Giving Back: Brave Heart – Children in Need

For the roughly 3,800 foster children currently in Louisiana, family life has already had its challenges. But the process of being ushered into the care of strangers—often on short notice, and with few possessions—can be a traumatic experience all its own. It was the realization of this over a dinner conversation with her social worker niece Christy that led Baton Rouge native Dee Robinson to embark on the philanthropic journey that would eventually lead to the establishment of nonprofit Brave Heart – Children in Need back in 2004.
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Thanksgiving in San Jose: A travelog

Planes cruise low in San Jose. I hear them roaring by morning and night, refusing to be forgotten. I watch as they pause for traffic; I watch as they cross the sky between buildings. I wonder where they are going and avoid thinking about where I have come from. I wake with the honking geese and try to take pictures of them overhead in the evenings. I marvel at how we learned to fly.
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Shop for Unique, Handmade Gifts at Holiday Craft Fairs This Weekend

(Colorado Springs, CO) If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted gift for that hard-to-buy-for family member or friend, holiday craft fairs are the place to shop. Several fantastic fairs are happening this weekend in Colorado Springs.

Elena Bulatova Fine Art at Red Dot Miami Art Fair

As the year winds down, the art scene winds up for one of the largest art fairs of the year – Art Basel in the south of Florida. This year will mark the 20th anniversary of the Art Basel show in its Florida location. Art Basel is known for its conglomeration of Blue Chip level artists, with heavyweight artworks and the most sophisticated enthusiasts and collectors from around the globe. Outside of the Red Dot Miami show, stands two larger than life sculptures by artist Elena Bulatova. As visitors pour in for a week of impactful and cutting-edge art, they will be greeted by a towering gold lollipop, and a larger-than-life popsicle.
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Plan Ahead: West Michigan Fairs and Festivals in December

Most of the fairs and festivals in the month of December are all centered around the holidays. There is one exception -- the Ada Chili and Beer Fest! Get out and have some fun this month. Tuesday, November 22-Sunday, December 11, 2022 - Downtown Muskegon, MI. The Muskegon Museum of...

Why Do People Ignore Me? (10 Possible Reasons)

Socializing with others can be difficult. If you’re not well-versed in social cues or etiquette, then you’ll often find yourself alone while the conversation moves on without you. If you’re someone who constantly leaves text messages or phone calls to friends and other people and never receives a...

Top Design Fairs: Walking Tour Of Design Miami 2022

VernissageTV (December 2, 2022) – Design Miami 2022 in Miami Beach, Florida, presents the 18th edition of its design fair. Design Miami features 50 gallery and Curio exhibitions. This is a walkthrough of the show, which features works by designers and artists such as Arthur Elrod, Jean Royère, Charlotte Perriand, Pierre Jeanneret, George Nakashima, Drift, Andile Dyalvane, and Lin Fanglu.

Kathy Coen

A legend in Berkshire and Oxfordshire for her monthly fairs and flea markets, has joined us, she has got the perfect spot for her worth the money decorative antiques, all are antique or genuine vintage. She joins her friend in arms Ann Parker who has carved out a successful niche...

Church holiday on December 4 – to whom do believers pray, signs of the day

What can be done on December 4, and what is strictly prohibited by the Church – read in the article. Orthodox holiday December 4 – Introduction to the Church of the Holy Mother of God. December 4 Introduction to the Church of the Holy Mother of God....

Easy Tilt Frame Christmas Sign

Ah, Christmas church fairs, you've gotta love them!. We have a church fair around here every Christmas and they have the BEST white elephant sale. Every year I find something I just love and this year I got lucky again. This time it took almost no time to turn this...