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Neon Abyss Is Free At The Epic Games Store

The Epic Games Store gives out free games on a weekly basis, and the program will run through at least 2021. Every Thursday at the same time--8 AM PT / 11 AM ET--Epic gives up between one and three free games. You merely need to create a free Epic account and enable two-factor authentication to start snagging freebies. At this point, Epic has given away well over 100 free games, and there's no sign that the program will stop any time soon. We keep this article up to date weekly to highlight both the current free games and next week's offerings.
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The Epic Games Store's unlimited $10 coupon is back alongside the Holiday Sale

The Epic Games Store has kicked off its Holiday Sale. More than the wide range on deep discounts on display, Epic has also brought back its unlimited $10 coupon. If you're unfamiliar, here's how it works: every EGS user gets a $10 coupon that can be applied to any game in the store priced $14.99 or more. With the recent arrival of the shopping cart, a single coupon will apply to every individual game.

Epic Games Store has $10 coupons again for the Holiday Sale, and there are daily free games

Save $10 on PC games that are $14.99 and up, or just hop in for 15 days of free games. There are a few reasons to look at the Epic Games Store today, whether you’re looking to spend a bit to save a lot, or you’re just here for the free games, as per usual. The 2021 Holiday Sale has begun, which means $10 coupons are back, and the first daily free game giveaway is here as well. You can claim Shenmue III until 8:00 a.m. Pacific on December 17.

How to get the Blizzabelle skin in Fortnite

The Winterfest event in Fortnite is officially live and Epic Games is celebrating the occasion by giving players a free skin for the holiday season. The new Blizzabelle skin is available now for free to all Fortnite players who log into the game’s client between now and Jan. 6, 2022.

Epic Games Store: An error occurred while trying to process your request fix

Some users that are trying to checkout on the Epic Games Store are getting a message stating, “An error occurred while trying to process your request. Please check your network connection and try again.” This is very frustrating for those wanting to pick up the free game for this week, and some might fear they’ll miss out on it entirely. Fortunately, there’s a simple explanation for this that makes fixing the issue a snap.

How to Get Blizzabelle Epic Games Store Launcher PC Exclusive Fortnite Skin Free

Here’s how to get the Blizzabelle Fortnite skin free from the Epic Games Store Launcher. Epic Games always provide players with various ways of getting free cosmetics. In the Christmas events, Epic provide players with two free skins along with other cosmetics. PlayStation players regularly get free cosmetics from celebration packs.

Epic Games Store Makes Controversial Game Free for Everyone

Epic Games Store has new free games, including one that is quite controversial. As always, these free games are limited to the Epic Games Store, which means they are PC codes. That said, they are 100 percent free for all users of the digital storefront. To be a user costs nothing, so these aren't free games locked behind a reoccurring paywall like PlayStation Plus, Xbox Live Gold, Nintendo Switch Online, or Prime Gaming. And once downloaded, the games are yours to keep, however, they are tied to the account which you downloaded them with.

Epic Games shows off Unreal Engine 5 with stunning simulated city in The Matrix Awakens demo

Epic Games showed off the realism of Unreal Engine 5 with The Matrix Awakens demo amid a huge computer-generated city. It looked phenomenal, with a completely CG actress Carrie-Ann Moss and a version of actor Keanu Reeves that’s indistinguishable from a computer creation or the real thing. The Matrix Awakens: An Unreal Engine 5 Experience was shown at The Game Awards, and it’s a preview of The Matrix Resurrections film debuting on December 22.

Epic Games is investigating Fortnite audio issues on Xbox

Some Xbox Fortnite players have been reporting sound glitches since yesterday. In some cases, the sound is stuttering, lagging, or choppy, and in others, the sound keeps cutting out, or else the sound is not working at all. There are currently no reports of audio issues on any other platform. PlayStation and PC are fine. The bug may only be affecting Xbox One and not Xbox Series X.