9 Things No Self-Respecting Man Should Ever Do For A Grown Woman

Gather ‘round, gentlemen. Allow me to raise a scotch (single malt, please) for you. Somehow we’re all wading through this Tinder-sized dating landscape with relative success. We have adeptly adjusted our footwork to dodge the Feminist landmines which litter the tall grass between us and, you know, romantic normalcy.
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Four Seniors Named Finalists of Prestigious Watson Fellowship

If you could get paid to travel the world for a year pursuing a passion project of your own invention, what would you do? For this year’s four Watson Fellow nominees, the prospective pursuits are elder care, animals, woman leaders, and snow. Every year, Ursinus is one of approximately...
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Report Back from Anti-TERF Action in Oakland: Eco-Fascists and Transphobes GTFO

We got wind that anti-trans micro celebrities lierre keith and kara dansky and their eco-fascist deep green resistance front group, women’s declaration international, were going to be staging a pro-carceral “protest” in oakland, at the court hearing of Dana Rivers, a trans woman convicted of murder. According to their call-out they don’t like the idea that Dana will potentially be, under california law, imprisoned with other women.
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The myth of the one true feminism

| Feminist Philosopher at De La Salle University - Manila, and a Research Fellow of the DLSU-Southeast Asia Research Center. Her latest project is on the AI (Em)powered Mobility of Women.

Why Men Need to Learn and Practice Feminism

— For men, the unspoken guidelines are to “be tough,” “be hard,” and, if necessary, “use violence.” On playgrounds, sports fields, and in the classroom, men had already internalized the notion that “boys don’t cry,” “don’t be weak,” and “don’t act like a female.”
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Historian’s new book examines modern Chinese feminism

Historian and Rice University professor Tani Barlow defined an event as “a politically inspired action to establish a newly discovered truth.” Barlow’s most recent book, “In the Event of Women,” characterizes women by the way they enact change, rather than as a group or broad idea.
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How Meghann Fahy Became the Breakout Star of The White Lotus

The word star is often thrown about to describe anyone who enjoys (or suffers) some level of public visibility, but Meghann Fahy is a star in the old-school way: someone whose brilliance is fortified by talent, warmth, and charisma. It is not dictated by fame but connection to audience, an alchemy of talent and soul. Think Julia Roberts—the warm smile, the eye twinkle, the ability to infuse an unlikeable character with humanity and megawatt charm.

U of C holds a ceremony for action against gender-based violence

Yesterday on December 6, the University of Calgary held a ceremony commemorating National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women. It falls on the 33rd anniversary of the École Polytechnique massacre that resulted in the death of 14 women and the injury of at least 13 others. The ceremony was in person and live-streamed for those unable to attend.

The most talented actress Myraa Sareen will be seen in her upcoming film ‘Riwaj’

New Delhi, December 08: Bollywood’s New Age DIVA – Myraa Sareen is an Indian film actress who promotes Social issues such as women’s rights, Gender equality, feminism & issues related to the environment. She has also been taking up such exemplary roles in her films. Remarking upon her role choices, she can be described “as one of the most powerful actresses in the current lot and someone who doesn’t shy away from experimenting with roles within the realms of popular cinema”. Myraa is said to deliver natural performances as a strong but emotionally vulnerable woman without a hint of affectation.

‘Il Presidente’: Italy’s First Female Prime Minister Is No Feminist

Giorgia Meloni is the first Italian female Prime Minister. The deeper meaning of this has not yet been fully grasped outside of Italy. Various international media have pointed out that Meloni won the elections leading a Right-wing party — and mentioning the Italian Right always evokes the smell of fascism. At least until today.

You’re bored? What to watch tonight on Netflix

Series, films and documentaries, there are many options that you can enjoy and below we recommend the most popular on Netflix. You can read: Series “Dahmer” reaches 1,000 million hours viewed on Netflix troll It premiered in Netflix a very ambitious film that seeks to give the world of trolls an international blockbuster quality. Entertaining …

College community commemorates anniversary of École Polytechnique massacre

Students gathered at the Student Commons to pay their respects to the victims of gendered violence on the anniversary of the École Polytechnique massacre. Some students stopped at the booth to ask what was happening and were shocked to learn of the massacre that happened 33 years ago. On...

Fort Valley State University students travel to West Africa

FORT VALLEY, Ga. — Fort Valley State University is taking agriculture to new lands. This is the school’s rare study abroad program. Tyler Dorsey is a senior Animal Science major at FVSU, and one of 7 undergraduates who received an opportunity of a lifetime. Dorsey says studying abroad...

ISD’s Zoé Fourel on the infiltration of ‘femonationalists’ in the French feminist movement

ISD Research Coordinator Zoé Fourel interviewed with the show “Vrai ou fake“, Franceinfo‘s fact-checking programme that looks back on the weekly newscycle. In her interview, Zoé focuses on the infiltration of “Collectif Nemisis” in the Nous toutes demonstration, a feminism protest that convenes once a year to denounce sexist and sexual violence. Collectif Nemisis, however, is considered a far-right identitarian organisation that promotes a femonationalist rhetoric, under the cloak of feminism. The interview referenced the French identitarian report produced by ISD in early 2022 and discussed the relationship between feminism and the far-right.

Kathy Griffin Recalls Having Dinner with Melanie Griffith

It was dinner with a difference when Kathy Griffin had dinner with Melanie Griffith. The comedian and the actress, who are both outspoken feminists, met to discuss their work in Hollywood and the #MeToo movement. Griffin is no stranger to making headlines, but this time she made headlines for the right reasons. In a blog post on her website, she recalled her dinner with Griffith and how they discussed the progress of the #MeToo movement in Hollywood. “It was so inspiring to hear her talk about the progress that has been made since she started working in Hollywood,” Griffin wrote. “We also discussed the importance of intersectionality in feminism and how we need to continue to fight for all women, not just white women.” Read on for more from Griffin’s blog post about her dinner with Griffith and their discussion of feminism in Hollywood.

Get to know the proposals of councilors from the left that arrive at the Chamber of Rio de Janeiro in 2023

As in election last October of Rio de Janeiro councilors with ongoing terms for the Chamber of Deputies, in Brasília (DF), starting in February of next year, alternates will take over vacancies in the City Council. Councilors Luciana Boiteux (PSOL), Luciana Novaes (PT), Mônica Cunha (PT) and councilor Edson Santos (PSB), spoke with the Brazil in fact about some of his proposals for the next two years in the capital.