Six effective tips to select the perfect eyelash packaging

Eye shape: Before starting your search for the perfect eyelash, you need to first consider your eye shape. Choose a product from that is based on the type of eye shape you have. Choose only quality lashes from reputed eyelash vendors: False lashes are created from synthetic fur or...
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Culler Beauty makeup skin tone matching technology

Studio 17’s Ilyana Capellan talks to Culler Beauty Lifestyle Consultant, Angie Bruse about how Culler Beauty is simplifying beauty routines everywhere. Culler Beauty is offering Studio 17 Live viewers 40% off their Ultimate Beauty Package, which includes the foundation and primer and their eyelash enhancer. For more information visit their...
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This Viral TikTok Hack Makes Applying False Eyelashes So Much Easier

False eyelashes are the cherry on top of makeup — they’re glamorous, indulgent and they add drama to even the simplest everyday looks. That’s why when I saw this viral TikTok eyelash hack, I couldn’t wait to try it out myself. In the video, creator Manny Gutierrez draws on a cat eye, then instead of applying false eyelashes to the lash line, he attaches the outer corners of the lashes to the top of the wing to give the eye a lifted effect.

Exchange Seminar Of Optimize The Promotion On False Eyelashes

Time passed quickly and it was the weekend again!. Vannova held a seminar of Optimize the promotion on eyelash at their company conference room. Vannova has endeavoured to represent the colour as accurately as possible. The colour swatches have been professionally edited and colour matched to the range, please use...

Eyelash Growth Serum

Buy eyelash and eyebrow growth serum from the USA, UK. Authentic serum! Guaranteed eyelash/ eyebrow growth results in a short time!. best eyelash growth serum 2020 will help you grow longer, thicker & fuller eyelashes & eyebrows. It is made up of the highest quality ingredients. Our revolutionary serum boosts the length & thickness of eyelashes & eyebrows.

Wholesale eyelashes: Benefits derived from using semi-permanent eyelash extensions

The main reason for lashes to be popular is because that these long-lasting beauty treatments do come with several advantages. They are also quite affordable. Buying wholesale eyelashes can help you to save a lot of money and use them for a long time. Semi-permanent eyelash extensions do offer innumerous benefits when compared to those temporary ones.

Do male spiders mistake eyelashes for female spiders? Fact Check

A rumour on social media claims that during “spider mating season”, male spiders will often mistake the eyelashes of a sleeping human for female spiders. The rumour goes on to claim this is often why we wake up with eyelashes “stuck together”. The rumour is spreading on both Facebook and...

Custom Eyelash Boxes Transparent Vs. Impenetrable

The preference for product display or exhibit through die-cut transparent windows has been found to be an attribute of eyelash boxes that is related to purchasing behavior. Customers prefer eyelash boxes that have a transparent or impenetrable cover, depending on their preferences and needs. Each packaging type is known for its advantages and disadvantages.


Eyelashes are very delicate cosmetic items. Women all over the world love to wear eyelashes. Eyelashes are used to beautify your eyes. Moreover, if you are a makeup vendor, then you can customize your boxes for your products. Moreover, to gain women’s attention, design eye-catching Custom Eyelash Boxes. Eyelashes are very fragile. So, to avoid any hindrance, get a custom packaging box. You can also save your eyelashes from outer harmful material. If any dust particle covers the eyelash, the quality will be ruined. It could also affect the magnificence of eyelashes. Therefore, it is significant to get a cheap custom eyelash box to increase the greater look.

A Guide to Customization of Eyelash Extensions

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Beautiful and fluttery eyes are the demands of every girl. And especially when your friends have an amazing one. Jealous? It’s obvious. But don’t worry; you can do the customization of your lash extensions and give a new look to your eyes, and stunned everyone.

Why Are My Eyelashes Falling Out? 8 Common Reasons + What To Do About It

Our editors have independently chosen the products listed on this page. If you purchase something mentioned in this article, we may earn a small commission. Your eyelashes are fragile little hairs—so delicate that they can easily snap off and break, especially without proper hydration and care. Now, one or two stray flutters is likely nothing to sound the alarm over, but if you wake up with several lashes scattered across your pillow or have noticeable gaps on your lash line, you may be concerned about the increased shedding.

Level Up Your Eye Look With These 10 Magnetic Eyelash Brands

Share on facebook Share on pinterest Share on twitter Share on email. While we’re big lovers of lash serums and volumizing mascaras, sometimes our look calls for more drama than our natural lashes can afford. That’s where a good set of falsies come in. Beloved by pro makeup artists and novices alike, false eyelashes traditionally involve applying a thin layer of adhesive glue to your lash line, before wiggling a strip lash on top and pressing it onto the lid to (hopefully) stick and stay in place. It’s often tricky, clumsy, and hard to master—especially if you want your lashes to last for long-term wear. But thanks to magnetic eyelashes, the process of applying eye-opening falsies is now so much easier.

This Serum Saved My Eyelashes After I Accidentally Cut Them Off

Us Weekly has affiliate partnerships so we may receive compensation for some links to products and services. Just about everyone who knows me knows I’ll try anything once. It’s the curse and blessing I’ve been born into and despite my many attempts, I cannot seem to outgrow it. I wear my badges of honor with pride and every experience has taught me something. Whether good or bad, I learned. The toughest lesson I taught myself? I will never master the art of at-home waxing.

Eyelash Extensions: What You Should Know

Let us just face it: eyeliners, eyeshadows, and mascara may come in the way of achieving lengthy outstanding eyelashes. Away from that, falsies may be a fantastic option save for the fact that they are not durable. As such, eyelash extensions could be your best option if you intend to be a glamour-puss for weeks.

How to Remove Eyelashes (Complete Guide)?

You might do some other cleaning routine to help free yourself from irregular strips and would remain semi-steady lashes. Counterfeit eyelashes develop the thickness and length of the natural eyelashes. Individual Lashify. eyelash makes the most normal look, especially when utilized on the external corners of the eyes with an...

Up to 65% Off on Eyelash Extensions at Beautify Me

This merchant is open for business and taking steps to help protect your health by following all applicable laws and regulations concerning COVID-19 safety. The first set of classics went great. The first lady I had gave me that natural/ subtle eye lash look i had hoped for. When I went in for a fill 10 days later the lady added twice the amount of lashes and it lost its natural look. They were booked the next day to remove them but sent me to the beauty school and I didn’t have to pay for the removal.