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#88 Overall, Sabres select Stiven Sardarian

Wowza, three in a row! Sabres Russian scout(s) are heavily trusted this draft. Things to know: 18 years old, 6’1” & 154 pounds. Committed to UNH NCAA hockey next season and ranked #73 among EU Skaters, according to NHL Central Scouting. Rocked out with 30 points in 50 games in Russian’s MHL.
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US, EU, NATO release statement urging halt in fighting

Kabul [Afghanistan] July 24 (ANI): The United States, the European Union and NATO have released a joint communique outlining five key elements for the future government of Afghanistan in order to be supported by the international community. The countries in their discussion on Afghanistan said that they are closely monitoring...

Budapest Pride stands up for LGBT rights in Hungary

LGBT people and their supporters have marched through the capital city of Hungary to defend their rights. It comes as the government tries to limit discussion of homosexuality and transgender issues in schools. A law to limit teaching on the subject came into force this month, and Prime Minister Viktor...

Furygan Release The V4 Vented Summer Riding Shoes

French manufacture, Furygan, introduces its new V4 Vented to the moto-gear market. Ideal for the spring and summer riding seasons, the vented riding shoe is especially cool given its design and purpose. Furygan has been in the riding gear game since 1969 and has been churning out products to suit all sorts of riders and motorcycles. The brand provides the kit of Johann Zarco, who is currently racing for Pramac Ducati. It goes without saying that the folks at Furygan know a thing or several about safety and performance, and it comes as no surprise that other racers sport leathers crafted by the brand.
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UK government orders councils to display EU flag as condition of receiving Covid high street cash

The UK government is telling councils to display EU flags across towns and cities in England as a condition for receiving high street Covid recovery cash.Guidance issued to local authorities by the communities ministry this summer says the blue and yellow symbol of European unity is “required” to be displayed around “every piece of signage, pavement sticker, or temporary public realm adaption” funded under the scheme. The requirement, which will see thousands of new EU flags posted on official buildings and in public places across the country, exists because the European Regional Development Fund has given money to the...
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How the EU is stepping up to fight money laundering

Money laundering in the financial system hurts us all. It lets criminals conceal the illegal origins of their dirty money, allowing them to profit from crime. At the same time, far too many scandals have involved financial institutions, undermining trust in the financial system. It’s been estimated that up to...
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Thousands join Budapest Pride march against anti-LGBT+ law

Thousands of Hungarians joined the annual Budapest Pride march on Saturday to support LGBT+ people and protest against a law that limits teaching about homosexuality and transgender issues in schools. Hungary’s nationalist prime minister Viktor Orban, in power since 2010, has introduced social policies that he says aim to safeguard...
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Why is the UK still getting money from the EU?

The Independent revealed today that the government is telling councils to put up EU flags around public buildings and streets.The reason for this is that local authorities are being passed cash that has ultimately come from the European Regional Development Fund.The government’s Welcome Back Fund, a national UK scheme aimed at reopening high streets after Covid, is effectively financed by the EU.And the fund requires whatever its cash is spent on to be festooned in EU flags to show where the money has come from.This may seem like a confusing state of affairs. The UK left the EU back in...

How Aimedis Wants to Reform the Healthcare System Using Blockchain

The corona pandemic has revealed significant weaknesses in the health system. Now the Aimedis blockchain project is about to kick off a real revolution. The corona crisis has shown mankind various points where there is an urgent need for action. The inadequacies in terms of digitization range from education to administration. One area that has been particularly hit hard is healthcare. On the one hand, the nursing staff worked to the point of exhaustion; on the other hand, analog recording methods caused confusion for patients.

Lopez Obrador calls the OAS a “system without anyone’s flaws” to replace it

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador It has begun for the first time in three years to propose a new geopolitical order for the American continent. The Mexican president this Saturday called for the transformation of the Organization of American States (OAS) into a new body that would unite Latin America and the Caribbean and resolve conflicts between them. “The plan is more or less to create something similar to the EU, but to connect our history, our reality and our identities. In that sense, replacing the OAS with a truly autonomous body is not anyone’s fault, but the parties’s in conflict over human rights and democracy issues. Being a mediator in request and acceptance should not be ruled out, ”he said in an extraordinary speech at the Castillo de Chabuldebe. 238 years since Simon Bolivar was born.

Record Budapest Pride stands up to anti-LGBTQ laws

Record numbers of Hungarians took part in the annual Budapest Pride Saturday to protest against right-wing government attacks on LGBTQ rights that have drawn outrage from the European Union. Organizers of the Pride march told protestors to stand up to the hatred of “power-hungry politicians” that were “using laws to...
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Chinese vaccines may be even worse than previously thought

Activists supporting a more rapid global distribution of the available COVID vaccines have been praising China for sending so many of their doses to other countries before they’ve come close to vaccinating all of their own people. One of the more common ones being distributed in African, South American, and eastern Asian nations is the Sinopharm vaccine. But a new study out of Hungary is suggesting that those doses may not be effective, particularly among some of the most at-risk populations. We already knew that the projected efficacy rates for Sinopharm lag well behind those of the Pfizer and Moderna doses for the general population, but when it comes to the elderly, the numbers drop even further. How far? When patients who were 80 or older were tested, half of them showed no presence of antibodies in their systems at all more than two weeks after receiving their shots. (Associated Press)