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Cruzados Man Wants To Do the Fandango

Tony Marsico of reformed L.A. rockers Cruzados told us about his love for an old ZZ Top favorite:. Tony Marsico: When I was asked to pick my favorite album of all time I couldn’t help but choose my favorite moment in time that went hand-in-hand with it. It was the summer of ’75 when I had just put in my time in high school, was finally free, and the road ahead was wide open. I didn’t have a plan. My future was uncertain. I was scared, but, more importantly, I was excited for what lay ahead. My only real responsibility that summer was to earn a few dollars, just enough to throw some gas in my tank and some tunes in the car stereo. The one eight-track tape that played 24/7 in my old Camaro that summer was ZZ Top’s Fandango.

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Fandango: Vince McMahon Just Wanted Me To Be A Dancer

Before his days in the Fashion Police, and after his days as Johnny Curtis, Fandango was ballroom dancer supreme in WWE. Fandango’s first opponent in WWE was Chris Jericho, with Fandango getting a win over Y2J at WrestleMania 29. Now in an interview with the Such Good Shoot podcast, Fandango has given his thoughts on his debut WrestleMania win, and Vince McMahon’s thoughts on the character: