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Family Values and Community Connections at Johnson Jewelers

The January-February 2022 edition of South Sound Business is the Legacy Business Issue. Here is the second in a series of features about local businesses steered by second-, third-, or fourth-generation leaders. Read the first one here. It was 1936 when North Dakota jeweler J.G. Johnson was in Seattle attending...
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Family aims to bring its angel home

The Jobin family, parents Marc and Carole and their nine children, have many dreams, but the greatest right now is to unite the entire family under one roof. They’ve shared two households since their youngest child, Marie-Ange, was born in September 2018. Marie-Ange was in a foot-long breech position before delivery. Carole then suffered a ruptured uterus, depriving the baby of oxygen which resulted in severe brain damage. The hemorrhaging that followed nearly took Carole’s life.
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The 7:15 Second Date Update – Family Values

Ava sounds normal to us after she told us about her date with Julian. She told us that there were no awkward moments when they went to dinner at Charley’s. We call Julian to find out why he isn’t calling Ava back. No Description.

Archie announces The Fox: Family Values one-shot

The classic Red Circle Comics superhero title The Fox is set to make its return in May, with Archie Comics announcing the upcoming one-shot comic The Fox: Family Values, which will feature all new stories from writer/artist Dean Haspiel, writer Vito Delsante and artist Richard Ortiz, along with a reprint of a classic story from Alex Toth.

The Fox Leaps Into Comic Book Stores This May With The Fox: Family Values One-Shot

Dean Haspiel, Vito Delsante, Richard Ortiz, and More Present New Adventures of Iconic Superheroes The Fox, She-Fox and Ghost Fox!. Archie Comics is setting the stage for the return of everyone’s favorite “Freak Magnet” Paul Patton, Jr. in The Fox: Family Values #1. Coming to comic shops and digital retailers May 18, 2022, the new one-shot comic will follow the adventures of the Pattons, The Fox, She-Fox and their son Ghost Fox, as they try to be the best hero family of Foxes they can be! Featuring all-new stories by writer/artist Dean Haspiel, writer Vito Delsante, artist Richard Ortiz, and colorist Matt Herms with veteran letter Jack Morelli, The Fox: Family Values #1 will also include a reprint of a classic The Fox story by Alex Toth, providing new readers with a perfect introduction to this family of iconic characters.
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THE FOX: FAMILY VALUES One-Shot Incoming from Archie Comics

In an announcement made on Thursday, January 13th, 2022, Archie Comics announced a new impending one-shot: The Fox: Family Values, featuring new stories by Dean Haspiel, Vito Delsante, Richard Ortiz, Matt Herms, and Jack Morelli, along with a reprint of a classic Fox tale by Alex Toth. The one-shot spotlighting...

A family conversation on estate planning

Estate planning can be difficult. For many of us, the first hurdle in developing a sound estate plan is coming to grips with our own mortality. Estate planning forces you to accept the inevitability of your own demise, as well as the possibility of your eventual incapacity or disability. Navigating...

Yes, We’re Still in the Second Demographic Transition

The Second Demographic Transition is a move from traditional families to singlehood. It is characterized by rises in divorce rates, single living, and cohabitation, as well as delayed and extra-marital fertility. Many countries—including the U.S., Europe, China, and Iran—have already seen a decline in fertility rates and family sizes....

Got Strong Family Values…?

S Sarah MacArtain gets ready to hand in her Greystones Family Resource Centre badge, her position as coordinator needs to be filled. Celebrating its 20th year in the town, this crucial service has helped countless locals over the past two decades. And you can now be part of that public...

Stages of a successful family business transition

As family businesses transition from one generation to the next, they experience common “tension points” that, unless proactively addressed, can impede long-term sustainability. These tension points account for why Family Business Institute reports only a third of family firms survive to the second generation, and 12% to the third.

Announcing ‘This Is My Family:” A National Campaign to Recognize All Families

We at A Better Balance have long recognized the need for paid leave policies that encapsulate a broad range of family structures and relationships, and have continually worked with local, state and federal campaigns to ensure that our laws allow workers to access the time they need to care for their loved ones regardless of legal or biological relationship. As part of these ongoing efforts, we are excited to announce the launch of This Is My Family, a national campaign we’re spearheading alongside Family Values @ Work and our partners in the Family Justice Network.

How To Build Your Legacy, Bond Your Family With Traditions, Rituals & Routines, Rites Of Passage & Much More With Rich Christiansen of Legado Family Founder.

When it comes to passing on important family values and beliefs to future generations, I firmly believe that family traditions are the powerful legacy-building tool in a parent’s toolbox. Traditions, habits, rituals, and routines are the glue that sticks, the threads that bind, and the clasps that hold a...

Web drama on traditional Vietnamese family values released

HCM CITY — The first episode of a web drama series about family life, starring People’s Artist and comic actress Hồng Van, was released on YouTube on New Year’s Eve, attracting more than 138,000 views. The show Tết Nữa U La Trời (Tết Comes Home) focuses...

Entrata Family Values

I’ve served as the CEO of a Utah corporation—Copperfield Publishing Inc.—since 1991. And for more than 20 of those years, Copperfield—besides publishing newspapers and magazines, plus throwing the best parties in Utah—has developed all sorts of tech tools that have helped newspapers from coast to coast.
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Theresa Thibodeau cites local control, family values as her priorities in gubernatorial election

As Nebraskans seek to grow their communities, they also don’t want to lose what makes Nebraska great, Republican gubernatorial candidate Theresa Thibodeau said Wednesday. “People want to keep our family values, they want to lower taxes, and they want to make sure that the federal government is not coming in and trying to run our state,” the former Omaha state senator told The Telegraph during a brief North Platte stop.