New Jordan Peterson Series Offers Fresh Take on Book of Exodus

For anyone who found Dr. Jordan Peterson’s Biblical lecture series on Genesis electrifying, the clinical psychologist and cultural icon has teamed up with DailyWire+ to take his scholarly insights further in his latest endeavor, Exodus with Jordan Peterson. In the new sixteen-part series, which debuted to the platform’s subscribers...
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Daniel Andrews re-election prompts exodus as Victorians vow to leave the state

Victorians disappointed at Daniel Andrews winning a third term have vowed to leave the state forever. Some residents have lashed out at the Labor leader after he easily won the election against the Liberal-National Coalition led by Matthew Guy on Saturday. Labor is on track to win more than 52...
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UK must stop exodus of growth companies – City’s Lord Mayor

Promising fast-growing companies are ‘leaving our shores’ at an alarming rate in search of better opportunities, according to the City’s Lord Mayor. So-called ‘growth companies’ are being lured overseas by more attractive business environments, Nicholas Lyons said. His warning came as business leaders called for...

Post-holiday Las Vegas exodus heavy — PHOTOS

The mass exodus from Las Vegas after a long Thanksgiving Day holiday was in full swing Sunday. It appears those opting to fly were doing better than those who took the ground route to Southern California. A backup on southbound Interstate 15 was pegged at 16 miles at one point...

The Exodus To The Transfer Portal From Texas A&M Has Begun

It was a nightmare season for Texas A&M. The Aggies were the sixth-ranked team in the preseason, and yet found a way to lose seven games. Along the way were a series of events that would be rejected in the writer’s room for a low-budget soap opera. Whether it was star freshmen recruits speeding through […] The post The Exodus To The Transfer Portal From Texas A&M Has Begun appeared first on BroBible.

High taxes and ‘no future’ spark fears of mass exodus of young Britons

Feelings of being overworked and underpaid prompted Rachel James, 29, and her partner to leave their jobs as doctors in the NHS to move to Australia. Two years later, the couple have no plans of returning. “The pay is between double and triple what we would get in the UK,”...

The Kingdom Exodus film assessment (2022)

Of course, it IS like one different TV phenomenon. Von Trier admitted that “The Kingdom” was impressed by “Twin Peaks,” and one has to surprise if “Exodus” would exist with out the inventive success of “Twin Peaks: The Return” in 2017. In a lot the identical approach that David Lynch revisited characters and warped imagery from his landmark sequence, Von Trier returns to among the similar characters and concepts, as soon as once more crafting a very impressed mix of the surreal and the comedic. The hospital at which each and every scene of the present takes place isn’t just a spot of historic supernatural forces that could be rising to lastly drag it into the earth however it’s additionally a spot of really mundane idiocy, a constructing that’s as weighed down by paperwork and stupidity as a lot as it’s the evil that could possibly be buried in its basis.

Rishi Sunak’s Net Zero To Quit Parliament As Tory Exodus Gathers Pace

Rishi Sunak, net worth czar, is the latest Conservative MP to announce his decision not to stand for another term in Parliament. Chris Skidmore said that he would not fight to find another constituency in the event of expected boundary changes removing his Kingswood seat. The 41-year-old Conservative MP is...

Boeing faces exodus of senior engineers in tight market for talent

Nov. 28, 2022, © Leeham News: Boeing’s engineering corps could become further depleted within the next few days, as union-represented engineers and technical workers at the company’s Puget Sound plants face a Wednesday deadline on filing their retirement paperwork. If they don’t leave now, individuals could face...

STEVE 'ZETRO' SOUZA: Why EXODUS Failed To Reach Same Commercial Heights As 'Big Four' Bands

During a conversation with former EXODUS guitarist Rick Hunolt for his Zetro's Toxic Vault YouTube channel, EXODUS singer Steve "Zetro" Souza spoke about why he thinks his band failed to achieve the same commercial heights as the so-called "Big Four" of 1980s thrash metal, namely METALLICA, SLAYER, MEGADETH and ANTHRAX. He said (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): "Between the release of [EXODUS's debut album] 'Bonded By Blood', which was May of '85, and the release of 'Pleasures Of The Flesh', which was October 8, 1987, two and a half years went by. At those days, [any band which went] two and a half years without doing an album [was] killed. Everybody who was listening and had their eye up on you had forgot about you already. Although I believe 'Pleasures' was a very highly anticipated record because of what 'Bonded' had done. People were really, like, 'Woah. What are they gonna put out next once they get a new singer?' But [Torrid Records, EXODUS's original record label] didn't wanna let the band go, and nobody else wanted to take a chance on buying the band except for Combat, so Combat had to pay Torrid for us to go there, so it took a long time to get that to go before the record was [released]. There was a lot of things to it, but I think as a whole, being my first record, I was very proud of that album — very much so…

Ex-EXODUS Guitarist RICK HUNOLT Says DAVE MUSTAINE Is The Reason People Used To See METALLICA In The Early '80s

Dave Mustaine had a pretty major role in development of thrash, apparently including drawing the crowds in to see Metallica. In a new interview with Zetro's Toxic Vault hosted by Exodus vocalist Steve "Zetro" Souza, former Exodus guitarist Rick Hunolt said Mustaine and both his playing and crowd banter were the whole reason that people used to go see Metallica. Hunolt adds that James Hetfield wasn't a super interesting frontman back in the day, and that Mustaine was the engaging one, especially when drunk (which turned out to be an issue).

$1.5 Billion Bitcoin Exodus from Coinbase

Coinbase continues to take another hit recently having $US1.5 Billion worth of Bitcoin withdrawn from it's service and while this doesn't mean Bitcoin is being dumped it indicates the loss of faith towards centralised exchanges and the risk imposed on investors. While keeping your assets on an exchange may provide...

What to Do When Exodus Redux Is Not Working? 100% Solution

Do you know what should we do when exodus redux not working? No worries lets start! While Kodi is a trendy open-source entertainment hub for various platforms, it can suffer from unwanted errors at times. The Kodi no available stream error is frequently related to Exodus redux, which is a third-party add-on concerning Kodi.