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Most beautiful cow: “She has a perfect body”: Rihanna is the most beautiful cow in Bavaria

Rihanna, farmer Müller’s cow from Oberostendorf, is the first cow to have won Bavaria for eight years. She owes this to her body and Corona. “Rihanna is the most beautiful brown cow Bavaria“says its owner Josef Müller from Oberostendorf (Ostallgäu) proud. Because the eight-year-old cow was named Bavaria’s winner at the Munich Central Agriculture Festival in 2016. Since the 2020 event was canceled due to corona, Rihanna defended her title virtually without a fight – and is now the first cow ever to be eight years champion. Because she can bear the title until 2024. Only then will the next Central Agriculture Festival take place.
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Review: The First Cow – “The Slowly Burning Meditative Quest for the Human State”

It’s pretty good to know that we can find good old movies for the mind and soul in a massive corporate war in the world of competing movies, where our screens are oversaturated these days. It’s comfort. Kelly Reichardt Is a master of storytelling of this kind, and if you haven’t discovered her work yet, it’s a great time to start her latest entry in notable filmography.
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See the Original "Sopranos" Actors vs. Who's Playing Them in the Prequel

Fourteen years after the show's infamously oblique finale, The Sopranos is coming back—in the form of a prequel movie. The Many Saints of Newark, which is being released in theaters and on HBO Max on Oct. 1, explores the early years of Tony Soprano and expands the lore of DiMeo crime family figures who fans only ever heard about or saw in flashbacks. While some of its characters, including protagonist Dickie Moltisanti (Alessandro Nivola), never appeared on the original award-winning show, we'll see many familiar faces as they were in the '60s, when the film takes place. So if you ever wondered what Paulie Walnuts or Janice Soprano were like when they were young, you're about to get your answer.

Ascaso, seven inhabitants for a unique movie theater

The track, formerly forest now paved, resembles the yellow brick road of the Wizard of Oz for moviegoers: at the end, on the ridge of Mount Nabain, the show awaits. The Venice Film Festival proposes a long reunion with the cinema. Thierry Frémaux, General Delegate of Cannes: “An 'online' film...

8 Best Movies that features on Top Magazine Globally

Movies Inspire us, control our lifestyles and also influence our behavioral response to others. Here are the 8 best movies from all around the world that are trending on top magazines globally in 2021, and you would love to watch… 1. First Cow…. 2. The Trial of Chicago 7…. Posted...

Marisa Anderson / William Tyler – Lost Futures (2021)

Lost Futures marks the first collaboration between Marisa Anderson and William Tyler, two innovative, yet understated guitarists whose combined résumés cover a wide swath of genres from experimental drone music to jazz, country, and indie rock. On paper, it’s one of those unions that is surprising only in that it hasn’t already happened before now. The two are kindred spirits, masters of their chosen instrument, and tend to run in similar creative circles. Among Anderson’s recent work is a nimble, mostly improvised set with Australian drum maverick Jim White, while Tyler made his first foray into film music, scoring the pastoral feature First Cow. Together, they bring different tonal sensibilities into a common headspace that is appealingly textural and sometimes…

August 29th, 2021

Bronx VI builds on the legacy The Bronx has established in its near two-decade existence, but which definitely proves the door to what’s next has not just been kicked down, but chopped up and burned to a cinder. Yes, the first four tracks – “White Shadow”, “Superbloom”, “Watering The Well” and “Curb Feelers” – bristles with the wild and untamed energy that’s defined the band from the off, but then – all of a sudden, as “Peace Pipe” kicks in – the pace and mood shifts to something a little less aggressive.

Marisa Anderson / William Tyler

In the promotional trailer for his 2016 opus Modern Country, William Tyler ominously declared, “We stand at the precipice of the twilight of empire.” Ever the storyteller, Tyler plays guitar just like he talks: an amused, if weary, witness to the decline of Western civilization, the sole documentarian of its dying beauty. The five intervening years since Modern Country certainly haven’t challenged Tyler’s notion that the American experiment is tailspinning out of control, and Lost Futures, a lovely collaboration with fellow instrumental guitarist Marisa Anderson, embodies that sense of hope in persevering through chaos. The album finds both guitarists refining their craft to its most essential properties, tapping into the serene, timeless qualities of the instrument.