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This twisted Netflix psychological horror movie has everyone talking

Don't Miss: Amazon’s epic Black Friday deals are here and you won’t believe how good they are! As we’ve documented on several occasions now, 2021’s lucrative book-to-TV-and-movie adaptation train keeps rolling right along — powered by our incessant need for new streaming content, as well as source material for the big-budget theatrical fare we all enjoy. One of the best recent examples of this is Fever Dream, a Netflix original movie that was just added to the streamer last month. It’s based on Samanta Schweblin’s novel of the same name. And it’s in line with a trend we continue to see...
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Fever Dream: A magical-realist exploration of parenthood, love, and environment

Written By Daniel Collins. Fever Dream explores parenthood, contemporary environmental concerns and unfulfilled love through the lens of a magical-realist infused drama. Uplifted by its almost microscopic attention to detail. The film creates an enchanting atmosphere of mystery, despite some pacing issues caused by its hazy, non-linear structure. The story...
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Movements Stream 'Fever Dream' From Live At Studio 4

Movements are sharing their performance of the song "Fever Dream", which comes from their forthcoming "Live At Studio 4" album that is set to be released digitally on December 17th. A vinyl edition will follow on February 25, 2022. The album was recorded at the iconic Studio 4 in Conshohocken,...
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In Claudia Llosa’s ‘Fever Dream,’ Motherhood Is Terrifying

Peruvian Filmmaker Claudia Llosa’s “Fever Dream” wastes no time delivering on the promises of its title. Its opening moments are a barrage of disorienting imagery and unbodied narration as Llosa offers answers to questions that haven’t been asked yet. Amanda (María Valverde) is being dragged through the forest; by who, or what, she doesn’t know. The voice of a young boy demands they go back to the beginning, to figure out where it all went wrong – to the exact moment where Amanda realized she couldn’t save her daughter.

Elbow’s ‘Flying Dream 1’ Soars Quietly

Sometimes a memory feels like a dream, and sometimes, it is so visceral that you start to believe it happened. Flying dreams can’t possibly be real, but they’re the ones you wish would never end. Out of the fever dream of the past 18 months, Elbow have produced their ninth studio release, Flying Dream 1. Unable to work as a group during the lockdown, the songs on the album were written alone but together. The quartet passed musical ideas to one another from their respective home studios, sharing and building upon individual snippets. As a result, the songs became a kind of conversational thread between faraway friends. Because of the isolation, the album has a more introspective feel than previous releases. There are none of the swaying, hands-in-the-air anthems such as “One Day Like This”, nor any acerbic rockers like “White Noise White Heat”. Instead, Flying Dream 1 soars quietly with the unabashedly earnest love songs Elbow do so well.

Check out this fever dream of a hand-drawn game

Compiling some 8,000 pieces of hand-drawn artwork, artist Alle Jong's upcoming Sketchy Fables is a bold-looking experimental game that clearly wants to not only defy visual conventions, but the structure of a game. Described by Jong as a "comic-book that has broken up over a landscape," Sketchy Fables seems to draw from visual novels, art games, comic books, and cartoons to portray a world for you to explore and find the story of.

Fever Dream Fashion Horror SuperGuggi

Literally. The final toy of the Dream series nearly killed Guggimon in the making. The 8” FEVER DREAM may seem innocent enough, but this absolute trash bag is just waiting for you to fall asleep so it can melt your brain with visions of cheap beer and socks with sandals. If cupid has his arrow, this has his ultra-exclusive “Love Glove” used to distribute nightmares to anyone it touches. And while the “Looks that Kill” mask is removable we suggest you keep it on (Super plastic is not liable for any bloodshed caused if said mask is removed).

The Fever Dream

It may not be jack off material but just take a chance. Close your eyes and experience 20 minutes of an early stage dementia patient remembering his gamer early days. It took me two years to put all of this together, I had to shrink it down. The actual version is nearing 2 hours at this point.

The sky’s the limit

WVHS senior Luke Harrison leads a multifaceted life with an attitude of gratitude. He is co-captain of the 2021 Section IX Champion Wildcats soccer team, a creative and voracious student of all things music-related, a youth soccer coach and an independent local musician. One might say he loves kicking out the jams and the penalty shoot-outs.

Palaye Royale reveals title for next album

Palaye Royale‘s next album officially has a title. The “You’ll Be Fine” rockers announced in a tweet Tuesday that their upcoming fourth studio effort is called Fever Dream. “Follow me into this Fever Dream,” the band cryptically added. “We can be anything and everything, we want to be — if...

Every great new movie coming to Netflix this year

As September arrives, we are about to enter ‘Q4’: a music and movie industry term used to describe the period of the year where you showcase your biggest critically acclaimed talents, as they bat their eyelids at the Oscar and Grammy voters in the hopes of winning big. (Wondering why you hadn’t heard from Adele in 2021 yet? That could be your reason). So without further ado, here are the big movies Netflix are setting their sights on becoming a Very Big Deal this year.

Abby Sage Releases Confident and Tender Debut EP ‘Fears of Yours & Mine’

Lo-if, atmospheric and moody, L.A. based artist Abby Sage creates the perfect storm of emotions with her new EP Fears of Yours & Mine out now via Nettwerk. Quiet and methodical, the six-song EP crawls along with slow building instrumentals like fog overtaking a bay while Sage’s dreamlike vocals conjure up a sense of vulnerability. Together, the soft, rolling sound rumbles along.

Veenstra struck with fever dreams

Something really weird happens to your cognitive functions when you get sick as a full fledged, more-than-slightly dysfunctional adult. It’s like if you overheated your computer to a melting point, but you also accidentally got gum stuck to the bottom of your mouse. It’s not functioning properly, is my point, and for the life of me I don’t get why.