Lunacy Audio launches Air expansion pack for Cube instrument plugin

Lunacy Audio has launched a new collection of sounds for the Cube virtual instrument. The Air expansion pack takes a spicy new approach to the sampling process, featuring a panoply of air-based instruments from all corners of the world, with samples processed through detailed Eurorack modules for extra zing. The...
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Save 10% on the Moog Subharmonicon in Thomann's Cyber Weekend sale

Music makers searching for synths are overwhelmed with options these days, and that's not a bad thing - especially with so many Black Friday music deals on offer. But it can make it hard to stand out, and even harder to find an instrument that truly does something different. If that's what you're after, then the Moog Subharmonicon is for you.
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Save up to $270 off Behringer synths in Sweetwater's massive Black Friday sale

Sweetwater are offering colossal discounts on a broad range of Behringer synths, with savings of up to $270 available while supplies last. Head over to Sweetwater now to check out the full list of over 22 discounted products, which includes everything from big hitters like their DeepMind 12 49-key analogue synthesizer to nifty gizmos such as the TD-3, pictured above in a rave-ready yellow colourway. These are just a few of the discounts available to music makers in this year's roundup of Black Friday music deals.

James Bond Has No Time To Synth

The latest James Bond film, No Time To Die, joins the long tradition of television shows and movies using synthesizers, drum machines and other electronic music gear to convey the idea that characters are using futuristic technology. In Close Encounters Of The Third Kind, scientists use an ARP 2500 modular...

Synthesizer cakes keep getting more deliciously realistic

Have your synth and eat it, too. Redditers are on top of enough synth cakes to practically give you sugar shock right through the screen. I think my favorite has to be this 2019 modular. Not exaggerating, I’ve seen actual Eurorack modules with sloppier-looking front panels, and you couldn’t even eat them.

Best in music tech 2021

As another year draws to a close, we're taking a moment to acknowledge the people and products that have helped make the last 12 months in music tech so exciting. Our end of year poll represents a mere cross section of the huge range of new gear and high-achieving producers and artists that have arrived or thrived in 2021. From audio interfaces and Eurorack gear, to software plugins and house, techno and hip-hop talent, our categories offer you the chance to tell us who deserves recognition this year.

Expert Sleepers Introduce Persephone JFET VCA For Eurorack Systems

Expert Sleepers has introduced Persephone, an analog VCA (Voltage Controlled Amplifier) that uses a discrete JFET (Junction Field Effect Transistor) as the gain element. The JFET can be tastefully (or violently) overdriven for saturation/distortion effects. Persephone also includes a zero-crossing detector, which can be used to restrict gain changes to...

LAZER: Blast your synths with this laser-based music controller

LAZER is a laser-based motion controller that can generate control over MIDI, USB or CV/Gate in response to your waving hands in a Roland D-Beam styli. In this smart little box you have a laser light sensor that measures the distance from your hand and transforms that information into MIDI, analogue and audio signals. It has a 1mm resolution and a range of up to 50cm which can give you some very precise gesture-based control.

What is the best new modular gear of 2021?

BEST IN TECH 2021: We are living in a new golden age for modular gear. As more Eurorack products hit the shelves, the format's dominance in the modular market is now undeniable. From DIY kits, to outboard gear and synths galore, there are around 400 manufacturers of Eurorack modules competing...

Artisan Nucleus Analog-Hybrid Monophonic Synthesizer Now Available To Pre-Order

Artisan Electronic Instruments’s Mike Bachman has launched a Kickstarter project to fund production of the Nucleus analog hybrid monophonic synthesizer. Bachman says that Nucleus “combines the sound design of East and West Coast ideas, blends analog and digital technologies, and packs a vast sound palette into an intuitive user aesthetic.”

Artisan Audio Modular Techno 2 WAV

‘Modular Techno 2’ means it’s time to return into the bleepy, chaotic world of Modular Techno. Made exclusively from a huge system of Eurorack hardware and lovingly chopped and snipped into loops and one-shots ready to be dropped straight into your DAW. Over 200 loops featuring some incredible and unusual...

VastWave Complex Analog Oscillator Designed For Going Beyond Subtractive Synthesis

TEIA Synthesizers shared this video demo of the VastWave complex analog oscillator module for Eurorack modular systems. The VastWave offers advanced waveshaping capabilities that are designed to allow ‘textural and harmonic exploration beyond subtractive synthesis’. Features:. Voltage controlled complex waveshaping. Triangle core. FM input with voltage controlled amplitude for FM...

Teenage Engineering’s OP-1 synth is Reverb’s best-selling music tech product of the year again, so what’s going on?

It might have celebrated its 10th birthday this year, but the popularity of Teenage Engineering’s OP-1 shows no sign of dwindling. Online marketplace Reverb has confirmed that, yet again, the diminutive synth/sampler is its best-selling piece of music tech gear of the year, which is a pretty remarkable achievement. It’s...

DIY Sub Oscillator #MusicMonday

Just in case your synth rig needs a sub oscillator, here’s a DIY project from Analog Labs Swiss:. This is an easy DIY Sub Oscillator project I’ve made for my Behringer Crave synth but it’ll work for Euroracks also. It tracks a Sawtooth or Triangle signal (10Vpp with 0 offset) or a simple Square wave and output a -1 and a -2 octaves down Square waves. Avoid PWM signals. It’ll not good at traking them. It was tested at 9V and 12V and works well with Crave & Neutron Synths from Behringer but also with Eurorack’s VCO. CD4013 is powered from 0 and 9V (or 12V). The 100k linear potentiometer acts as a mixer to blend the 2 sub osc signal output. At 50% position, it’ll output the famous SH-101 Pulse sub oscillator.
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Everything You Need To Know About Logic In Eurorack

Divkid's beginner-friendly guide to AND, NAND, and more 16/11/21. Divkid has returned to his youtube channel; with an excellent introduction to logic in Eurorack - demonstrating the difference between AND, NAND, OR, XOR, XNOR and NOT gates. He demos each gate type with practical and musical examples while demoing the eas Eurorack module. Here's what he has to say: