Greentube Alderney to pay nearly $1M over social responsibility fiasco

The GB Gambling Commission has ordered Novomatic subsidiary Greentube Alderney to pay £685,000 (€805,448/$912,304) over social responsibility and money laundering failings. On Thursday of this week, the Gambling Commission in the United Kingdom disclosed a fresh inquiry. Greentube Alderney, a corporation that operates online casino brands and, was found to have violated anti-money laundering and social responsibility regulations.
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GTA Trilogy fiasco worsens with physical release delay, even as worst bugs get a fix

The physical releases of Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive edition have been delayed on consoles. Rockstar confirmed on Twitter that the PlayStation and Xbox versions of Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy have been delayed to December 17, and the Nintendo Switch version is now coming sometime “early 2022.” The physical release was originally set to arrive on December 7.
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Expired warranty new ammunition for Labor in ongoing light rail fiasco

The Sydney Morning Herald has revealed the warranty on the cracked Inner West light rail vehicles expired five years ago, calling back into question who will pay for the repairs. Shadow transport minister Jo Haylen told Jim Wilson the NSW government has ‘clearly failed’ their due diligence to taxpayers. “You...
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The Google Pixel 6 series is hit with another charging-related fiasco

Google's latest flagship phones apparently refuse to charge with third-party cables and chargers. The Google Pixel 6 series works only with PD-certified USB-C charging gear. Google already warned that other cables and charging bricks might not work with Pixel phones. Some Pixel 6 owners may have been disappointed earlier this...

Letter to the editor: Councillors should pay ultimate political price for Cassellholme fiasco

----- Chris…so this LTC project now hinges on a letter from the MOLTC. Yet MPP Vic Fedeli, once mayor of this aging community told me to put all my faith in you?. Not to be outdone, our Deputy Mayor Tanya Vrebosch resigns from the Board of Cassellholme because she cannot abide by its (construction cost) direction? Only to run as a provincial Liberal candidate for Nipissing? Liberal values have evolved a great deal in the Province of Ontario.

Jimmy Kimmel shows off final 'burnt hair-smoked Turkey' post Thanksgiving fiasco

Washington [US], November 27 (ANI): Despite having an oven mishap that resulted in Jimmy Kimmel burning his eyebrows and hair, the comedian and TV host still had a wholesome Thanksgiving turkey. The 54-year-old late-night host joked on Instagram about accidentally burning his "hair and eyebrow off" while getting his oven...

Biathlon: a fiasco for the Blue to start the World Cup

The Czech Marketa Davidova won this Saturday the individual (15 km) of Ostersund (Sweden), at the opening of the Biathlon World Cup, while the French women completely missed it. Davidova, reigning world champion in the specialty and author of a perfect shooting, scored the third victory of her career, beating...

Who would bet on Boris saving Christmas after last year’s fiasco?

Those who are well-practised at letting people down while evading ferocious blame tend to be good at choosing their moments. Boris Johnson seems to have pinpointed late afternoon on a Saturday as the optimum time to break bad news. One recalls his fraught unveiling of the second lockdown at the end of October last year as such an event. Perhaps there is something about this mid-point of a weekend which catches us at our most forgiving and phlegmatic.
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​Garlick confirms Arsenal looking to avoid repeat of contract fiasco

Arsenal director of football operations Richard Garlick has suggested the club are not going to repeat the contract issues they experienced with players in the past. The Gunners have often been left with their tails between their legs when star players such as Alexis Sanchez and Aaron Ramsey ran down their contracts.