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Do This Simple 10-Minute Workout for a Lean Body Fast, Says Trainer

As I've noted several times, if you want a lean, fit body—with increased muscle mass, more strength, and less body fat—you need to follow a basic checklist. For starters, you absolutely need to eat at a calorie deficit with a healthy diet. Consider it a bonus that doing so isn't just great for your waistline. One new study just published in the journal Circulation found that pairing exercise and cutting 200 calories from your daily diet (which is the equivalent of roughly three eggs, a single glass of whole milk, or nearly one glazed doughnut) will drastically improve your heart and vascular health.
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Surprised by Racism

I grew up in New York City in the 1970s. Was it a racist place? Probably, but that is not what I experienced for the most part. I’m not saying there wasn’t bigotry or misinformation. In fact, it was inevitable that there was. My parents came to the United States...
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Fairgoers embrace traditions, try new things at Summit Co. Fair

The heat didn’t stop 4-H’ers and fair visitors from enjoying the Summit County Fair, in Tallmadge, Ohio, during the last week of July. The afternoon of July 28, some 4-H’ers finally showed the livestock they’ve been working with all year, or geared up for more shows later in the week. Other 4-H’ers and fairgoers walked around the fairgrounds, visiting animals, checking out displays and enjoying fair food.
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Mendocino Coast calendar of events

If you have questions regarding COVID-19, call the County Public Health Office at 707-472-2759. To contact the City of Fort Bragg, call 707-961-2823. All Fort Bragg citizens may contact the Fort Bragg Police Department at 707-964-0200 and staff will direct you to the appropriate agency. Government Meetings. Fort Bragg online:...
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4 Summer Activities That Will Slash Your Covid Risk by Up to 73%

Although we’re loving the opportunity to get out and about again, with the Covid-19 Delta variant circulating, we still want to keep our body’s defenses as strong as possible. And in great news, research reveals that reveling in warm-weather fun can reduce the risk of Covid-19 complications by as much as 73 percent! Here’s what you can do.
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Mock disaster: Agencies come together for training

Buena Vista County Emergency Management held a full scale disaster exercise Thursday, July 29 in Rembrandt next to the auction house. “It was hot, humid and smoky but that didn’t stop our responders from working together to deal with the incident,” said BV County Emergency Management Director Aimee Barritt. The...
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The Unromantic Truth Behind Creativity Myths

Common myths about creativity undermine hard work, deny agency, and dissuade people from nurturing creative ideas before they're even sown. Creativity is often thought to be a fixed trait, but it is a learned skill. It is not spontaneous, but rather, developed and nurtured over time. Counter to popular belief,...

A Balancing Act: The Struggle to Maintain Balance With PD

Now and then, especially as I’ve gotten older, my gait can be a bit unsteady. I’ve been known to drift a little to the left while walking. As we age, our balance, steadiness, strength, and agility decrease, and our chances of falling increase. For people with Parkinson’s disease (PD), balance, walking, and gait are often major issues due to both motor and nonmotor symptoms, making them even more susceptible to falls and other injuries.
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Forget winter sports – a trail running trip to Verbier makes for an exhilarating thrill ride

It was the first glacier I’d seen, up close that is, from the sky-skimming terrace at Cabane FXB Panossière in the Swiss Alps at Verbier. Corbassière Glacier makes quite the impression – something akin to the overview effect, when astronauts look back down at our blue marble in the void and become overwhelmed.Perhaps that’s a little dramatic but then, running along part of the famous Verbier-St Bernard Trail will do that to a person. I say running; I really mean sporadically jogging, mostly limping, always spluttering. What a reward at the top, though. First, that view, then the sight of...
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NXT Aug. 3, 2021: Listing three things they got wrong

By now, everyone knows that NXT has lost its creative fastball since moving to the USA Network, and boy, did those cracks show themselves on this week’s episode. The two-hour show was filled with baffling decisions. To be fair, it was still an easier watch than Raw, but that gap...

This is Church: My Experience on a Virtual Pilgrimage to Puerto Rico

This is Church: My Experience on a Virtual Pilgrimage to Puerto Rico. On some warm summer evenings, 60 of us gathered around computers in our homes to join in a virtual pilgrimage to Puerto Rico with AMANESER 2025, a Global Ministries partner. This may sound like a quiet, contemplative exercise....

Yeah, I’m Gonna Have To Call You Back: Team USA

This past week has stirred up drama in the Tokyo Olympics, and it starts with USA’s Gymnastics team. Simone Biles, who now has 7 Olympic medals and 25 world championship medals tying her for most decorated gymnast, explained after her vault performance that she would be withdrawing from the event. In the following days, she also withdrew from the uneven bars and floor exercise final. Biles cited her reasoning for the break to be mental health matters. The internet decided that wouldn't be a good enough reason to withdraw from the competition, and they began to rip her apart on social media.

Absorbent Fitness Collections

Absorbent underwear brand Pantys is empowering people who menstruate with a new absorbent fitness collection that's designed to help people move their body without worry of leaks. The four-piece collection includes a pair of absorbent shorts, leggings, underwear and a lightweight training top, which all support those who experience medium to heavy flows. Powered by the same technology that can be found in the brand's underwear, these activewear designs are supportive and help people feel confident and their best—especially since studies that have shown that exercise can help alleviate some period symptoms.
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7 Great Pet Gifts on Sale for Our Semi-Annual Sale

Disclosure: Our goal is to feature products and services that we think you'll find interesting and useful. If you purchase them, Entrepreneur may get a small share of the revenue from the sale from our commerce partners. Our pets can be great allies for helping us get through the busiest...
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S. Raekwon’s “Darling” is an anthemic, intimate folk song

On his new single “Darling”, S. Raekwon — New York’s Steven Raekwon Reynolds — walks a fine line between the intimate and the anthemic. “I wanna be held in your arms,” he sings: his voice is glassy and immediate, possessive of the confidence of someone uttering sweet nothings. It’s the stuff of folk song — or, it would be, if not for all the pure resplendence behind him. “Darling” is awash in Phil Collins-y guitar licks, angelic harmonies, a gleaming, pulsating synth line. It builds to a point that’s almost overwhelming — until, in its final moments, everything drops away. Never overstaying its welcome, it’s an appealing exercise in romantic restraint. It’s the first taste of Where I’m At Now, S. Raekwon’s debut album, out October 8 on Father/Daughter Records.

Harnessing The Power Of No

Sometimes when I look back on the time before, it feels like someone else’s life, not mine. Two years ago, I was racing through the glittering French Riviera, packed in a tent with a zillion industry movers and shakers in a meeting room at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity. Apple’s vice president of marketing communications, Tor Myhren, gave a presentation I will never forget. In it he said the most powerful word in his arsenal is “no”. He explained that “no” has a ricochet effect and fuels the octane and power of yes. Because when you do say “yes” to take on a project, task, job or encounter, it means you have the space and ability to deliver your best.
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Jennifer Aniston shares her '15-15-15' workout plan

Jennifer Aniston has an impressive figure that seems to only get better with age. And in the September issue of InStyle, the 52-year-old actress revealed she has incredible will power who has mastered extreme moderation. The Morning Show actress knows it is 'annoying' she has so much self-control when it...

Bounce Back Faster After An Ankle Sprain

Overuse injuries are common among runners due to the repetitive nature of the running stride. On occasion, however, acute injuries can also sideline runners. One of the most common acute injuries for runners is a lateral ankle sprain, also referred to as an inversion sprain. Here’s how to heal your sprained ankle and get back to running trails.