Dailey Elementary fathers take pledge to remain involved in child’s education

MT. MORRIS, MI -- More than 30 Dailey Elementary fathers, stepfathers, grandparents and male role models all took a pledge Thursday morning. They pledged to support their child, their teacher and the school to provide high-quality education, make education a priority in the household, set high expectation for their child, stay informed and encourage them to do their best each and every day.

Fathers Walk returns: Here's why dads are walking their children to school Thursday

CLEVELAND — The annual Fathers Walk is back after taking a year off due to COVID-19. The event is designed to promote dads being involved in their child’s education. Each year, thousands of dads and male mentors walk their children to school for the Fathers Walk. It's an event that first started back in 2006 in Cuyahoga County and has grown every year to include surrounding areas as well.

My father and mother

My father and mother are two persons on earth whom i like and respect than anybody else.I am grateful to them gor giving me life and bringing me up. Both of them are equally dear to me and none i like more than the other. Both of my parents love me and my brother and sisters. They are very affectionate and advise us on what to do and what to do not. My father is a businessman and my mother is a housewife.They are very decent and mild in their behaviour. They are soft-spoken and witty.I and my siblings get association of mother most of our time as she is always available at home.Father is mostly busy with his business affairs. He goes to his business establishment in the morning and returns home in the evening. But when he is at home he gives us company.We talk about our studies and various functions in our educational institutions. We sometimes enjoy music and movie together. My father is very much fond of Tagore’s song and mother Nazrul’s. During vacation our parents take us to different historical placesso that we can gain knowledge of our history. My father is a gourmet while my mother likes to shop and cook.We relish various kind ofdishes at home thanks to my mothers cooking skilland fathers encouragement. To me, my father and mother's are great.They are the ideal parents and I feel lucky to get them as they are.

How Do I Deal With the Death of My Father?

The death of a loved one is one of the most intense experiences in life. Losing a father can be especially difficult. Learning about grief can help you move through the necessary steps and deal with the death of your father. Your circumstances will shape your grief experience. Was your...

Snow Bunny posts and rates all her baby fathers!

Last edited by Tastemaker331; Today at 04:27 PM.. So happy I'm married, I feel bad for you young kats, these young gals ain't sh*t. Last edited by Proveone; Today at 08:04 PM.. 5 hrs ago. 3 K. 493. Tastemaker331 said. I bet she thinks that a guy with his sh*t...

EUROPE/ITALY - "Migrants and pilgrims, like all our fathers" (cfr. 1 Cr 29,15): a reflection open to action

2021-09-18 The missionary must be the image of Jesus: 'My God, how good you are. The life and message of Charles de Foucauld'. 2021-09-15 Rome (Agenzia Fides) - The international conference "Migrants and pilgrims, like all our fathers" (cfr. 1 Cr 29, 15) was held from September, 20 to 22 - "Theology of human mobility in the 21st century", promoted and organized by the International Union of Superiors General (UISG), the Union of Superiors General (USG) and the Scalabrini International Migration Institute (SIMI).