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Someone made a Pokémon first-person shooter because nothing is sacred

The universe is often frighteningly disdainful of mortal existence, specifically if you’re a cutesy Pokémon that’s somehow ended up in a first-person shooter (FPS). Yes, there’s an unofficial Pokémon FPS now, and it’s every bit hilarious as it sounds. Independent game developer Dragon put together a fan mock-up after reading some memes about a hypothetical Pokémon FPS. Sort of like that Final Fantasy 7 classic camera concept from a few weeks back, only far more cursed. More like fire (away) Pokémon types, am I right?
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Shadow Warrior 3 launches March 1st on PS Xbox and PC

Shadow Warrior 3 is now available to preorder and pre-download ahead of its official release date March 1, 2022. Shadow Warrior 3 is a first person shooter developed by the team at Flying Wild Hog and published by Devolver Digital and is a direct sequel to Shadow Warrior 2 released back in 2016.
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The Five Best First Person Shooters On PS5

Growing up, the First Person Shooter genre was the only genre that mattered. Especially when it came down to a school night when all of my friends would be on and we’d rage all night to Call of Duty or Halo. It was special to me. Nowadays my love for first-person shooters has only grown and with it so has the genre itself. In what used to be a genre that was dominated by Call of Duty, first-person shooters have grown to be limitless in their possibilities. Just looking back at what the Playstation 4 had to offer with titles like Titanfall 2, Killzone Shadowfall, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, and Destiny it shows us just how diverse the gaming landscape can be. Titanfall 2 showed us that a first-person shooter can be much more than just boots on a ground type of deal. Titanfall 2 allowed players to grapple, slide, and project their way to the battlefield in massive battles that included giant titans that would traverse the field. Players were even able to hop into their titans and fight to change the tide of the battle in their favor. Can you tell that we enjoyed Titanfall 2? We’re saddened that a Titanfall 3 or something similar isn’t on this list but we can only hope that in the future Respawn announces plans to bring the franchise back in some way or form. But for now, let’s celebrate the games that are out and that we can enjoy on our PS5. These are the five best first-person shooters on PS5.
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The Anacrusis Crossplay Multiplayer – How to Play with Friends on PC

The Anacrusis with its crossplay functionality features cross-platform multiplayer for Xbox One and PC. Blasting aliens is always going to be good fun with your friends. Especially with another spiritual successor of Left 4 Dead with its own quirks and twists because being able to play with your friends no matter the platform is always a big deal.

Shadow Warrior 3 Will Take Roughly 8 Hours to Complete

Amid the confusion and clarification that Techland had to offer on Dying Light 2 Stay Human’s playtime, Flying Wild Hog has offered some information on how many hours Shadow Warrior 3 requires to complete. It tweeted that the first person shooter would take 500 hours to complete…60 times.

Video Games Get Real With “FIRST PERSON SHOOTER”, A Tubi Original

TUBI’S LATEST ORIGINAL, “FIRST PERSON SHOOTER,” BEGINS STREAMING FOR FREE TODAY. From acclaimed horror director Steven R. Monroe (“Harland Manor,” “I Spit on Your Grave”), FIRST PERSON SHOOTER stars Jacob Blair (“Molly’s Game,” “The Alleged Abduction”), Jeremy Walmsley (“Harland Manor”), Stephanie Sy (“Seance”), and more. The film follows the creative head of a video game development company who is close to releasing his newest game when a mysterious coder begins to hack his life – destroying everything he knows.

The Starfighter Pre-Alpha 0.2 Now Available For Download

Imagine if in 1998 Lucasarts had take everything they learned from the X-Wing series, their first person shooter franchises (Outlaws, Dark Forces), and their adventure game heritage, and used all that knowledge to create a game set in the Old Republic era. The Starfighter is that game. The Starfighter is...

Void Interactive Unveils January Content and Plans For Ready or Not

Void Interactive Unveils January Content and Plans For Ready or Not. Void Interactive is an independent developer that recently released its tactical, first person shooter Ready or Not into Early Access on Steam. The title was lauded on various grounds since its release. Fans commended its realism, unique style and much more. Void Interactive has now unveiled its January plans for Ready or Not which includes a ton of content and plans. Ready or Not is available on PC via Steam. Players can purchase the game for $39.99USD or its Supporter’s Edition for $113.98USD.

Second Extinction – Epic Game for Free

Second Extinction is a first person shooter (fps) action online and combat game. Large map. Big dinosaurs. Big guns. Face an increasing threat level with your friends. You’ll find all instructions on the following page. Please read carefully!. Note – Please note that this promotion is limited time or...