HBO’s New DMX Documentary Captures Him as He Died: In the Midst of a Fresh Start

The holiday season and the dynamics that come with it—homecomings; family—made the Thanksgiving Day release of HBO’s documentary, DMX: Don’t Try to Understand, particularly apt. The film, directed by Chris Frierson, follows DMX for a year following his release from jail, where he spent a year for tax evasion. Throughout, the rapper attempts to revitalize his career while reconnecting with the people closest to him, specifically his family.
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EXODUS's GARY HOLT Says Clickbait Culture Is More Of 'An Annoyance' Than A Problem

In a new interview with Finland's Chaoszine, EXODUS guitarist Gary Holt spoke about the band's new song "Clickbait" which decries the fact that the 24-hour entertainment news cycle has forced clickbait journalists to come up with sensationalized headlines for stories that are often misleading. "Everything you read, just about, nowadays,...
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Jericho: Biblical Oasis of Dates

“Jericho was completely sealed before the Children of Israel, no one left and no one entered. Hashem (G-d) said to Joshua, “See I have delivered into your hand Jericho and it’s King and mighty warriors (Joshua 6: 1:2)”. Today, we are exploring perhaps the world’s oldest city, Jericho. This famous,...
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Faton Gashi shares ‘Exodus’ EP

Emerging London,UK rapper Faton Gashi makes his entrance on our site with his latest offering entitled Exodus. The 4 track body of work showcases his off-beat style and carefree demeanor. The project opens up with “DIAMOND” a heavy bass-driven track that showcases Gashi’s mellow flow and knack for penning memorable...

Exodus Wallet Joins SportX to Allow eSports Betting with Crypto

The cryptocurrency wallet known as Exodus just integrated with an online sports and crypto betting platform called SportX. Between a rise in both cryptocurrency and esports, we find a cross-section of the two that’s showing equal growth in popularity. This collab with Exodus, for instance, will give SportX users the option to place bets on esports games and tournaments through smart contracts. The smart contracts are processed and facilitated by the Polygon network.

Notre Dame Cathedral Restoration is Going Woke

People from around the world watched in horror as Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris burned in 2019. Whether you were Catholic or not didn’t seem to matter. Lovers of history and resplendent Gothic architecture prayed that the nearly 900-year old edifice would somehow survive the blaze. She did survive, however....

Nas Gets Nominated For Another Grammy For King's Disease II-- Best Rap Album

Nas Gets Nominated For Another Grammy For King's Disease II-- Best Rap Album. Real talk people can say what they want about whether Kings Disease 1 deserved a grammy or not but Kings Disease 2 most definitely is worthy. Arguably the best rap album of 2021. Great subject matter, Hit Boys best production, classic Lauryn Hill feature, introspection, etc. Yah Nas delivered on so many fronts.

The Hardest Thing About Being a Bible Believer

One of the blessings of being a rabbi is participating in weddings. Right now, at our synagogue, we have 5 different couples engaged to be married. As I write this today, one of these couples has 13 days before their wedding and a second has 41 days before their marriage. I know this because, for some time now, I receive an almost daily update of the countdown. As I watch these young people bounce between eager anticipation and impatience, I am reminded that I used to think that the worst part of being a believer in the Bible was waiting.

Exodus Effect Review – does the exodus effect really work?

Belief in a supreme being and the power that he holds is something that gives most of the strength. It helps us fight our daily battles without losing our will or hope. However, when struck with hardship, we lose some of that hope. We’ve all experienced disease and illness in intensities that have left us traumatized and we always wonder how to prevent it from ever happening again.

The ‘Big 4′ Bands of 17 Metal Subgenres

For over a decade, thrash metal fans have had a definitive – if debatable – list of the top four bands in the field: Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, and Anthrax. (There has been some recent speculation, though, about expanding the group to include Exodus, so we’ll have to wait and see.)
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Some of the 7,000 Afghan refugees housed at Camp Atterbury will stay in Indiana permanently

Some of the more than seven-thousand Afghan refugees temporarily housed at Camp Atterbury will be staying in Indiana permanently. The U-S Department of Homeland Security says about 250 refugees so far will make Indiana their new home. Fort Wayne Mayor Tom Henry announced last week 75 Afghans would be settling there. Aaron Batt, D-H-S’s lead coordinator at Camp Atterbury for the resettlement operation, says others so far have left the base for Indianapolis, Bloomington, Muncie, Hammond, South Bend, Terre Haute and Columbus.
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A Time To Wait

Like Mary, waiting for the birth of her child, we wait for Christmas. You can’t hurry a pregnancy. Who wants a premature birth?. Tacky blow-up reindeer and snowmen litter the city’s lawns. Hyper-happy seasonal music jabs at “consumers” to spend. Christmas trees lit up in home windows signal the impatience for the festivities.

Soprano Soula Parassidis Joins Exodus Road Board

Exodus Road has announced that international opera singer and anti-trafficking advocate, Soula Parassidis, has joined the board of directors. The soprano is a Greek-Canadian artist who has played leading roles on opera stages across Europe and the U.S and uses her platform to bring light and action to the tragic reality of human trafficking.