The world’s population is set to decline for the first time in centuries

In the next few decades, for the first time in centuries, the world’s population is forecast to decrease.Currently, the world’s population sits at around 7.8 billion people, but experts believe that number will peak in 2064, before going down.In a groundbreaking study published by The Lancet, the Earth’s population will top out at approximately 9.7 billion, and by 2100, will drop to 8.8 billion.The study’s lead author and Professor of Global Health at the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) , Stein Emil Vollset, explained the findings.Vollset told IFLScience: “The last time that global population declined was in...
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Lexington council members urged to prioritize homeless needs with ARPA funds

Lexington city council members are expected to make more preliminary decisions about American Rescue Plan Act funding Thursday. Council has been discussing for weeks a wide variety of ARPA projects. Many citizens Tuesday night urged city leaders to put the needs of the homeless high on the list. Rabbi David Wirtschafter recalled the Old Testament story of Joseph and his brothers.
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Famine Skull Location - Halo Infinite Campaign Guide

Here's where to find the Famine skull in Halo Infinite, which decreases ammo drops by 50%. You can find it on the east end of the second island, just south of the sequence beacon. For more on Halo Infinite, including multiplayer tips and all the other Skull locations, check out our full guide on IGN:
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UN halts aid handouts in Ethiopia town after mass looting

The World Food Program has suspended aid distribution in the northern Ethiopian town of Kombolcha after "mass looting" of its warehouses blamed on Tigrayan forces, a UN spokesman said Wednesday. Stephane Dujarric told reporters there had been "mass looting of warehouses across Kombolcha in recent days, reportedly by elements of the Tigrayan forces and some members of the local population." "Large quantities of humanitarian food supplies, including nutritional items for malnourished children, have been stolen and looted," he said, warning that the looting risked increasing food insecurity in northern Ethiopia. In the provinces of Tigray, Amhara and Afar, an estimated 9.4 million people "are now in critical need of food assistance," Dujarric said, a significant leap on previous estimates.

Halo Infinite: All Skull Locations

Halo Infinite's hidden skulls are 100% its biggest challenge in terms of collectible goodies, these things are really well hidden throughout the game and pretty tough to find. Each skull you manage to get your hands on adds a fun effect to gameplay, tweaking various aspects of how weapons, enemies and so on behave, that can be switched on and off via the in-game menu.

Halo Infinite Collectible Guide

Master Chief is back in action once again with Halo Infinite now being out and in everyone's hands. For returning fans they'll see a lot of familiar gameplay with Master Chief skulking through spaceship hallways facing off against hordes of alien enemies, there's also a fairly big change in the form of the open-world format, and with it an increased number of hidden collectibles. In this Halo Infinite Collectible Guide we'll go over what each of the collectibles is, and the breakdown of the different missions and what they hold.

South Sudan peace process at risk: UN

The United Nations on Wednesday warned South Sudan’s leaders that the young nation’s fragile peace process was under serious threat due to slow progress, calling for ‘fresh urgency’ to revive negotiations. The world’s newest nation has suffered from chronic instability since independence in 2011, including a...

Taliban gunmen steal tonnes of Australian food sent to the poorest Afghanistan families

-------- The Australian Government donated the vital baking staple through the World Food Program as part of a $100 million handout which also includes other UN agencies. Federal insiders said they were 'aghast' at last month's brazen theft in the northern Badakshan region, and secretly considered what action to take until the consignment was eventually handed over.
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Donuts For Life

Chanukah presents us with a dilemma. The custom of eating foods that contain a lot of “grease,” to remind us of our victory over Greece, has a special place in our Chanukah observance. While most of us really enjoy fried latkes and assorted donuts, those aren’t exactly the healthiest of foods. But I am happy to announce that I have found a way that you can have latkes/donuts and enjoy them too, in a manner that doesn’t add any calories, and isn’t at all unhealthy. In fact, the more donuts/latkes you enjoy on my program, the better. What’s more, my program is free and doesn’t entail any obligation.

World Tour - Claims of victory in Ethiopia

MARY REICHARD, HOST: Coming up next on The World and Everything in It: World Tour with our reporter in Africa, Onize Ohikere. ONIZE OHIKERE, REPORTER: Ethiopian PM claims military advances—We start today here in Africa. ABIY: [Speaking Amharic]. Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed appeared on national television Monday to...

The most inspiring book of the year

If you’re still looking for gifts, here we go. A book worth reading, an organisation worth supporting. And all royalities from this book go to Gift of the Givers … so double the reason to add it to the present list. The first edition of Imtiaz Sooliman and...

Job Market’s a Feast for Workers, Famine for Employers

Workers have been in the driver’s seat of the labor market for months, and there was no sign that will change anytime soon in a new government report on job turnover. The number of job openings rose to 11 million in October, a pickup of 431,000, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) said in a report Wednesday. Not only is the number of openings tied with the record high reached in July (after rounding), it dwarfs the 6.9 million unemployed people who are looking for work, according to separate data from the bureau. In other words, there are 1.66 job openings for every unemployed worker—also a record at least since BLS started tracking job openings in 2000.

Kuolemanlaakso Announce New Album Coming Soon

Aside from having just last week seen vocalist Mikko Kotamäki on stage with his other band, Swallow the Sun, I could’ve sworn at some point I’d written about Kuolemanlaakso before — the cover of their 2012 debut, Uljas uusi maailma, is crazy familiar — but aside from them showing up somewhere in the year-end poll from 2014, apparently the name has never been on this site. From that I take either two things: One, I’m neglectful and lame. True. Two, it’s there somewhere else and I can’t find it because I spelled it wrong. Which leads me back to the first point, I guess.

The state of White Nile in Sudan

Today’s Video of the Day from the European Space Agency features the state of White Nile in Sudan. The state is divided into four districts: Ad Douiem, Al Gutaina, Kosti and Al Jabalian. The false-color image, captured by the Copernicus Sentinel-2 mission, highlights the region just north of Kosti...
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UN Food Stocks Looted in N. Ethiopia; Some Aid Distribution Halted

The United Nations said Wednesday that large amounts of food supplies have been looted from their warehouses in northern Ethiopia, leading to the suspension of food distributions in two towns. "The World Food Program teams on the ground were not able to prevent the looting in the face of extreme...

Bandits stranded, make peace with communities

As the dry season sets in and clearing the bushes that serve as hideouts to bandits terrorising communities in parts of the North commenced, many of the assailants have begun peace moves with local communities to avert counter offensive against them, an investigation by Daily Trust reveals. The gunmen had...

Civil society space shrinking

Bangladesh's civil society, which played a remarkable role in democratic polity at all turning points of pre- and post-independence days, is losing space with its relations with the state souring mostly since the 2018 elections. "Till the national elections of 2014, there was a degree of openness on the part...

The Lives of Others

Combatting the West’s pandemic self-interest requires humanism in addition to humility. In February 1866 the third International Sanitary Conference—an early forerunner of the World Health Organization (WHO)—convened in Constantinople at the request of the French government, bringing together representatives from more than a dozen states and empires. The pressing concern was cholera. The year before, an outbreak in Mecca had spread first into Egypt and then into Europe through Mediterranean ports. Concerned that Muslim pilgrims on hajj to Mecca might carry the disease into Egypt once again if they could return by sea, the French delegation proposed suspending all maritime traffic into and out of Arabian ports. In effect, pilgrims who did not wish to remain in Mecca would be condemned to a perilous journey across the Arabian desert and most likely death from disease or dehydration.