‘Virgin River’ Stars Ben Hollingsworth and Colin Lawrence Reveal Season 4 Will Have 12 Episodes Instead of 10

Just when we thought we couldn’t get any more good news about Virgin River, two cast members, Ben Hollingsworth and Colin Lawrence, shared another major update. ICYMI: On Monday, Netflix revealed that the drama series had been picked up for a fourth and fifth season. Just hours later, Lawrence (John “Preacher” Middleton) and Hollingsworth (Dan Brady) revealed that the fourth installment will include 12 episodes rather than the usual ten in a clever video on Instagram.
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Meet 'Party Thor' in Marvel's What If...? episode 7 first look

After the doom and gloom from the past few episodes of Marvel's What If...?, it's time to party!. EW has your exclusive first look at this week's episode 7 "What If ... Thor Was an Only Child?" that head writer AC Bradley tells EW is "fun and silly" — no world-ending events or murdered Avengers in sight. "I love the Thor-Jane relationship and we wanted to play around with that part of the love story without the framework of tragedy," Bradley says. "The story took root from a love of '80s and '90s rom-coms and party films. After so many serious episodes, what's the most fun we could possibly have? And the answer to that is: Let Thor throw a party."

Manifest season 4 is not coming to Netflix in October 2021

Even though Manifest season 4 has officially been picked up by Netflix, don’t expect to see the final season premiering anytime soon. As much as we want the answers to our burning questions from the Manifest season 3 season finale, we will have to keep waiting. Manifest secured the Netflix...

Dexter Star explains which episodes to watch before season 9

Dexter season 9, now titled Dexter: New Blood, is set for release in two months, and we are all excited to see our favourite serial killer make his comeback. However, it has been eight years since the final season, and you may be looking for a gory refresher to the Emmy winning TV series. Well, Dexter’s leading man, Michael C. Hall, has you covered and has recommended four episodes for long-time fans to revisit before the new instalment is out.

Season 1, Episode 1, Pilot

NCIS: Hawai’i Episode 1 aired on Monday night and introduced some new characters to the franchise. Based on Hawai’i, this is another spin-off of the very successful NCIS. It’s not a coincidence that the Season 1 episodes will follow Season 19 of NCIS on Monday nights. The first episode was...

Turner & Hooch Channels Taken in Exclusive Clip From Upcoming Episode

Disney+'s Turner & Hooch reboot series is nine episodes deep, and some of the series has paid homage to classic action films like Die Hard. The next episode of the show, "Lost & Hound," drops on the streaming service Wednesday, September 22nd, and is an homage to the Liam Neeson classic, Taken. However, it's Erica's (Vanessa Lengies) dog Angel who gets kidnapped.

Book of Boba Fett episode titles leaked: Released back home!

Today the first season of Book of Boba Fett TV show episodes leaked with some interesting implications. While the first episode in The Book of Boba Fett will be called “The Champion”, it’ll also have a “Chapter” number, just like The Mandalorian. There’s a suggestion here that while The Book of Boba Fett isn’t just The Mandalorian Season 3, it … Continue reading

The Goldbergs (Season 9 Episode 1) “The Goldbergs’ Excellent Adventure” Comedy, trailer, release date

The family pays tribute to Pops, venturing down memory lane by visiting Pops’ favorite stomping grounds. Forever with camera in hand, Adam captures the outing and themes it to “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.” Hijinks and hilarity ensue, and we are reminded that there is no bond greater than family. – The Goldbergs | ABC.
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Only Murders in the Building Review: To Protect And Serve (Season 1 Episode 6)

The voiceover on Only Murders in the Building Season 1 Episode 6, “To Protect and Serve,” comes from the detective who worked the Tim Kono case. Honestly, spending time with her and her wife isn’t the most entertaining, but it’s clear that it is done to explain how Mabel ends up with Tim’s phone.
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Right when is the last episode of Married At First Sight UK?

Married At First Sight UK is easily the most dramatic show on TV right now and after weeks of intense love and arguments the show is approaching its end date. But just when does Married At First Sight UK end?. The show began a few weeks ago and saw 16...

