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Investing in Facebook Stock (FB)

Facebook Inc. (FB), the world's largest social network, provides a digital social media platform enabling billions of users to connect with one another. While Facebook is best known as a site for friends and families to connect, it's also used by political organizations, small businesses, and large corporations to reach a wide audience. Through its platforms and applications, users can share information, ideas, photos, and videos. In addition to its main social networking site Facebook, the company also offers photo-sharing app Instagram and messaging apps Messenger and WhatsApp. It also offers augmented and virtual reality products. Most of Facebook's revenue is generated by selling advertising to marketers.
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Here’s Why Facebook Stock Is the Best Big Tech Value Play Out There Now

Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) stock is down more than 5.4% in the past month. It has also lagged the S&P 500 index overall in the past year despite putting up some incredible growth numbers. FB stock is up less than half of the gauge’s 33.4% 12-month gain. Facebook puts investors in a...

The Right and Wrong Reasons for Facebook to Change Its Name

IBM (NYSE:IBM) falls after disappointing results from its two largest divisions. Chris Hill, the host of today's show, welcomes Motley Fool senior analyst Ron Gross. Ron analyzes those stories, discusses Facebook's (NASDAQ:FB) potential name change, and shares where Kit Kats and Reese's Peanut Brittle Peanut Butter Cups fall in the pantheon of Halloween candy.

FB Stock: The Real Winner in the Age of Social Media

Facebook (FB) stock has been on a remarkable run since its public debut in 2012. Showing dominance in the online advertising space, shares of the company have surged more than 850% over this time frame. Alphabet’s Google (GOOGL), combined with Facebook, make for a veritable duopoly in the U.S. online advertising space.

Facebook (FB Stock) starts Wall Street mega-cap earnings week

Wall Street's Q3 earning season has already provided investors with many key reports from large financial institutions as well as several big names such as Tesla and Netflix that have impacted indices such as the S&P500 and the Nasdaq. This week focus has shifted to Facebook's earnings report which will be released after the end of today's session and will be followed tomorrow by Microsoft and Alphabet while concluding with reports from Apple and Amazon on Thursday. While earnings season is always an important event for markets, this week could be particularly important as many of these companies have a much larger impact on the performance indices and markets as a whole.

Facebook (FB) Q3 2021 Earnings Call Transcript

Good afternoon. My name is France, and I will be your conference operator today. At this time, I would like to welcome everyone to the Facebook third-quarter 2021 earnings conference call. [Operator instructions] This call will be recorded. Thank you very much. Ms. Deborah Crawford, Facebook vice president of Investor...

Why Facebook Stock Popped Again Today

Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) stock got another boost Tuesday when Facebook Financial head David Marcus went on Twitter (of all places) to announce a new pilot project to permit money transfers via cryptocurrency on Facebook. By 1:30 p.m. EDT, Facebook stock was up 1.8% on the news, although it's subsided somewhat since.

Why Facebook Stock Fell This Morning

Down much of last month, down again Monday, but up Tuesday -- Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) stock took its latest turn for the worse Wednesday morning as its shares slipped 1.9% through 10:05 a.m. EDT. What caused today's decline? Several things, actually. So what. For one thing, Reuters reported last night that...

Why Facebook Is a Better Buy Than Apple

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) is a popular choice among big tech stocks, but Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) has a number of advantages over its fellow FAANG stock. It's cheaper, it's growing faster, and its advertising revenue stream looks more secure. In this segment of "The Five," recorded on Sept. 3, Fool contributors Jeremy Bowman...

Why Facebook Stock Dropped Again Today

Shares of Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) stock are off 3% as of 10 a.m. EDT trading Tuesday. That may not sound like much, but on a $1 trillion dollar stock like Facebook, it works out to about a $30 billion decline in capitalization. (For context: Were Twitter to suffer a loss of that magnitude, its stock would be down nearly 60%!)

Facebook Stock Slips as Analysts Maintain Cautious Support

Analysts voiced support for Facebook (FB) - Get Facebook, Inc. Class A Report Tuesday after the social-media titan beat Wall Street's third-quarter earnings expectations, but some pared their price targets. Shares of the Menlo Park, Calif., company at last check were down 1.7% at $323.13. Facebook on Monday posted stronger-than-expected...

Why Facebook Stock Crashed This Morning

The bad news for Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) just keeps getting worse -- and Facebook stock is down another 4.4% as of 11 a.m. EDT Monday. Granted, the whole stock market seems to be having a bad day today. The S&P 500 as a whole is down 1.5%, and growth stocks in particular seem to be taking it on the chin. Yet Facebook has problems of an entirely different order.

FB Stock Down 5%, Facebook Experiences Worst Outage Since 2008

The Facebook stock has risen approximately 23.27%, and 19.43% in the past year and YTD respectively. Facebook Inc (NASDAQ: FB) stock closed yesterday trading at $326.23, down 4.89%. Facebook stock has now dropped approximately 8%, 13.3%, and 7.7% in the past three months, one month, and five days respectively through Monday. Following yesterday’s dip, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was reported to have lost over $6 billion in a few hours. Notably, the sudden dip recorded on Monday has been directly attributed to a global outage that affected Facebook and all its other subsidiaries: WhatsApp and Instagram. The company has not come out to explain the cause of the global outage that lasted for over six hours.