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Firefighters rescue stranded residents from rooftops after heavy flooding in Brazil

Firefighters in Brazil rescued stranded residents from the rooftops of flooded properties in Santa Catarina State, where heavy rain has caused havoc.The extreme weather has caused rivers to burst their banks, blocking and damaging roads and inundating properties.At least two people have died as a result of the flooding, and more than 900 residents have been displaced, according to officials.Dramatic footage captures rescuers pulling people from the rooftops of their homes as floodwater rises around them.Click here to sign up for our newsletters. Read More Drone footage captures devastation wrecked by deadly landslide in BrazilRaging fire engulfs Mystic marina as firefighters tackle flamesFirefighters face sack if found to have bullied or been racist, LFB boss says
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Galactic Survival Simulators

'Stranded: Alien Dawn' is a new civilization builder and survival simulator hybrid. The game allows players to immerse themselves in an expansive alien world complete with flora and fauna unique to the world. Throughout the game, players must manage their survivors' needs, such as food, water, shelter, medical care, and more. As the game progresses, players expand and evolve a base completely designed by them. These bases feature everything from amenities and necessities to automated defenses from threats.
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Behind the Forecast: How warmer weather can lead to more snowfall

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - There’s a misconception that a warmer climate would lead to less snow, but the opposite is true in many situations. Two things are necessary for snowfall: sub-freezing temperatures and atmospheric moisture. Warmer average winter temperatures have become the norm since the 1970s. Research has found...

Portion of U.S. Highway 20 closed due to extreme weather conditions

ASHTON — U.S. Highway 20 closed in both directions Thursday night between Ashton and the Montana State Line. The area is experiencing severe drifting snow and low visibility. Idaho Highway 87 is also closed from the US-20 junction to the Montana State Line due to winter weather conditions. Drivers...

Seed size and forest floor conditions determine tree seedling survival in extreme weather: Study

Global climate change brings increases in precipitation extremes, from severe drought to heavy rainfall events, both expected to become more prevalent through the 21st century. Powerful weather events already impact human environments, with intense fires and flooding, and greatly transform natural ecosystems. How will these periods of excessive rainfall or...

Strong Cold Front to Produce Heavy Snow, Strong Winds into Friday

CHEYENNE — Wyomingites should brace for a strong cold front that will bring heavy snow combined with blustery winds into Friday across sections of the state. Western valleys and mountains will get the first shot of extreme weather as heavy snow develops along the I-80 corridor from Evanston into the Bridger Valley later tonight, according to forecast reports from The National Weather Service in Riverton.

Warming Center Opened at the Sonoma Veterans Building

A warming center was opened at the Sonoma Veterans Building through Friday morning. The City of Sonoma and County of Sonoma opened up the temporary warming center last night at 7 PM due to the extreme winter weather. The warming center provided shelter for those experiencing homelessness and those without heat. However, it is stressed that this was temporary and not an overnight shelter with cots not being provided. The center closed at 9 AM Friday morning and the hours of operation may be expanded if extreme weather conditions continue.

UK's Hottest Year Ever is 2022 Unless Cold Weather Dominate December: Met Office

The UK's hottest year on record will be 2022 unless cold weather will takeover in December, according to UK weather authorities. The assessment came after the country recorded an exceptionally warmer weather during its autumn season. In addition, the deadly series of heat waves that struck the Northern Hemisphere, including...

Global Central Banks Brace for ‘Greenflation’ and Climate Change

Climate change and the energy transition are becoming top of mind for central bank policymakers as they grapple with volatile energy prices and the effects of more frequent extreme weather events. The shift to green energy may be “inflationary and even slightly stagflationary,” Bank of France Governor Francois Villeroy de...
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Sonoma County and city of Sonoma partner to open warming center

Officials with the city of Sonoma and Sonoma County announced a partnership Thursday night that resulted in the opening of a temporary extreme weather warming center at the Sonoma Veterans Memorial Building in Sonoma. The center opened at 7 p.m. as temperatures were expected to hit at or below freezing...

Extreme Weather Is Influencing Where Americans Choose To Live

El Nio, a periodic warming of the eastern and central Pacific Oceans, is expected to be the strongest ever recorded. This phenomenon is known to have a direct impact on global temperatures and weather patterns, making it a major factor in the prediction of the upcoming autumn season. Ryan Marshall...

Vermont Yearly Weather

Vermont Yearly Weather. It also rains less than average and rarely receives extreme weather. Burlington is the city with the best weather in vermont based on average winter temperatures and comfortable summers. Annual rainfall is 70.3in, with a minimum of 4.7in in november and a maximum of. July is the...

These tiny homes give shelter to people affected by extreme weather events — and they can be set up in less than an hour

Homelessness is a major systemic problem in the United States, and our overheating planet is only putting vulnerable people like those experiencing homelessness more at risk. Pallet has developed shelters that are inexpensive, safe, and can be set up in less than an hour. A safe place to sleep is essential for all people, whether victims of natural disasters or families on their path to permanent housing.

1930s Dust Bowl led to extreme heat around the Northern Hemisphere

The 1930s Dust Bowl, fueled by overplowing across the Great Plains and associated with record heat and drought, appears to have affected heat extremes far beyond the United States. New research finds that the hot, exposed land in the central U.S. during the Dust Bowl drought influenced temperatures across much...