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Everything You Need To Know About Salomon's OFFSITE Event Program

Where Nature Meets Culture: Introducing Salomon OFFSITE. When you think of Marseille, chances are a boat-packed port, winding streets with bistros serving bouillabaisse spilling onto the sidewalk, or even its burgeoning rap scene come to mind. France’s second city is quickly establishing itself as a cultural destination, but travel just a few kilometers south and you’ll discover that it’s also home to some of the country’s most spectacular coastline. Les Calanques, a winding stretch of rocky coves that give way to turquoise blue ocean, is a not-so-well-kept secret beloved by hikers, cyclists, and canoeists. Earlier this week, however, the sun-soaked stretch drew in a less expected crowd. The occasion? Salomon’s first OFFSITE experience.

Everything You Need to Know About Your Jupiter Return

So you’ve done your astrology homework and know all about your Saturn Return, right? (ICYDK, your Saturn Return occurs about every 27 to 29-ish years, when Saturn ~returns~ to where it was in the zodiac when you were born.) Well, now it’s time to meet your Jupiter Return, because yes, you have one of those, too—and it's a lot less stressful!
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Everything You Need to Know About ‘Manifest‘ Season 4

It sure sounds like Manifest might take off once again. Fans of the NBC series have been rallying around the show after its big cancellation after season 3. And considering the huge cliffhanger it ended on, who can blame them?! But even after all that drama, it looks like the show's mystery might get solved after all with a possible season 4.
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Everything You Need To Know About The Koenigsegg Jesko Attack

The Koenigsegg Jesko was amazing enough, but then Koenigsegg announced the Jesko Absolut, and we couldn't decide which was best. The original for handling and insane pace, or the Absolut for even more insane pace? Unless you're one of the lucky few with the kind of money to actually need to make a choice (Koenigsegg won't let you have both), it probably doesn't matter. We've just been soaking up the teasers and videos of the new "megacars", as Christian von Koenigsegg calls them, with their epic engines. Just a few days ago, von Koenigsegg whet our appetites further by revealing a pre-production Jesko, and a few days on from that, he's taking us on a personal tour of the car's many exciting features while also revealing the car's new name.

Here's everything you need to know about Capstan's new album, 'Separate'

Florida five-piece Capstan let us in on some interesting tit-bits from behind-the-scenes of their second full-length, ‘Separate’. The pandemic allowed us the most time to write we've ever had together. In the past, touring and working when we're home made it difficult to get any real stretch of uninterrupted time...

How should I Charge my Car? Everything you need to know about EV Charging

If you’re planning on getting an electric vehicle – or already have one – you need to know a thing or two about charging it. In contrast to regular vehicles, charging an electric one isn’t as simple as driving to the nearest gas station and pouring the fuel in. Instead, you will first have to find a proper electricity outlet that will accommodate your battery.
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How to Upgrade Flame Spell in Death’s Door

When you unlock your flame spell you get the ability to burn spider webs which allows you to get past blocked paths, especially the one inside the Mausoleum. In this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know on how to upgrade the flame spell in Death’s Door. Death’s...
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Here's Everything You Need To Know About Gossip Girl's Thomas Doherty

Gossip Girl is officially back, and the HBO reboot has introduced plenty of intriguing new characters. But one in particular has fans captivated: Max Wolfe. So you may be wondering, who is Gossip Girl star Thomas Doherty, anyway? Here’s what to know about him and his character. Warning: Spoilers for...
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Riverdale Season 5: Synopsis And Everything You Need to Know

Riverdale season 5 is finally here and the fans couldn’t be happier! This show is a popular television show that airs on the CW. Its season 4 left us with many questions, but Riverdale season 5 promises to provide answers. So how can you catch up before Riverdale season 5 breaths of air? Here are some key points from Riverdale’s previous seasons: