Elon Musk takes shots at Joe Biden after SpaceX sends civilians to space

New York (CNN Business) — Elon Musk mocked President Joe Biden over the weekend after Saturday's successful splashdown of SpaceX's Inspiration4 flight carried four tourists on a three-day orbital mission. When someone asked Musk on Twitter why Biden hadn't acknowledged the accomplishment, the SpaceX and Tesla CEO offered some choice...
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Honda’s 2024 Prologue EV targets are difficult to believe

Honda is setting aggressive sales goals for its upcoming all-electric Prologue SUV, though limited availability and concerns around EV subsidies could hamper those ambitions. A collaboration with GM, the Honda Prologue will be based on the Ultium battery-electric platform, though isn’t expected to go on sale until 2024. Honda has...
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How to meet EV charging demands and maintain a stable electrical grid

The Biden administration announced 500,000 charging stations to be installed nationally and additional energy storage to facilitate the shift to EVs. Integrating all of this new infrastructure and transitioning requires balancing the traffic on the grid and managing increased energy demand that stretches beyond power lines and storage itself. The...
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Harrisburg takes part in National Drive Electric Week

HARRISBURG, N.C., September 20, 2021 – On Saturday, September 25 from 10 a.m.-2 p.m., electric vehicle (EV) drivers, enthusiasts and those interested in learning more about EVs will be at the Harrisburg Town Center (outside, in the field and parking spots adjacent to Town Hall). This is the first time a National Drive Electric Week (NDEW) event is being held in Harrisburg.

Deserted factories show how China electric car boom went too far

(Sept 21): Visitors to Byton Ltd.’s website are greeted with color-saturated images of shiny electric cars gliding along manicured streets. Those paying a visit to the automaker’s factory in Nanjing, eastern China may be less impressed. The plant is modern and huge, gleaming under the hot summer sun. But there’s total silence. Production has been suspended since the pandemic began and there’s noone around except for a lone security guard.

EV charging in 2021: What you need to know

Thanks for joining us for another episode in the I Speak Electric Series! Today we’re going to hit the pause button and take stock of where we are with EV charging in the year 2021. Where we’ve come from. It’s worth taking a step back for a moment and reminding...

Tesla, Toyota and Honda call Joe Biden's new bill anti-EV

Tesla, Toyota Motor, and other automakers are slamming a proposed $12,500 electric vehicle tax credit that includes extra money for union-built cars and trucks made in the. , have complained that the $4,500 incentive for automobiles produced in a union facility unjustly benefits GM, Ford, and Stellantis (formerly Fiat Chrysler). The United Auto Workers union represents hourly workers for those automakers, which are known as the Detroit 3.

Kia’s Sorento Beats Toyota To 3-Row PHEV Crossover Market

Kia has taken a page from Toyota’s Prime series to offer a three-row plug-in hybrid-electric crossover. Plug-in hybrid-electric vehicle (PHEV) crossovers make good sense to shoppers who want to have a vehicle that can operate on electric power only for the majority of their trips, but also be a great road trip vehicle that never needs to charge. Toyota’s RAV4 Prime is one of the fastest-selling vehicles in America this year, and steep dealer markups have proven that buyers see great value in such a versatile vehicle type. However, the RAV4 Prime is only offered with two rows. Now Kia offers a similar vehicle, but with three rows and a bit more space.

Honda Sets Prologue's Initial Sales Target At 70,000

Honda has announced today that its upcoming, all-new, all-electric Honda Prologue SUV will enter the market in early 2024 with an initial annual sales target of 70,000 units!. It will be the first volume battery-electric car from the Japanese manufacturer, which begins the next chapter in the brand's electrification. At...

GM to replace battery modules in recalled Chevy Bolt EVs starting next month

Replacement modules, which are made up of lithium-ion battery cells, will begin shipping to dealers as soon as mid-October, the company said. Chevy Bolt EV owners will be able to bring their vehicles to the dealership, where the old modules will be swapped out for new ones. GM halted production...

Chevrolet Bolt recall: EV production resumes as GM details battery fix

Chevrolet is resuming Bolt EV and Bolt EUV production, promising to have fixed the battery pack problem that saw multiple cars burst into flame. The automaker also has an update for existing Bolt owners on when they can expect their EV’s battery to be replaced, having warned them recently to park at least 50 feet from other cars and any buildings.

Is Road Pricing The Way To Equalize Electric- & Gas-Powered Vehicles?

The transportation sector in the US generates the largest share of greenhouse gas emissions — 29%. Soon, however, more cars on US roads will be greener and cleaner with consistent EV adoption. Lower costs of driving EVs is helping to incentivize their purchase and to point the way toward a net carbon zero future. However, with more EVs comes reduced tax revenue from weakened gasoline sales. Critics say that EV owners aren’t doing their part and that US roads will deteriorate unless EV owners pay their fair share. Road pricing has been floated as a solution to a complex problem.

Bridgestone Readies For An Electric Future, Will Shift To EV Tires

In anticipation of the automotive industry’s shift to EVs, Bridgestone, one of the world’s largest tire manufacturers, will be shifting its focus to the electric vehicle segment of the market. The Japanese company made a bold goal for its future, it plans to have EV tires account for 90 percent of its new automotive tire sales by 2030. This is according to a report by Nikkei Asia.

Anglia Unicorn connects dots for tech start ups

Named after the mythical creature which eludes capture, a Unicorn company is a start-up that is valued at $1bn+. The UK and Ireland based project has been a year in the making, as CEO Steve Rawlins (pictured) created a database from scratch of all UK universities with electronics courses and of venture capitalists and private equity companies who have a track record of investing in technology companies based on hardware and software. Rather than invest in a one-man-band with a clever idea, Anglia Unicorn is looking to partner financial investors – who do their research and can identify if a design has legs or commercial value – said Rawlins, with start-ups and bright ideas, with design partners.