Epic Universe is coming to Universal — but when?

Epic Universe — Universal’s new theme park under construction in Orlando — doesn’t have a tentative opening date, an executive said Tuesday. Comcast Chief Financial Officer Mike Cavanagh was asked Tuesday when the park is opening while he answered questions about the company’s business during a virtual investor conference. “It’s...
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The Apple vs. Epic fight isn’t over

On Friday, a federal judge handed down the much-anticipated decision on the battle between Apple and Epic Games. There were a bevy of takes on the ruling, but it certainly was far from ideal for Epic: Apple won on nine of the 10 counts, with the gamemaker ordered to pay millions in breach of contract damages to Apple—representing about 30% of the revenues for the time it allowed payments to bypass the App Store when this debate really first blew up in mid-2020. The judge in the case also did not find Apple to be a monopoly in the gaming transactions space.
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Epic's director of nursing discusses new research on its sepsis early warning model

A new independent study in the Journal of Critical Care Medicine found that Epic's sepsis early warning system led to faster antibiotic administration and better patient outcomes without an increase in harmful clinical interventions, like antibiotic or IV fluid overdose. The model, used by hospitals nationwide, detects the first risk...
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Epic Declares September 14 National Parents Day Off: Tired, Overworked, Haggard Parents Everywhere Rejoice

REDWOOD CITY, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--After (barely) surviving 18 months of being forced to play many different roles — parent, employee, spouse, chef, teacher, pet-trainer, housekeeper, and a reliably functioning human — Epic, has officially declared September 14 as National Parents Day Off. The new annual holiday, recognized by the National Day Calendar, will celebrate parents, acknowledge all the hard work they do year-round. While taking an entire day off is hard to fathom for most, Epic and hilarious supermom and actress, Mindy Kaling, are encouraging parents everywhere to do something — anything! — for themselves on this inaugural holiday.

Verona-based Epic Systems launches new EpicShare website

In a step toward a greater online presence, Verona-based Epic Systems Corp. has unveiled a new website that’s a space for health care executives and the public to learn about the company’s software and share ideas. even has its own Twitter account, a first for the software giant. And...

Epic Games wins injunction favoring alternative payments in antitrust lawsuit against Apple

A federal judge today ordered Apple to change its policies and enable developers to use alternative payment systems in their apps in a ruling in Epic Games antitrust lawsuit. The permanent injunction could permit game and app makers to sidestep Apple’s 30% commission that it has had on the App Store for more than a decade. That commission generates billions of dollars a year for Apple.
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Epic is shutting down Houseparty

Epic Games is going to shut down group video chat app Houseparty, the company announced Thursday. The Houseparty app will be removed from app stores “immediately,” according to Epic, though people who already have the app will be able to use it until the service is fully shut down in October. Houseparty’s integration with Fortnite will also continue to work until Houseparty is shut down in October.

Epic trial forces App Store changes, Android 12 launch nears, Twitter tries communities

The app industry continues to grow, with a record 218 billion downloads and $143 billion in global consumer spend in 2020. Consumers last year also spent 3.5 trillion minutes using apps on Android devices alone. And in the U.S., app usage surged ahead of the time spent watching live TV. Currently, the average American watches 3.7 hours of live TV per day, but now spends four hours per day on their mobile devices.
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The Epic v. Google lawsuit finally makes sense

There was never any question what Epic Games wanted when it took Apple to court: the 48-second “Nineteen Eighty-Fortnite” made it clear App Store hypocrisy was the agenda. But the justification for a parallel case against Google wasn’t as clear-cut until today — it’s only now we’re learning about the most damning accusations against the Android giant.

Rihanna Shuts Down the 2021 Met Gala in Epic Look With A$AP Rocky

Call her the queen of fashion's biggest night, because the 33-year-old singer never disappoints with her Met Ball looks. After missing the 2019 affair, Rihanna arrived to the 2021 celebration at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on Monday in a billowing, black Balenciaga gown with a large, dramatic collar and an ornate, sparkling BVLGARI diamonds.

Epic Pizza Week is underway

Do you like your crust thick or thin? Red sauce or white? It’s Epic Pizza Week as designated by the Great Rivers & Routes Tourism Bureau, and the agency is highlighting what it refers to as top-notch epic pizzas at 15 locally owned and operated restaurants now through Friday. Cory...
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How The Wheel of Time Adapts a Sprawling Epic Fantasy

Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time series would seem to defy adaptation with its massive cast of characters, centuries of history, and sprawling world map. The danger of alienating longtime fans of the books with inaccuracies or confusing newcomers with too many details is very real. However, showrunner Rafe Judkins was up to the challenge, deciding which aspects of the novels made the story original and bringing those key aspects to television. “I think it’s our job to both be true to the Wheel of Time books but also be mindful of… the things that could feel repetitive [and those] that are fresh and unique,” he says.

Jim Cramer on Alipay, China, Epic Games, Corporate Taxes, 3M: Video

Stocks opened higher to begin a fresh week of trading as Wall Street turned its attention to the continued Chinese tech crackdown, Alipay, the reported Democratic plan to raise corporate taxes and much more. The Dow Jones Industrial Average was up 252.01 points, the Nasdaq Composite was up 92.54 points...