With the Glow

A bioluminescence kayak tour in the Indian River Lagoon can be an illuminating experience. Just a couple of hours from Ocala, in Brevard County, visitors can watch as rockets hurl humans and satellites into outer space or board a cruise ship bound for an exotic port of call. They can learn to surf or reel in catches in the Atlantic Ocean, see alligators up close on airboat tours in the St. Johns River and birdwatch in protected sanctuaries. But one of the major draws on Florida’s Space Coast is an activity that involves some of the tiniest–yet flashiest–organisms on the planet.

NYY 4, MIA 2; Marlins drop third straight

The Miami Marlins lost 4-2 in a close ballgame against the New York Yankees, their third straight loss overall. The Marlins offense continues to struggle as they only scored two runs on four hits. The Fish had their All-Star left-handed pitcher Trevor Rogers got the start Saturday night as he...
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Officials launch investigation after hundreds of fish found dead in lake

After somewhere between 250 and 500 fish were found dead in Michigan’s Lake Orion, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources is investigating. According to a July 30 press release, the mortality event has only impacted common carp – a species brought to Michigan from Europe in the late 1870s that is now a naturalized member of the fish community – and began the week of July 19 in the Oakland County lake.

A Gulf Stream quest for the big ones

To catch up on Ocracoke news and much more, click here. It’s 5:45 in the morning. The sky is gunmetal grey with ribbons of pink and orange and blue to the east of us beyond British Cemetery Road. I’m carrying the 30-liter cooler, filled to the brim with ice and...
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Angler Hooks Into Gigantic Wels Catfish Using Topwater Lures

Topwater fishing for wels catfish may be the most heart-stopping form of fishing we've ever seen. Every angler loves topwater fishing. There is nothing that gets the blood pumping quite like a huge topwater strike that annihilates your lure in an instant. Catfish are not usually a species that is targeted with topwaters simply because they are often bottom feeders, and many species do not hunt often on the surface.
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Bend Fish & Ride

A little cold weather winter fly fishing and snowboarding stoke in Bend, OR from The Snowboarder’s Journal. This is “Bend Fish & Ride,” supported by Tactics and Snoplanks.“. (via the flyfish journal)

Nobody Wants To See Your Rotting Corpse

This is why my hero shots will always look better than yours!. I try not to do this. To give up on a well-reasoned argument and turn to an angry rant, but once in a while I can’t help myself. I’m sick and tired of opening Facebook and seeing photos of a dead fish and some grinning asshole. You’re not a hero and that’s not a hero shot.

Top 10 Best fish pond vacuum cleaner Reviews

✔【Upgraded 6 In 1 Multifunction Aquarium Gravel Cleaner】The upgraded aquarium gravel vacuum cleaner have 6 in 1 functions with water changer + sand washer + debris cleaning + water filter + water shower + water flow. Suit for freshwater and seawater and various depth fish tank. ✔【Strong Power】The 110V/28W powerful...

Former WWE star says Vince McMahon has “destroyed more lives than he’s helped”

Former WWE star Mike Bennett wrote the following statement on Twitter in regards to Vince McMahon…. “I’m going to pick up my kids at daycare now. Here’s the last thing I’ll say. Watch all wrestling (especially @ringofhonor). Enjoy what you enjoy. I watch everything. I find plenty enjoyable at WWE. Some of my best friends still work there. However to deny that Vince is a greedy evil man, is to live in denial. You can enjoy the WWE product and realize that Vince has become bad for wrestling. The fish rots at the head and for the past 40years Vince has been at the top. He fired mass amounts of people during the worst health crisis in 100 years. All to save a few million dollars, when his company was set to make record profits. Many people with families and children lost their jobs that day, so Vince could become slightly more rich. To deny this fact is to live in delusion. He’s destroyed more lives than he’s helped. You can still enjoy the product & realize the boss is a piece of Pile of poo. Instead of attacking the men and women who broke their backs for Vince to become a billionaire, maybe stand up for those talents. I promise you Vince will still be a lousy human, but maybe you’ll understand a bit better. In the meantime support all Indie Wrestlers who are literally the backbone of this industry and #WatchROH. The women’s division and the pure division are changing the pro wrestling game.”