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Xbox 'Halo Infinite' Players Want Crossplay Fix to Avoid Hackers on PC

As reported before, cheating is quickly becoming one of Halo Infinite‘s biggest problems, and now a group of Xbox players is getting fed up with it, asking 343 Industries to fix its crossplay feature. In the game’s current iteration, the developer has enabled crossplay permanently, and neither those on Xbox...
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FFVII The First Soldier Mimic Materia Turns Players Into Cloud Strife

The latest update to Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier includes a new mechanic for players to utilize. The “mimic materia” in FFVII The First Soldier will allow for players to transform into Cloud Strife. Not only will this empower the player who has used the Mimic Materia to transform into Cloud, but they will have access to some of his signature abilities as well. However, in order to obtain the Mimic Materia, players will need to take down a challenging enemy. [Thanks, Gamer!]
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How to play as Cloud in Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier

After teasing players with cryptic hints following the launch of Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier, Square Enix eventually revealed the source of the mysterious “disturbance” encountered in the game. The disturbance is a shadowy version of series protagonist Cloud Strife (Big Sword Boy for the uninitiated), who manifests as a glitch in reality. Mimic Cloud can be encountered in any game mode, and players who defeat him can play as the actual Cloud in Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier.
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8BitDo's excellent Android-friendly Pro controllers are on sale for Black Friday

With the holidays fast approaching, you might finally have time to dig into that backlog of games you've built up over years of sales and impulse purchases. Whether you're streaming Stadia to your Chromecast, playing through another run of Dead Cells on Android, or trying to buy any of those fancy new consoles, a good controller is a must. 8Bitdo makes some of our favorite third-party controllers around these days, and two of its best are on sale for Black Friday.

Best PS5 Exclusives You Can Play Right Now

Developer Housemarque’s hard-as-nails roguelike Returnal is not for the faint of heart, but it packs a punch rarely seen in gaming these days. Utilizing all the best elements of a roguelike, including respawning from a set location and running through several procedurally generated levels, players will need to be quick on their feet and incredibly precise in order to execute a perfect run. It may sound daunting, but rest assured, Returnal‘s gameplay loop is addictive and rewarding. It’s an essential PS5 game to play right now, even if you just dip your feet in the opening hours. – Read our full review for Returnal here.

‘Final Fantasy’ meets ‘Fortnite’ is more fun than it should be

Final Fantasy 7, mixed with free-to-play mobile game mechanics. In this article: fortnite, gaming, final fantasy 7 the first soldier, the first soldier, final fantasy 7, battle royale, ff7, review, final fantasy. Fortnite and Final Fantasy. A doomed pairing of the most lucrative recent gaming phenomenon with one of the...

Review: Final Fantasy V Pixel Remaster Keeps a Classic Fresh

Final Fantasy V originally released on the Super Nintendo in 1992. Its the fifth installment of a series that continued to thrive through innovation and its (mostly) self-contained stories. While more popular titles like Final Fantasy VII inspired outright remakes, with the visuals and narrative changed considerably from its original release, Final Fantasy V is one of several “classic” Final Fantasy titles that have received a remaster. With new visuals, greater accessibility features, and a re-orchestrated original soundtrack, Final Fantasy V Pixel Remaster keeps modern sensibilities in mind while maintaining the feel of the original release.

PlayStation 5: a Chrono Cross remake in sight?

It has been rumored for months that the PS5 will soon be entitled to a remake of a video game monument offered in its original version by Square Enix. And new elements point to Chrono Cross, an RPG released on PlayStation in 1999 which offers an adventure parallel to that of Chrono Trigger released on Super Nintendo in 1995.

Final Fantasy 7 The First Soldier: Free Battle Royale Review

We catapulted back to Midgar with The First Soldier, a mobile systems experience that transports the Square saga into the Battle Royale genre. In recent months, there have been numerous products announced by Square Enix and related to its most popular intellectual property of all time, namely Final Fantasy. In addition to the highly anticipated sixteenth chapter, the talked about Strangers in Paradise (to find out more here is our test of Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin) and the free remake of FF7 for mobile devices, Ever Crisis, among the titles based on the famous brand we also find a battle royale entitled Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier. While the other games are still far from release, this free to play has landed on Android and iOS, also enjoying some success among fans and reaching a million downloads in a few hours. Is it the umpteenth meteor or a work destined to last over time? Let’s find out together.

'Final Fantasy 7' Cloud Voice Actor Fired From TV Show For Refusing COVID Vaccine

The original voice of Cloud Strife, Steve Burton, has been kicked off of a long-running TV show because he has refused to take the Covid-19 vaccine. Though there is all the science backing its value to the world’s population, and very few occurrences of potential harm to people, Burton believes in “personal freedom” over the vaccine’s benefits.

Final Fantasy XV Collaboration Arrives in War of the Visions

The Final Fantasy XV collaboration is now live in War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. Popular FFXV characters such as Prompto, Noctis, and Aranea are joining FFBE as new units. The MA-X Maniple and Aranea will also join as bosses during the collaboration event. As a login bonus, players can obtain a UR Prompto for free.

Square Enix Black Friday Sale Discounts Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade, Life Is Strange: True Colors, and Much More

Square Enix has announced that select titles from their catalog are currently discounted to commemorate Black Friday. The most notable deals are listed below. Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade is 33% off on PlayStation Store until November 29. Check out our reviews of the Remake’s original PlayStation 4 release and the Intergrade DLC if you missed them.