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Of All The Cities In America This One In Maine Was Ranked Among The Safest

We all know that Maine is among the safest states in the country, but have you ever wondered which is the safest city in Maine? We did and all of our questions were answered recently when WalletHub did an in-depth analysis of every state in America to name the safest cities in the country. While […] The post Of All The Cities In America This One In Maine Was Ranked Among The Safest appeared first on Only In Your State.
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How to help your kids grow up more money-savvy

This article is reprinted by permission from Sixteen years ago, when I became a new mom, my boomer dad wisely shared with this Gen Xer that parenting doesn’t come with a handbook. If it did, financial education would surely have one of its very own chapters. Although we often...
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Financial Literacy Deficit Contributes to Financial Stress

Financial literacy deficit concerns are something which all plan sponsors should know about. Financial stress is a common challenge for many American adults. Poor financial literacy is a growing condition exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic. The resulting financial and economic uncertainty that has plagued everyone – plan participants especially – for nearly the past two years.

Financial well-being benefits can keep employees from making this major retirement mistake

More than 40% of Americans say the pandemic has caused them financial stress, forcing many to turn to their 401(k)s to help them weather the storm. This drastic action has shown human resources and benefits leaders that employees need more than just retirement benefits. While 401(k)s are obviously an important part of a benefits strategy, they aren't helping with the short-term financial stress that employees have right now. Without other affordable alternatives, employees may cannibalize their own future financial security to make ends meet today.

WATCH: 'Positive Tuesday W/ Ben & Fitzy' - Ep. #73

SPOONER, WI -- Barron County Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald joined founder Ben Dryden today for their latest episode of the “Positive Tuesday W/ Ben & Fitzy" show. Viewers that commented during the live show were automatically entered for a chance to win a family pack of 4 free tickets to experience The Miracle At Big Rock! The winner of the giveaway was randomly chosen and announced at the end of the show.

Financial Security: Five Ways to Start Saving Now

Putting money aside for a rainy day can be tough, but it is also necessary. Eventually, you will want to stop working and retire, but this might be sooner for some due to nifty financial planning. This is where the extra money you have saved up could come in handy.

2 Georgia men sentenced for using Dark Web to steal identities of elderly victims

Durrell Tyler and DeShawn Johnson have been sentenced for access device fraud and aggravated identity theft related to their use of stolen identities to open accounts with credit card companies and various retailers. “Criminals using dark net markets to steal identities wreak havoc on the lives of individuals and compromise...

Northwestern Mutual Sees Immense Potential of Asian Financial Investors

With a decades-long legacy, Northwestern Mutual continues to be the leading insurance company in the country. This impressive accomplishment directly results from the venture's continuous commitment to innovation and dedication to providing world-class service to its clients. The company now has turned its focus to attract top Asian Financial Advisors in an effort to attract diversified investors and focus on untapped markets within the US.

Pieces of Advice for Creating a Highly Motivated Healthcare Workforce

Healthcare employees face unimaginable challenges every day, and the COVID-19 pandemic has brought a series of mental health and well-being issues, and brand-new enemies of motivation. Employee motivation, for its part, is crucial for healthcare organizations because it affects the quality of the care your organization provides. Healthcare organizations depend on the motivation of every employee, whether they are a janitor, a cafeteria worker, or a member of the medical staff.
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Common financial mistakes and how to avoid them

It is normal for people to make mistakes. When creating a financial strategy, it is likely that something will go astray. We can all learn from other people’s mistakes or previous mistakes we’ve made ourselves. The No. 1 financial mistake would be living beyond your means. This could cause a...

Bitcoin Is Self Preservation

All living organism share a universal behavior set called self preservation. Self preservation is the set of behaviors that ensures the survival of an organism. Bitcoin is financial self preservation. Many hold Bitcoin to increase the longevity and appreciation of their wealth and therewith their health. Buying Bitcoin is trading time now for time later. Its price appreciation and value preservation allots one more time to attend to physical and mental health needs.
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Financial Focus: Give yourself some ‘paychecks’ for retirement

During your working years, you’ve probably met the costs of living through your salary. But once you retire, where will the money come from? Is there a way to give yourself a “paycheck” for retirement?. There is indeed — but you’ll have to do a good job of managing your...

RUTH SUNDERLAND: I've never seen a deal as bad as the LV takeover

Until recently LV, the insurance firm once known as Liverpool Victoria, was chugging along in the backwaters of UK finance, viewed with deep affection if little excitement. Now, the 178-year-old mutual is at the centre of an acrimonious battle in which its future is at stake — and much more besides.


ELIZABETH DIPP METZGER NAMED ONE OF THE TOP ADVISERS ON FORBES' TOP FINANCIAL SECURITY PROFESSIONALS LIST OF 2021, #2 woman in the US and #12 overall. Elizabeth Dipp Metzger is the Founder and President of Crown Wealth Strategies , a comprehensive wealth strategies firm in El Paso, TX, which serves clients nationwide. As a Financial Advisor, Lizzie provides clients with an integrated retirement and insurance strategy focused on maximizing value over the course of their lifetime. Her primary focus is to provide holistic strategies for retirement, college funding, estate and business succession and wealth accumulation. Lizzie is also proud to have been a New York Life agent for 11 years and has helped her clients in a world in which wealth preservation and protecting what matters most have never been more important.

4 Simple Steps The Smartest Person I Know Follows To Earn 33% Per Year

He works in investment banking in London and can only dedicate 2 hours a year to take care of his finances. One of the most popular surveys among investors is about the purpose of why they invest. The answers are always very similar: Financial Security, Financial Independence, Build Your Wealth or Attain Your Goals. The latter is the one that has always driven us.

6 tips for becoming financially independent

Few things may sound as appealing as the idea of becoming financially independent. Though financial independence can mean different things to different people, it typically refers to being able to live comfortably off one’s savings and investments with no debt whatsoever. In some cases, it may also mean the ability...