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How Brad Pitt Feels About His Kids’ Potential COVID Exposure At Angelina Jolie’s Film Premiere

Angelina hit the red carpet for her film, ‘Eternals’, on Oct. 18, and in the process, potentially exposed her children to COVID-19. From their messy divorce to their complicated custody battle Brad Pitt, 57, and Angelina Jolie, 46, can’t seem to see eye to eye. And now, the actress may have unknowingly exposed their children to COVID-19. But even though we’ve learned that the Fight Club actor is concerned about the kids, we’re also hearing that he’s not blaming his ex for the potential incident.
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Brad Pitt is concerned about the state of his children after they walked out onto the carpet with Angelina Jolie

The other day Angelina Jolie attended the premiere of the film “The Eternals” in Los Angeles with her children. And Brad Pitt didn’t like it. The fact is that 46-year-old Jolie exposed them to the potential danger of contracting the coronavirus. It is this fact that 57-year-old Pitt is greatly concerned about. But, as insiders emphasize, despite the fact that the Fight Club star is very worried about the state of the children, he in no way blames his ex-wife for neglecting their health.
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EC3 Believes WWE Career Was Done After His Debut On RAW

In a recent interview with Chris Van Vliet, ROH star EC3 emphasized that his WWE career was dead the minute he made his main roster debut on the Feb. 4, 2019 episode of RAW. Appearing on Alexa Bliss’ talk show, A Moment Of Bliss, EC3 was interrupted and verbally assaulted by Jon Moxley (Dean Ambrose), leading to a match that EC3 won. The following week on RAW, Moxley won the rematch. After his short feud with Moxley, EC3 was written off RAW for several months before being relegated to Main Event.
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ICW Fight Club

Andy Wild, Leyton Buzzard, L.J. Cleary and a mystery competitor battle to determine Kez Evans’ opponent for the vacant ICW World Heavyweight Championship at Fear and Loathing. The Nine9 defend the ICW Tag Team Championship against Thatcher's Cabinet.

A Running List of D.C. Bars and Restaurants Reopening After an Extended Break

Fresh out of hibernation mode, a slew of sorely missed D.C. bars began reopening around St. Patrick’s Day. Many more have steadily come back since the city returned to pre-pandemic norms for capacity, service, and last call at restaurants (Friday, May 21) and taverns and nightclubs (Friday, June 11). On Saturday, July 31, D.C. reinstated an indoor mask mandate requiring customers to cover their mouth and nose whenever they’re not actively eating and drinking inside.

GCW War Ready live results: Nick Gage vs. Minoru Suzuki

Minoru Suzuki's U.S. tour continues as the night after taking on Chris Dickinson at Josh Barnett's Bloodsport, he faces former GCW Champion Nick Gage for the very first time at War Ready. The event is GCW's second straight in Los Angeles, California. Gage is coming off a loss to champion...

10 Movies From The 90s That Were Better Than The Book

“The book was better.” If you’re a movie buff, you’ve likely heard the phrase. You might have said it. You were probably right. Most times, the book is better. I could list plenty of books that were ruined in the movies that were made. But every once in a while, we all have to admit that a movie comes along that’s better than the book. It cuts out boring stuff. A brilliant actor gives life to a character that just wasn’t that interesting on the page. Maybe it just allows the director and crew to show off some really cool effects that impress the heck out of us. There were probably hundreds of movies in the 90s based on books. Here are ten that were actually better than their source material.

Rap supergroup Mt. Westmore announce new track ‘Big Subwoofer’

Mt. Westmore, the rap supergroup made up of Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, Too $hort and E-40, look set to release a new track tomorrow (October 20). The four rappers launched the collaborative project in March and were due to release their debut album the following month, though this did not materialise. Ice Cube said in July, however, that the group had “figured it out” and were “getting cocked and loaded”.

ACMA Blocks Five More Offshore Gambling Sites in Australia

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) is not slowing down in restricting access to offshore gambling in the country, an industry that has been thriving for years before ACMA decided to take action a few years back. ACMA has requested from internet service providers (ISPs) to suspend access to five new offshore websites, including Fight Club, Kim Vegas, Queenspins, Yoju Casino, and Spin Bit.

Ice, Ice, Baby! …

In 2020 we entered a grand solar minimum after exiting a grand solar Maximum. You had nothing to do with either, but politcal freaks saddled up the latter as a mule for socializing and controlling energy and your ability to use it. You know the rest. Global warming was rebranded...

11 Exciting New Bars and Restaurants to Try Around DC

Fall opening season is well underway, and there are new spots for fine dining and casual grabs, spiced cocktails and holistic no-alcohol drinks. Also: a lot of carbs, because they’re always delicious no matter the season. 623 Pennsylvania Ave., SE. Beloved Beuchert’s is back on Capitol Hill after a year-and-a-half...

Rochester veterinarian makes plea for understanding, civility

Rochester veterinarian Dr. Christine Vogel thought it was time to speak up. It wasn't just the incivility and bad behavior that vet techs and receptionists at veterinary clinics were dealing with from customers, it was the real harm that it was doing to the industry. "What I joke about with...

All the new movies available on Amazon Prime

With the content available on streaming services changing every day it seems, it can be hard to know what to watch. Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime appear to be trading shows & movies around like they’re baseball cards. Sometimes you strike gold & discover something new to see that you couldn’t find before.