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Live-action Pokémon Show Will Soon Stream On Netflix

The OTT beast Netflix has will soon be releasing renowned anime and has even organized some in the past couple of years. The streaming stage, which is as of now home to a couple of Pokémon shows, is purportedly encouraging another Pokémon live-action series. Likewise, Lucifer prominence Joe Henderson is in talks as the creator of the series.
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Chasing nDreams: A Veteran’s Journey Along VR’s Rocky Path

NDreams is a bigger deal than you realized. I mean that quite literally; today, the studio’s headcount sits around 100 people occupying two floors of an office in the London-neighboring town of Farnborough. The team’s developed and published something like nine VR apps to date with its next, PSVR exclusive Fracked, arriving this month. It also helped Ubisoft bring Far Cry to VR arcades earlier this year, has yet more games in development, plans to publish more VR titles from indies, operates a talent-nurturing academy initiative and, just last week, announced the launch of a new, remote VR studio dedicated to making live games.
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Far Cry 6’s Male/Female Dani Rojas Will Have More Personality

Far Cry 6 Players Can Decide on Dani Rojas’s Gender, But Storyline Won’t Change. Far Cry 6, just like in its predecessor Far Cry 5, will be playable as either male or male. When Ubisoft’s newest shooter is finally launched to the gaming community, players will be given the opportunity to choose if they want Dani Rojas—the game’s protagonist—to be a man or a woman.
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Games To Look Forward To In 2021

It seems like we can’t go a month without another delay, but that doesn’t mean we still have some great games to come in 2021. But with all the delays, it’s looking like 2022 will be a great year for games. However, it should be noted that it’s highly possible...

UbiSoft- Research Report

Ubisoft, a French company was previously known as “Ubi Soft Entertainment SA”. This video game company has its headquarter in the suburbs of Paris- Montreuil. This biggest and independent game publishing company created games like Rainbox Six, Ghost Recon, Assasins Creed, Just Dance, Watch Dogs, etc, and now has a global presence.
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In Skin Deep, cats have recruited you to fight space pirates

Skin Deep, the next game from Quadrilateral Cowboy and Thirty Flights Of Loving developer Brendon Chung got a new gameplay trailer at tonight’s Annapurna Interactive showcase, showing lots more weird and wonderful ness for the “Die Hard in space”-like. It’s a game where you’ve been, uh, “hired” by cats to be their insurance guy during a space flight. So, when pirates attack the ship, they pop you out of a container to fend them off.
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The Far Cry To Release Debut Album “If Only”

Prog ensemble The Far Cry has released their debut album “If Only.” Though not intended in any way to be a “concept” album, “If Only” very much exhibits a connecting common thread of human emotion and perspective meeting real human conditions. Apparently, some people just won’t give up on long...
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Hamilton Clock in Far Cry 6

Players will be able to rely on Hamilton’s Khaki Field Titanium Automatic for their virtual adventures. Hamilton’s latest collaboration is a celebration of his passion for creativity and technological excellence. The action-adventure video game Far Cry 6 (developed and published by Ubisoft) allows players to jump right into the action, and Hamilton Khaki Field will be there to assist them on their journey.
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Every PS5 video game delay in 2021 — and their upcoming release dates

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced developers to adapt their work pipelines and finish games from home. This has led to multiple delays. Last year began with a slew of high-profile game delays, most notably Cyberpunk 2077 and the Final Fantasy 7 Remake, but then COVID-19 struck and threw the games industry through a loop. Now that we’re into 2021, we’ll only be seeing more delays as developers truly begin to understand the effects of the pandemic on their work pipeline. One of the first major delays to come this year was Hogwarts Legacy, being pushed into 2022.

Modernized AC Cobra Is a Virtual Far Cry From the Revived, Electric Series 1

Modernized AC Cobra Is a Virtual Far Cry From the Revived, Electric Series 1. Earlier in July, the revived British carmaker AC Cars gave us a bit more details on the upcoming AC Cobra Series 1, an electric interpretation of the iconic British-made vehicle of the 1960s. And it looked nothing like the thing in the main photo of this piece. That’s because even if the powertrain in the thing is modernized and, of course, electrified, the revived carmaker decided to retain the old look of the machine, in the h... (continue reading...)

3 Under The Radar Upcoming Games Gaming Fans Should Feel Excited For

The video gaming industry has managed to go practically unscathed through the world health pandemic we’ve had to experience for the past year and a half. Video gaming sales have not stopped and fans all around the world are still very excited about all the new titles that are bound to be released for the remainder of 2021. While there are certain titles that most fans, especially those who bet on Esports, are anxiously awaiting, like the new Madden and FIFA titles, there are other games that are just as good but might not get enough attention.
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Unwrapping Far Cry 5’s Pseudo-Emergent Narrative

The Far Cry formula is built to dish out emergent gameplay. Ubisoft’s weaponized joyride through Hope County in 2018 tried to teach its plot the same trick. The result? A divisive storytelling approach that found both fans and critics. With Far Cry 6 around the corner, discourse is inevitable. Far...