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Letter from the editor: Times are changing, but we’ll always figure it out

It's been a full 17 months since we could sit and bask in the comfort of the monotonous aspects of day-to-day life. Sure, a lot of the time we would want to trade in late-night study dates in the library for something a bit more interesting, but I think it's safe to say a majority of us didn't want to put our lives on hold for one of the deadliest pandemics in history.

Common Country!

Listen to this 12-second music mix. What do these 3 songs all have in common?. Congratulations Richard Wick who was 1st to figure it out wins lunch at Pump Jacks Saloon & Steakhouse.
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anyone heard of HXF file format?

Im trying to figure out stuff about the inner working of the game Pacman World 2 and we can extract the level geometry files and open them in blender. but we cant seem to find out how to view these HXF files for objects and such, heres what the file system looks like if it means anything. but if anyone has ANY information on it or would like to help figure it out it would be extremely helpful.