The Extreme Privilege of a Missing White Woman

Why all women deserve the same amount of media attention as Gabby Petito’s disappearance received. Image credit Joseph Petito (Gabby’s father) via Twitter. A few days ago, I woke up to heartbreaking news. Gabby Petito, the missing influencer who was on a road trip with her fiance, was found dead last night.
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The View Devolves Into Chaos During Monica Lewinsky Discussion

New! Listen to our weekly View in Review podcast. The View devolved into full-on chaos Wednesday morning as the co-hosts relitigated Monica Lewinsky's role in the Clinton scandal, the media's treatment of her, and whether the scandal falls under the umbrella of "cancel culture." The dust-up saw Joy Behar refuse to apologize for cracking jokes about Lewinsky in the late 1990s, Sunny Hostin and Sara Haines throw down about whether the former White House intern was really "canceled," and Ana Navarro make a failed joke about Lewinsky's involvement with weight loss company Jenny Craig, among other moments. Whoopi Goldberg is probably thanking her lucky stars she was out today...

This little-known Italian paradise is more than meets the eye

The Po River Delta region holds surprising finds, from architectural treasures to wildlife wonders, and a community of barrier-breaking women fishers. Every day at dawn, bird-watchers board boats at small villages near the coast of northeastern Italy to explore a natural wonder—the Po Delta Biosphere Reserve, a UNESCO-designated site, where the iconic 400-mile Po River meets the Adriatic Sea.

You Don’t Know Amalia Ulman

This article was featured in One Great Story, New York’s reading recommendation newsletter. Sign up here to get it nightly. Amalia Ulman and I are being kicked out of Giorgio Armani. We’ve been sitting in two plush armchairs inside the designer’s empty midtown Bloomingdale’s outpost for about 30 minutes when a saleswoman suddenly appears. “Ladies, I’m sorry,” she says, smiling intensely to indicate her awareness that we have neither the intent nor the means to purchase Armani’s wares. “I think you might be more comfortable in the furniture department.” Ulman and I pack up our things and dutifully shuffle back to the department store’s bank of creaking elevators, then up to the sixth floor, where we settle into two decidedly less plush chairs, both advertised as 50 percent off. “I was comfortable,” Ulman says, after a beat.

Tiger of Sweden Scraps Notions Of ‘His’ And ‘Hers’ For LFW

Born out of the Swedish values of equality, function, and meaningful design, Tiger of Sweden’s first-ever unisex suit is not only breaking pre-existing gender boundaries but reinforcing the two-piece get-up’s significant status. With its genesis stemming from Tiger of Sweden’s first women’s collection back in 1997, the silhouette selects the...

New Clubs at St. Agnes Academy

Students everywhere are uncertain yet excited for the 2021-22 school year. Schools are now (mostly) open and have resumed regular activities. For the young women at St. Agnes Academy, this means the return of clubs and after-school activities. Most club activities were shut down last year, but the return to in-person learning has inspired students to start new clubs. Juniors Zayne Nemry and Phoebe An seized the opportunity and started a new Intersectional Feminism Club, an activism club dedicated to spreading awareness of feminism and what it means.

The Demise Of The #Girl Boss Has Been A Long Time Coming

#HustleCulture #SelfMade #GirlBoss. What started off as movements meant to empower women everywhere ended up being a cringe-worthy punchline. Well, worse than cringe-worthy — discriminatory as well — but we’ll get into that in a minute. Tagging your socials with the ‘girl boss’ phrase felt synonymous with a woman who...


ELKINS — Four lifelong members of the Emma Scott Garden Club were recently honored during a Rosie the Riveter presentation. Verla Katherine “Bobbie” Shreve Lamb was honored as a Rosie the Riveter. She was a sheet metal worker at the Glenn L. Martin Aircraft Company in Baltimore, Maryland. She passed away on May 26, 2021. Lamb served as president of ESGC from 1981-83.

101 Best Motivational And Inspiring Quotes For Women

She’s a pilot, scientist, doctor, soldier, businesswoman, athlete, home-maker, designer, pop star, gymnast, and more. Women have set a benchmark in every field. Several successful women around the world have shared their thoughts about inspiring females. Here are some inspiring quotes about women that may motivate you to hustle harder than ever. So, lady, are you ready for global domination? Read on.

Why Is Alia Bhatt Being Trolled?

New Delhi: An ad for bridal wear by Mohey, featuring actor Alia Bhatt has sparked controversy with the Bollywood star being trolled on social media. In this bridal wear advert, Alia questions the tradition of ‘Kanyadaan’ (where the father gives away his daughter at the wedding), asking if she is something to ‘be given away’ and says it should be ‘Kanyamaann’ (respect for the daughter) instead. The ad goes on to show both sets of parents giving their respective children away i.e. ‘daan’ of the groom too.

Is being anti-BLM & anti-Feminism mean you’re racist and sexist?

I look at words in a literal sense. No other ideas or adjectives but just the literal definition. So feminism is literally just “equality of sexes”. Black Lives Matter, means literally “blacks lives matter”. It’s not Black Lives Matter More. But I can be understanding toward anti-blm crowd who hate...

Singlehood Is a Time of Unabashed Freedom

On her yearlong anniversary of singledom, Writer Whitney Haldeman recounts her transition from “serial monogamy” to happy singlehood. After all, when else is one so unencumbered by commitments that they can move to a new city, learn a new language, or backpack through Europe? As Haldeman says, “People are dripping with regret for their lost dreams and quite often the culprit is a laundry list of responsibilities and obligations that stood in their way.” She continues on to say “this is the time when you’re allowed, hell, encouraged even to be selfish. Embrace it.”