Police in York County looking for missing teenage girl

HEIDELBERG TOWNSHIP, Pa. — Police in York County are looking for a missing teenage girl. Isabella Orner, 15, was last seen around 7 p.m. Wednesday in the area of York Road in Heidelberg Township, York County. The area is near Spring Grove. "We believe that she is alive and we...
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Missing Person Alert Issued For Nonverbal PA Teen

A teenage girl went missing Wednesday night in York County, according to Pennsylvania State police. Isabella Orner, 15, was last seen Wednesday in the area of the 6400 block of York Road located in Spring Grove, Heidelberg Township, around 9:15 p.m. according to the Northern York County Regional Police Department.

An Overnight Stay At This Secluded Cabin In Pennsylvania Costs Less Than $100 A Night And Will Take You Back In Time

Getting away has never been easier, especially when we live in a state that’s bursting with unique accommodations. If you’ve been craving tranquility among nature, where you’ll hear the hoot of owls, you’ll fall head over heels at Deer Path Cabin in Pennsylvania. A quaint throwback to yesteryear, the cabin promises an off-grid experience as […] The post An Overnight Stay At This Secluded Cabin In Pennsylvania Costs Less Than $100 A Night And Will Take You Back In Time appeared first on Only In Your State.

Kaguya-Sama Love Is War Chapter 238 RELEASE DATE and TIME, SPOILERS

EpicStream Writer has loved fantasy books and films since she was a child, which prompted her to study a Masters in Fantasy Literature and make some magic with words. Kaguya-sama: Love Is War returned with a new chapter after a week-long delay. Such delays are common for the weekly romantic comedy, but, thankfully, Kaguya-sama will likely be resuming its normal schedule.

Could an ‘eye yoga’ class relieve my lockdown eyes?

I’m sitting at my desk and rolling my eyes. No, I haven’t been left exasperated by an email in my inbox. In fact, I am feeling positively Zen-like as I follow the instructions of my teacher in today’s class of eye yoga. I know, I know. I was dubious at...

3 Reasons Why Relationships Should Never Be Your Top Priority

Many of us fixate on love out of fear. Fear of being alone. Fear of missing out. Fear of feeling worthless. We’re so eager to find a lifeboat to cling to. We waste time on mediocre, meaningless relationships instead of cultivating an abundant lifestyle to make ourselves happy. A dating...

Mother's appeal after son beaten in Ardoyne armed robbery

A NORTH Belfast man has been left badly injured and frightened after he was attacked at his home in Ardoyne. Gavin Rooney (37) was in his flat in Alliance Avenue on Friday, September 3 when he was subject to a terrifying ordeal by two masked men. Speaking to the North...

Delivery driver almost lost eyesight after ignoring black dots in her vision

A delivery driver almost lost her eyesight after shrugging off black dots in her vision. Lesley Grocock put her symptoms down to getting older, without realising it was something far more serious. When the black dots in her vision persisted, she booked in to see her local optician at Specsavers...

These Moving Mirrors Reveal a New Reflection

This article is by Ever Widening Circles, an online platform that’s on a mission to prove it’s still an amazing world. View the original article here. Imagine walking into an art gallery to see a rather boring-looking piece—a bunch of blank panels sitting on the wall. You go to walk away when suddenly, as you step in front of the panels, they jump to life, turning and rotating to form a picture: a picture of you.

IKEA Introduces Furniture Line Specifically For Gamers

If you’re going to mow down a horde of incorporeal wraiths in one sweep, why not do it in style? Swedish furniture company IKEA is now offering a line of high-performing gaming products meant for both easy ergonomics and chic minimalism. A press release was circulated on Thursday detailing the corporate backflips that went into such an ingenious concept and the sort of furnishings that would qualify as practical and swanky, without necessarily being expensive or unwieldy. The collection will release worldwide next month.
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Glen Head ophthalmologist set to retire

After three and a half decades of helping to improve others’ eyesight, Dr. Robert Appel has decided to slow down. And while his hundreds of patients across the North Shore are sorry to see his practice close, patients abroad, as well as medical students, will still benefit from the ophthalmologist’s skills.

Calhoun man accused of shooting son-in-law with BB gun

Ouachita Parish sheriff's deputies arrested a Calhoun man on suspicion of aggravated battery last week after the suspect's son-in-law reported being shot with a BB gun. The victim said he argued with Eddie Lee Gorum Jr., 63, of 166 Woodland Circle, Calhoun, about each of their dogs. After the argument, Gorum took a BB gun, took aim and fired it in his stomach, the victim said.