Luca, Fatherhood, and every new movie you can watch at home this weekend

The past week has been a whirlwind of news for the entertainment world, and that’s on top of this year’s online E3 convention. With all the assorted buzz of new television shows, movies, anime, games, and what-have-you releasing over the course of the next year and beyond, it’s worth remembering that there are plenty of cool new things to watch that are available right now.
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Kevin Hart masters Fatherhood in a Netflix dramedy more maudlin than funny

Early in Fatherhood, someone gives unexpectedly single new father Matt (Kevin Hart) a piece of advice: A lot of parenting will involve accepting how many things are beyond his control. This undoubtedly true statement could have been learned from real-life parenting experience; it could just as easily be gleaned from almost any squishy dramedy that purports to convey those experiences. Just for novelty, wouldn’t it be satisfying to see a movie character offer the sage wisdom that parents can and should control everything about their child, and to cede any of that control is weakness?
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Review: Kevin Hart shines as single parent in heartfelt 'Fatherhood'

Kevin Hart is a single father raising his young daughter on his own in "Fatherhood," and that simple pitch is enough to envision the hijinks on deck: diaper accidents, mishaps in the kitchen, pratfalls aplenty. But "Fatherhood" is not that movie. Instead it is a sweet, tender film with laughs,...
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Kevin Hart in Netflix’s ‘Fatherhood’: Film Review

After a bumpy road to release, Netflix’s Fatherhood will arrive on the streaming giant’s platform just in time for Father’s Day weekend. Based on Matthew Logelin’s 2011 bestseller Two Kisses for Maddy: A Memoir of Loss and Love, this feel-good gloss on real-life pain chronicles the journey of a widowed father struggling to raise his daughter alone. With Kevin Hart playing adeptly against type and typically polished direction by Paul Weitz (Grandma, About A Boy), it’s both an effective star vehicle and a tender tearjerker.
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Kevin Hart does 'Fatherhood' and more to watch

(CNN) — Father's Day weekend can mean different things, based on where you are in your life. There are some whose fathers are still alive but not active in their lives, for whatever reason. Others will spend the day celebrating with their dads. I'm holding space for all of you,...
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Fatherhood is at its best in the physical world

Some kids bad-mouth their dads, but I never did. I was in seventh grade when he told my brother and me that he had cancer. He said it wouldn't be a problem. But he was sick much of the 13 years that followed, and by the time he died, we had become a different family, and not just because by then the house was gone, along with most everything else we had known.
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Fatherhood From Afar

As a teenager, Oscar Perez says he was generally quiet and reserved. Then suddenly within a year's time, he became a father, and was sentenced to a long prison term. Learning to parent a child that he has only met while inside hasn't been easy. Uncuffed producer Mayito Guzman talked to Perez about the journey of connecting with his daughter — who's now a teenager — and how he’s worked to develop himself into a loving, caring father.
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Fatherhood: from a Black Father’s POV

Black men face false, pernicious myths that place the blame for the biggest problems in their community on them. It's a dangerous myth and an ugly stereotype that most Black dads are absent from their children's lives and not involved with their families. Most Black fathers, in fact, live with...
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The saving gift of fatherhood

A father plays with his young daughter along a riverbank in Sydney, Australia. (CNS photo/Megan Lewis, Reuters) I expected fatherhood to change the routines of my life. Everyone told me it would. Goodbye, sleep. Hello, collapsing in exhaustion at 8 p.m. What I did not suppose was the way fatherhood...