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$100M in Federal Funds Ride on Pennsylvania Broadband Plan

Pennsylvania’s Statewide Broadband Plan, which was unanimously approved by the Pennsylvania Broadband Development Authority on November 17, aims to meet the immediate and long-term needs of people who live in the state. The Authority will control more than $100 million in federal funds and will seek to extend broadband...
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Indianapolis rent assistance program ends for now

A program that distributed more than $100 million in rental assistance in Indianapolis closes for now. The federal funds that fueled Indy Rents for more than two years are gone. Tens of thousands of households benefited from the program that was set up when the pandemic first hit. The city...
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Fairfax Co. uses COVID funds on unrelated program; 2 cities use funds on equity projects

FAIRFAX COUNTY, Va. (7News) — Gov. Glenn Youngkin is facing an uphill battle in the Democratic controlled State Senate as he prepares another round of tax relief. “I don’t think tax cuts are going to go over well at all,” Democratic State Senator Scott Surovell told 7News on Sunday. “Our school systems are telling us that they are getting killed by inflationary costs.”

UNL Using Federal Funds for Two Research Projects

The United States Department of Energy has provided the University of Nebraska – Lincoln’s College of Engineering with more than $1.4 million for research. The grant is part of a wider ESCoR (Established Program to Stimulate Competitive Research) funding effort worth $21 million for 29 new projects. Of that number, UNL is one of just four institutions to have two projects chosen for funding.

Marion (VA) Awarded Federal Funds to Help Buy Fire Truck

Last week, nearly $1.4 million of federal funds were announced for Southwest Virginia communities, reported. All but $52,500 will go to Smyth County agencies with the largest proportion going to the town of Marion, the report said. Marion will use the money to buy two significant pieces of equipment...

Report: Federal Funds Help Jumpstart 468 NJ Infrastructure Projects

New Jersey leveraged $1.2 billion in federal highway and bridge formula funds in FY 2022 to help jumpstart 468 new improvement projects across the state during the first year of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, a review of U.S. Treasury Department data shows. Nationwide, states have committed $53.5 billion...
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Concerns about mass protests in China are in the spotlight. According to the New York Times, "After a weekend of confrontations between officials and demonstrators, video from two sites in Shanghai and Beijing showed a heavy security presence." Chinese citizens staged protests against the strict restrictions and lockdowns in China,...

New England may have a strong need for federal funds from Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act

Each New England state is receiving more than the national per capita average from the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act of 2021. The region certainly could put the money to good use after years of apparent underspending on infrastructure, according to information presented in a new report by Riley Sullivan, a senior policy analyst with the New England Public Policy Center at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston.

City using ARPA funds for infrastructure projects to address stormwater and flooding issues

The City of Beavercreek is utilizing a majority of its ARPA funds for two major infrastructure projects to address stormwater and flooding issues. The city received $5 million in federal funds through the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA). The city has allocated 92% of those funds to go toward high-impact infrastructure projects and the remaining 8% on capital expenditures.

Pivot? No. Peak? Not Yet. Pause? Not Now. Slower Pace….

Last Wednesday at 2 PM EST, when many traders were attempting to be the Thanksgiving Day traffic and many of those who remained were engrossed in the World Cup, the Federal Reserve released the minutes from the November FOMC meeting. Equity markets responded positively, seizing once again on potentially hopeful sentences in the press release. Yet it shows how investors have continually reduced their expectations for what might provide a meaningful change to Fed policy.

Fed liabilities under QT: November update

Since QT began, total debt has been reduced by $344 billion. Big changes among liabilities: Reserves are now down $1.12 trillion. We’re generally talking about the Fed’s assets on its balance sheet: Treasuries, MBS, repos, etc. But today, we examine the four main liabilities on the Federal Reserve’s balance sheet. On any balance sheet, total assets = total liabilities + capital (the Fed’s capital is limited by Congress, currently $42 billion).

Trustees approve expenditure of federal funds

Richfield Township Trustees authorized expenditures from American Rescue Plan Act funds received in 2021-2022, which totaled $262,296. A resolution authorized the township to utilize the federal funds to update and upgrade the township website, digitize zoning department records and purchase a back-up generator for the township administrative and service building.

Fort Worth receives federal funds to improve pedestrian, bike safety

The city of Fort Worth is set to receive over $4 million in federal funding from the bipartisan infrastructure bill to support three transportation projects, including a focus on improved roads near schools. The funding, distributed through the North Central Texas Council of Governments, will address two safe routes to...

Federal funds approved to extend emergency hotel stays

Rooms booked at Concord Hotels this year signal a return to tourism in the Granite State with visitors keen to see the state’s capital. The room reservation also sheds light on the current housing shortage in the city. Since the pandemic’s early days, federal aid money has been spent...

Relief Grant Programs Open New Funding Rounds to Support Additional Businesses

Many business hardships take years to recover from. Whether it’s a pandemic or natural disaster, grants often help companies overcome these struggles. But a single round of funding is not always sufficient. So many state and local governments end up extending their programs. Here are several grant programs that are just starting or opening new rounds of funding for eligible businesses.