John Diggle Teams up With Kelly in Supergirl Episode 6.12 Photos

John Diggle Teams up With Kelly in Supergirl Episode 6.12 Photos. The CW’s Supergirl recently reached the midpoint of season 6, and it’s now speeding towards the series’ grand finale. The last season will consist of 20 episodes total, and the upcoming twelfth installment brings a familiar face back to National City. The freshly released promotional photos tease that David Ramsey will return as John Diggle. He will most likely offer his help to Kara and the Super Friends. Perhaps the former high-ranking ARGUS agent will offer some advice to Kelly, who is just now stepping into her brother’s shoes and taking up her legacy as Guardian. Diggle’s latest appearance on the show dates back to the final part of the Elseworlds crossover.

Colts Blue Zone Podcast episode 161 ‘Takeaways From Narrow Loss to Rams’

INDIANAPOLIS — The Indianapolis Colts find themselves in a 0-2 hole after coming up short vs the Los Angeles Rams 27-24. On the latest episode of the Colts Blue Zone Podcast, Mike Chappell and Joe Hopkins begin the show with an update on Carson Wentz’s injury. The duo then recaps...

NCIS season 19 episode 2 promo: Vance wants Gibbs to come back!

We know that NCIS season 19 episode 2 is airing on CBS next week and now, we’ve got an additional reason to be excited. After all, it looks like Jethro Gibbs is going to have another opportunity to rejoin his own team — provided, of course, that he wants it.

The 5 Best Horror-Fueled Episodes of 'Riverdale'

Riverdale brought a new identity and dark exploration to the characters of the Archie comics, creating an entirely different world steeped in deceit, secrets, murder, and tantalizing mayhem. While it has formed its own identity, it was heavily inspired and continuously pays homage to Twin Peaks among many other murder mysteries and horror classics. Like Twin Peaks, the story of Riverdale begins with a body washing up on shore, causing the mystery and whirlwind of fragile secrets in this seemingly sleepy little town to be unleashed. While part of the show’s charm is how it has achieved genre meshing, creating an infectious tone and style all its own, the show is at its most enthralling when it embraces its sinister roots and honors horror films that have come before. It offers self-aware horror with characters commenting on the parallels and perspective the twisted events that fall on them hold to horror films. Many of the episodes are even named after iconic horror films and shows. Riverdale has featured an array of human evil from cult leaders to drug-fueled hypnosis to vigilante killers, even revealing the dark potential of the most seemingly caring and pure of hearts. In turn, it also honors the fight and determination of our characters who repeatedly uncover and face this evil down, refusing to let it defeat them or take their home away from them. Riverdale has continuously offered sensational, enthralling, and telling horror that has greatly added to the appeal of the show and the character’s journey.

Meet Party Thor In These What If...? Episode 7 Promos

Marvel Studios' "What If...?" is a fascinating experiment in meddling with the timeline of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Jeffrey Wright leads the series as the Watcher, an intergalactic entity who only observes specific events unfolding and never intervenes with the fate of specific characters. He's the audience's guide through the show, although he occasionally becomes part of the narrative too — like in Episode 4, "What If... Doctor Strange Lost His Heart Instead of His Hands?" Doctor Strange Supreme (Benedict Cumberbatch) notices the Watcher when his universe collapses in on itself, and begs the cosmic being for help — although the Watcher refuses.

What Time Does ‘What If…?’ Episode 7 Come Out on Disney+?

We’re fast approaching the final third of What If…? Season 1, and all bets are off. We’ve seen this show do some truly weird and wild stuff over the past month—including a whole lot of death and destruction. So if that’s how What If…? handled it’s middle batch of episodes, what in the world will go down in the home stretch?

Thor and Jane Party Hard in What If…? Episode 7 Preview

Thor and Jane Party Hard in What If…? Episode 7 Preview. Fans have seen the fat version of the Northern god, but what about party animal Thor? It seems that the next installment in the What If…? animated series will show Odin’s son having some fun while partying with his love interest, Jane. The story will engage how Thor would behave if he were an only child. According to the producers, if Loki had never joined Asgard, the god of thunder would have had so much more fun in his life.

Parizaad episode 10 release time and preview explored

How can fans around the world watch the latest chapter of Pakistan’s new hit drama series Parizaad and what time will episode 10 release online?. When thinking about the biggest ongoing television shows from around the world, what springs to mind?. Perhaps the big American productions such as The Morning...