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As we move away from trends, there's never been a better time to find your personal style

There has been much discussion in recent months about how the climate crisis and the pandemic may influence how we get dressed every morning. There is a, perhaps optimistic, train of thought which suggests that we will soon move away from fast fashion and throwaway trends, instead creating smaller and more hardworking capsule wardrobes for ourselves, those which are filled with investment pieces that we will wear for years to come. If this is the case, and we stop chasing that next must-have item each season that everybody else also wants, will we start to value individuality more? Is finding our personal style going to become more important than ever?
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According to This Midriff-Baring Top, Bella Hadid Is Just a '90s Girl Living in a 2021 World

We're highly suspicious that Bella Hadid is secretly the owner of a time machine after seeing her latest outfit on Instagram. Short of slipping on a pair of jelly sandals and accessorizing with a Lisa Frank phone case, Bella sent us straight back to the '90s in a midriff-baring Susamusa button-up and a floral mesh midi skirt with a ruffled hem. "A sweet dinner to celebrate our last job of the season before a few weeks off for summer!" Bella captioned an Instagram photo of herself posing in front of an artsy wall in New York City's East Village, looking like the lead singer of a '90s rock band.

25 Stylish Pieces to Help You Master the Y2K Fashion Trend in 2021

In a decade of fashion that included ultra low-rise pants, terry cloth dresses over jeans, and lots and lots of butterfly prints, we're here to guide you through shopping Y2K fashion trends in 2021. Celebs might have dabbled in some of the riskier looks that aren't exactly a breeze to pull off — perhaps they're even bringing them back today! — but we wanted to curate items that are actually 100 percent wearable.
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Ryka Reveals Wellness, Outdoor Trends for Athletic Footwear Shoppers

Wellness and footwear are indeed intimately intertwined — just ask Rykä, the women’s athletic footwear brand that conveys a message of well-being through its products and branding by providing resources beyond fitness for its shoppers. Rykä was a sponsor at the FN + Beauty Inc. Wellness Forum, held last week on July 28.
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Zara’s Autumn/Winter 2021 Collection Is A Fall Fashion Goldmine

I’m officially dubbing Zara my Fall Fashion Fairy Godmother, because Zara’s Fall/Winter 2021 Collection is *Chef’s Kiss* perfection. As much as I love shopping for weeks on end to build up the perfect autumn wardrobe (what can I say, I love to shop!), I admit I could realistically do a one-and-done trip to Zara and have everything I need. It’s almost too easy! If you, too, are dying to stock up on fall’s top trends even though it’s kinda still summer, then get thee to a Zara.
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This Week's Upcoming San Antonio Area Events

SAN ANTONIO, TX — Curious about what to do in the San Antonio area? See what’s new on your San Antonio Patch community calendar. Here are some events taking place in town this week. Hosting an event? Whether you’re planning a fundraiser, a coat drive, or painting in the park,...
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Going Viral: How the Pandemic Led to the Rise of Indian Thrifting

It’s three P.M. on a Sunday afternoon and I can’t take my eyes off my phone. The buffering circle chases its tail. I refresh, switch networks, but the page doesn’t load any faster. When it does, the item is already up – a little green skirt I’d been eyeing since this particular thrift store announced its “drop.”

Meijer looks at back to school trends

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — When it comes to families teaming up for back-to-school shopping, Meijer reveals self-expression is a key consideration as students and parents are checking items off their lists this summer. The Midwestern retailer says their enthusiasm for a return to classroom learning is revealing trends that have them shopping earlier with a special focus that reflects their students’ desire to go back in style.
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8 Biggest Women Fashion Trends from the 2000s

Each decade brings something new to women’s fashion and clothes. The 80s are remembered for their bright hairstyles and bold colors. The 90s were characterized by slimming down and the Converse shoes. The fashion trends of the 2000s have remained a constant influence. Some of the fashion trends that influenced our style today will be remembered as mistakes.

The Summer Top Trend That Has Our Fashion Editor’s Seal of Approval

I need to be honest about something: Summer has never been my favorite season to get dressed for. I know, I know, it’s great because you can just throw on a top, denim shorts, and head out the door. But I’ve always felt like the most basic summer combinations weren’t enough of a complete outfit for me—that is, until I found my favorite trend of summer 2021: crochet tops.
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Why Jennifer Lawrence And Joan Rivers Didn't Get Along

Over the years, Hollywood has had some of the most explosive and dramatic feuds ever. Everyone from Taylor Swift and Katy Perry to Kanye West and Jay-Z have had public conflicts for years. But not every feud is so drama-filled; some people, like so many Disney Channel stars, just don't get along. Falling somewhere in the middle is Jennifer Lawrence and the late Joan Rivers.

7 Fall 2021 Fashion Trends You Can Start Shopping Right Now

Fall may still be weeks away, but it’s never too early for a shopping list. Start with the seven trends ahead. We only include products that have been independently selected by TZR’s editorial team. However, we may receive a portion of sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article.

We Have Planned New Store Openings That We Make Compatible With Online Growth

The Spanish women’s fashion company Koker began its journey in 2014 with the opening of the first store in the center of Toledo in order to bring fashion trends with its own designs and collections to real women. Two years later, it made the international leap with the opening of the first boutique in Portugal.