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Statement by Press Secretary JenPsaki on EvictionMoratorium

Throughout the pandemic, preventing evictions and keeping people in their homes has been a proven way of slowing the spread of COVID-19. The Administration believes that CDC’s new moratorium is a proper use of its lawful authority to protect the public health. We are pleased that the district court left the moratorium in place, though we are aware that further proceedings in this case are likely.
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What does the Supreme Court eviction moratorium decision mean for Illinois?

CHICAGO (WLS) -- An estimated 3.5 million people re at risk of eviction in the United States after the Supreme Court struck down a federal moratorium on pandemic-related evictions. But Illinois residents covered by the state moratorium aren't impacted by the high court ruling. "That decision was strictly about the...

What to do if you get an eviction notice.

🏘️ This article is part of our guide to tenants’ rights in Philadelphia. Got a question? Ask us using the form at the bottom of this article. The U.S. Supreme Court has struck down a federal eviction moratorium and said it’s up to Congress to impose any future ban. Millions...
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What the end of Joe Biden’s eviction moratorium will look like in Maine

Good morning from Augusta. QUOTE OF THE DAY: “I hate when people say the ‘new normal,’” said Wren Stark of Charleston, who is among the Mainers saying she still will not get vaccinated despite the Food and Drug Administration’s full authorization of the Pfizer vaccine this week. “If they would just let things go back to normal, treat the people that are high-risk and leave the rest out of it, I think the world would be better for it.”

With 253,000 Arizonans behind on rent, court halts eviction moratorium

WASHINGTON – The Supreme Court’s decision to overturn a national eviction moratorium late Thursday comes as an estimated one-fifth of U.S. renters are behind on the rent – including 253,000 in Arizona. Critics said the ruling could lead to an “eviction crisis” that will further the spread of COVID-19 as...

Moving target on eviction ban is 'whiplash' for landlords

(CNN) — Since the beginning of the pandemic, property owner Matthew Haines said he has lost a quarter of a million dollars in rental income from tenants who did not pay him rent. "I've never woken up having panic attacks before this year," said Haines, 53, who owns and manages...

The eviction moratorium was extended. What you should know

Last week, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) ordered a 60-day renewal of the nationwide eviction moratorium, offering possible relief for North Carolina residents who are having difficulty paying rent because of the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to the federal moratorium, tenants also may seek rent assistance through...

Pritzker extends eviction moratorium to mid-September — and may push it back further: ‘We’ll adjust as we need to’

Gov. J.B. Pritzker quietly extended the state’s eviction moratorium last week, pushing the enforcement of those orders into the middle of September. Pritzker’s executive order, signed on Friday, extends the moratorium to Sept. 18. A spokeswoman for the governor said the goal was to bring the state’s eviction protections in...
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Supreme Court Strikes Down Eviction Moratorium Despite Surging Coronavirus Cases

The Supreme Court has struck down the Biden administration’s temporary moratorium on evictions during the pandemic. In a 6-3 ruling, the court’s conservative majority ruled the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention exceeded its authority and that only Congress had the power to order a pause on evictions. The court’s ruling puts an estimated 3.5 million people at risk of eviction in the next two months. In a dissenting opinion signed by Justices Sotomayor and Kagan, Justice Stephen Breyer wrote, “These people may end up with relatives, in shelters, or seeking beds in other congregant facilities where the doubly contagious Delta variant threatens to spread quickly.”

SCOTUS Strikes Down Biden’s Eviction Moratorium Extension

The Supreme Court ruled that Joe Biden’s extension of a coronavirus pandemic eviction moratorium was unconstitutional Thursday. The court had already ruled the moratorium, issued via the CDC in July 2020, was unconstitutional without an act of Congress that would pass it into law. Biden’s administration issued the extension while acknowledging that its legal standing to do so was questionable at best. The high court’s three liberal justices dissented. The conservative majority opinion read, “It would be one thing if Congress had specifically authorized the action that the CDC has taken. But that has not happened. Instead, the CDC has imposed a nationwide moratorium on evictions in reliance on a decades-old statute that authorizes it to implement measures like fumigation and pest extermination. It strains credulity to believe that this statute grants the CDC the sweeping authority that it asserts.”

Daily digest: SCOTUS tosses Biden’s eviction moratorium, Detroit’s iconic Fisher Building hits the market, and more

For your final-Friday-in-August perusal, we’ve rounded up a few lingering news items from the world of architecture, design, housing, and beyond. Here’s what you need to know today:. Democrats slam overturning of eviction moratorium as “cruel and wrong”. In a 6-3 ruling last night, the conservative majority of the Supreme...