#Find My


Ender half suit

I’ve finally finished my fursuit! Most of it was hand stitched and I lost interest in the project a few times so they took over a year to finish, but they’re done now! The paws I was wearing in the photo belong to another suit of mine as I couldn’t find my black ones. Can’t wait to wear them on Halloween and eventually, to future conventions!!

Upcycled Headboard into Entry Rack

There are times that I undoubtedly know that I am led down a certain path to find something. Does that happen to you? Take for instance, the other day I was driving home a slightly different path after I pick up my kids from practice. What do I spy but this vintage beauty set out for tras (aka. #trashure). It’s been awhile since I’ve created an upcycled headboard project, so I pick it up.

My plans for the Mental Health Break

Our university administration has been so supportive to activities and programs relevant to Mental Health. A few weeks ago, Mental Health related seminars were conducted for both students and faculty. And this week, it is declared as Mental Health Break Week for faculty, students and staff as part of the Mental Health Awareness Month.

Harlingen resident finds her calling

BROWNSVILLE, Texas – Laura Felix and her family made the move from Mission to Harlingen so she could realize her dream of earning a degree when she found just the right program at Texas Southmost College. Once enrolled, it only took Felix two years to earn an associate degree in...

#BETHEPROOF: How Bulletproof Helped Me Find My Balance

For as long as I can remember, health and fitness have always been a part of my life. As a teen, I belonged to the gym, where I would do cardio and strength training, along with taking dance and step classes (if you know, you know). It was an outlet, and I loved being fit and strong.