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[Column] The Big Picture: A Holistic Approach to Zero Trust

Michael Baker is vice president and chief information security officer at GDIT, and chair of WashingtonExec’s CISO Council. While zero trust may seem like a new term, it was popularized by John Kindervag in 2010 when he was a principal analyst at Forrester. In those early days of cloud computing, Kindervag understood that traditional security models — which assumed that everything inside an organization’s network should be trusted — were outdated. “Never trust, always verify” became the zero trust mantra.
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What’s in a Sanskrit university? New tensions over Kannada identity

The latest episode in the struggles over Kannada identity unfolded over the BJP-led Karnataka government’s award of 100 acres of land and a large financial package of ₹359 crore towards the establishment of a Karnataka Sanskrit University (KSU), near Bengaluru. Since the state government had budgeted only ₹2...
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Azure AD workload identity federation with Kubernetes

Enterprises are increasingly using cloud-native technologies to build software workloads. Modern development practices are embracing concepts such as microservices and containers. Kubernetes is emerging as a popular platform for deploying software workloads. An earlier blog post discussed how Azure AD workload identity federation avoids the need for secrets when accessing Azure resources from Google cloud. This blog post explores how services running in a Kubernetes cluster can also use this capability to access Azure resources. No secrets are necessary.
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ICAM Consolidation Underway as Federal Agencies Move to Zero Trust

As identity management takes a front seat in agencies’ zero trust security journeys, Federal and industry leaders agree that the government’s Identity, Credential, and Access Management (ICAM) framework is an essential element to the application of zero trust architectures, along with consolidating ICAM approaches within agencies. Identity management...

FIDO For Federal Government

Join our Chief Product Officer, Allen Storey, as he takes you through FIDO for Federal Government. During this 23 minute webinar, Allen, will discuss authentication standards for Federal Government and how and why they are changing, Federated Identity and what you need to know as well as touching on the levels of assurance for Federal Identity and how to address them.

That's a Wrap! Highlights from our 2021

At BIO-key, a lot has happened this year. With new product launches, insightful blogs, and sharing lots and lots of cybersecurity news, we’ve published more than 50 press releases, webinars, blogs, and eBooks in 2021. Looking back over the crazy year that 2021 has been for most of us,...

What to Know About Identity

As businesses plan and strategize for the new year, cybersecurity will undoubtedly be a key priority. Specifically, identity and access management will be at the forefront because of the growing prevalence of the remote and hybrid workforce. With that in mind, the following is a guide to what to know...