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Using a VL53L5CX with a mirror

I am in the very early stages of thinking about a project, and wanted some input. My Heathkit 2000 robot rotates an inclined mirror to take light and ultrasonic distance measurements every 15 degrees around its perimeter. Is it possible to direct the VL53L5CX's Field of View using a mirror?

Precision Focus Webcams

The Poly Studio P5 Professional HD webcam is a peripheral for professionals and students alike that will enable them to easily join in on video calls in a way that will maximize their reception. The webcam will stream content in a 1080p resolution and features an 80-degree field of view that will frame the user perfectly without showing too much of the surrounding environment. The unit makes use of automatic low-light technology to achieve the right level of light exposure.
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Field of View Episode 11: Is Fan Censorship Right Or Wrong?

Brian & Jesus are back again with another episode of the Field of View Podcast. This week the guys recap the week in sports from RCC. From the regular-season finale in football to the Earn Your Stripes women’s basketball tournament, to the Southern California Regional for Water Polo, and much more. They also recap the past week in pro sports from the NFL week 10 games, World Cup qualifying to the current NBA investigation. This week’s main topic Jesus and Brian discuss if fans should be censored in sports and their opinion why or why not.
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PUBG New State: Patch Notes Revealed

The first set of PUBG New State patch notes have been revealed for the gaming community to see what new content is coming and what bugs are getting fixed. © GiveMeSport PUBG New State: Patch Notes Revealed. The mobile battle royale game has been a huge success in its recent...

Fast non-line-of-sight imaging with high-resolution and wide field of view using synthetic wavelength holography

The presence of a scattering medium in the imaging path between an object and an observer is known to severely limit the visual acuity of the imaging system. We present an approach to circumvent the deleterious effects of scattering, by exploiting spectral correlations in scattered wavefronts. Our Synthetic Wavelength Holography (SWH) method is able to recover a holographic representation of hidden targets with sub-mm resolution over a nearly hemispheric angular field of view. The complete object field is recorded within 46"‰ms, by monitoring the scattered light return in a probe area smaller than 6"‰cm"‰Ã—"‰6"‰cm. This unique combination of attributes opens up a plethora of new Non-Line-of-Sight imaging applications ranging from medical imaging and forensics, to early-warning navigation systems and reconnaissance. Adapting the findings of this work to other wave phenomena will help unlock a wider gamut of applications beyond those envisioned in this paper.

Phase function estimation from a diffuse optical image via deep learning

The phase function is a key element of a light propagation model for Monte Carlo (MC) simulation, which is usually fitted with an analytic function with associated parameters. In recent years, machine learning methods were reported to estimate the parameters of the phase function of a particular form such as the Henyey-Greenstein phase function but, to our knowledge, no studies have been performed to determine the form of the phase function. Here we design a convolutional neural network to estimate the phase function from a diffuse optical image without any explicit assumption on the form of the phase function. Specifically, we use a Gaussian mixture model as an example to represent the phase function generally and learn the model parameters accurately. The Gaussian mixture model is selected because it provides the analytic expression of phase function to facilitate deflection angle sampling in MC simulation, and does not significantly increase the number of free parameters. Our proposed method is validated on MC-simulated reflectance images of typical biological tissues using the Henyey-Greenstein phase function with different anisotropy factors. The effects of field of view (FOV) and spatial resolution on the errors are analyzed to optimize the estimation method. The mean squared error of the phase function is 0.01 and the relative error of the anisotropy factor is 3.28%.

‘Call of Duty: Vanguard’ update fixes spawn rates and field of view bugs

The latest update for Call of Duty: Vanguard fixes several issues with Sledgehammer Games‘ World War II shooter, as well a tweaking a number of existing gameplay mechanics. A list of the changes was provided by Sledgehammer on Twitter (as spotted by Gamespot), with rules surrounding spawning adjustments on a number multiplayer maps being the most prominent update.

Battlefield 2042 Best Controller Settings

For those enjoying Battlefield 2042 on consoles, specifically the PS5 and PS4 versions, here are the Battlefield 2042 best controller settings. These settings are guaranteed to give you the edge over your opponents with their intuitiveness, and to cap it off it’s sure to help you win more games in this latest shooter from DICE. Head down below for these settings.

Field of View Episode 10: Unsportsmanlike Behavior Controversy

Jesus and Brian are back with another episode of the Field of View podcast. In this episode, the guys recap the past week of RCC sports from the start of basketball and championships games and races for water polo and cross country. They also recap the past week in pro sports from the Mexico Grand Prix, the NASCAR season finale, the NBA, and more. This week the guys’ main topic is on the RCC vs Cerritos football game, from the scoreline, stats, and post-game incidents that raise important questions for the team’s future.
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The new Wyze Cam Floodlight offers a big field of view for a small price

Wyze, the brand that’s known for its budget-friendly line of smart home products, has just introduced a new affordable security device to its ecosystem: the Wyze Cam Floodlight. The wired Wyze Cam Floodlight sits at a price of $84.99 (plus $14.99 for shipping), which is quite a bit lower when...