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Amatheon’s Corruption Released for Fiesta Realm of the Gods

The latest chapter in the Realm of the Gods expansion for Fiesta Online is now available. Amatheon’s Corruption is now playable for the free-to-play anime-themed MMORPG. The Realm of the Gods expansion was released for Fiesta Online in July of 2021. The expansion offered an enlarged map to explore, new quests, a raised level cap, and new enemies for gamers to challenge.
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gamigo's Parent Company Promises Rift Update For Early 2022

Media and Games Invest, a.k.a. MGI, a.k.a. the company that owns gamigo and KingsIsle Entertainment, recently released its Q3 finanicial report, in which it had several things to say about the game companies under its banner, including the promise of a new update for a game that hasn't seen one in a while and the impending doom of a few other underperforming titles.

The next peak chapter of Fiesta Online’s Realm of the Gods expansion is now available

Amatheon’s Corruption will feature Fiesta Online’s most challenging world boss of all time. Hamburg, November 24th, 2021 – gamigo is pleased to announce that Amatheon's Corruption, yet another highlight for the epic Realms of the Gods expansion for Fiesta Online, was released today. The company took Fiesta Online – one of the longest-running MMORPGs – to the next level at the end of July 2021 with the release of Realms of the Gods, the largest expansion to date. This update offered, among countless other new content, a significant extension of the game world with new realms, many new quests and enemies, and a raised level cap.

Throw Some Cupcakes to Mark Fiesta Online's 14th Anniversary

Have you ever wanted to throw some cupcakes? Maybe not, but having an event to celebrate might just change your mind. Gamigo is marking the 14th anniversary of the North American debut of Fiesta Online. With the end of the Halloween event comes the sweet beginning of the 14th birthday event, letting you enjoy the candy decorations and of course, fling those cupcakes.