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Whoopi Goldberg Rejects Claim That ‘Blazing Saddles’ Is Racist: ‘Leave the Movie Alone, Don’t Make Me Come for You’

Mindy Kaling ignited a spirited debate on social media this week after saying on “Good Morning America” that NBC’s “The Office” could not get made today because it’s “so inappropriate now.” The comment inspired “The View” hosts during the Dec. 7 episode to discuss other film and TV properties that some find too problematic for 2022. Whoopi Goldberg staunchly defended Mel Brooks’ 1975 satire “Blazing Saddles” against social media backlash claiming its satire is too racist and/or problematic to be accepted today. “It deals with racism by coming at it right, straight, out front, making you think and laugh about it,...
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‘The View’s Whoopi Goldberg Reveals Surprising Detail in Her Will

Don’t expect any biopics of the life of The View co-host Whoopi Goldberg to be made after she passes away at all. She’s made it clear in her will that people do not have permission to do so. This all came up during a discussion on the ABC talk show about the Marilyn Monroe-focused movie Blonde. Andrew Dominik directed the movie. Goldberg actually revealed that her will stipulates rules around potential biopics about her life, Entertainment Weekly reports.
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‘The Daily Show’ Will Rotate Guest Hosts Following Trevor Noah’s Departure, Including Chelsea Handler, Leslie Jones, and Disgraced Senator Al Franken

As Trevor Noah’s impending departure from The Daily Show nears, Comedy Central has announced an impressive line-up of guest hosts to take over until fall 2023, when a permanent host is expected to start. Is this an audition of sorts or a way to bid more time? That’s for them to know and for us to find out. The list of guest hosts features an impressive range of diverse talent, in terms of gender and race, including Chelsea Handler, Leslie Jones, Sarah Silverman, Hasan Minhaj, John Leguizamo, Al Franken, D. L. Hughley, Kal Penn, Wanda Sykes, and Marlon Wayans, per Deadline. The...

SNL's Kenan Thompson Smirks As A Strategy To Avoid Breaking Character

Breaking character in a skit on NBC's "Saturday Night Live" is not a rare occurrence, and most cast members can point to at least a few times where they've slipped up on the show. But how do the cast members make sure that they don't slip up and break down the proverbial fourth wall?

Whoopi Goldberg Defends ‘Blazing Saddles’ Against Claims of Racism

Whoopi Goldberg doesn’t have time for critics who think “Blazing Saddles” is racist. “The View” co-host defended Mel Brooks’ 1974 satirical Western film against modern social media claims that the film is problematic. “Blazing Saddles” stars Cleavon Little as a railroad worker who is hired to as the first Black sheriff of a frontier town about to be demolished to make way for a new railroad. Gene Wilder plays his gunslinging pal, with director Brooks also starring. “It deals with racism by coming at it right, straight, out front, making you think and laugh about it, because, listen, it’s not just racism,...

'The Santa Clauses': David Krumholtz Says Bernard's Return Will Explain How Scott Calvin Became Santa

Scott Calvin's (Tim Allen) original head elf is returning to help him once again. David Krumholtz is teasing Bernard's return in this week's episode of The Santa Clauses, in a new interview with Entertainment Weekly. In the original 1994 The Santa Clause film, Bernard was the one who explained to Scott what it meant for him to take on the mantle of Santa Claus. In 2002's The Santa Clause 2, Bernard, along with Curtis (Spencer Breslin), told Scott that in order for him to continue to be Santa, he had to find a wife.

'The Mean One' Director Says The Film Was Never Supposed to Come to Fruition

It seems the re-engineering of classic children's characters has become the new horror norm, and this is very much the case with the upcoming film The Mean One. Ahead of the film's release, the creators of the project discussed bringing their murderous Christmas fantasy to life, and the unlikely path that brought The Mean One to the big screen.

‘Big Brother’ Season 14 Cast: Where Are They Now? Ian Terry, Janelle Pierzina and More

Big Brother’s 14th season proved to be the ultimate Revenge of the Nerds fantasy when engineering student Ian Terry took home the top prize over season 10 champ Dan Gheesling. Ian, then 21, impressed the Big Brother jury with his competition wins and social strategy, earning the $500,000 cash prize during the September 2012 finale. The Pennsylvania native — a […]

Kirstie Alley And John Travolta's Relationship Explained

Kirstie Alley had numerous successes throughout her Hollywood career. She made her feature film debut in 1982's "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan" as Saavik (per Entertainment Weekly). However, her first real big break happened when she joined the cast of "Cheers" as Rebecca Howe, playing the character from 1987 to 1993. Alley's popularity grew even more when she starred in the hit 1989 romantic comedy, "Look Who's Talking," which led to two subsequent sequels. While she never quite reached the same level of fame as she did in the late 1980s and early 1990s, she kept herself busy with a constant stream of TV and film projects right up until her death on December 5, 2022.
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The White Lotus Star Promises "Shocking" Finale

The White Lotus Season 2 has featured six episodes of drama, preparing us for resolution on the upcoming season finale. Sabrina Impacciatore, who plays Valentina on the hit HBO drama, has opened up about the imminent finale in a new interview with Entertainment Weekly. With so much at stake, fans...

The Mean One Director Addresses Legality of Grinch Horror Parody

The upcoming horror movie The Mean One is a not-so-subtle parody of Dr. Suess' iconic Grinch character, with even the title embracing a popular phrase from the source material, but with this being an unlicensed homage to the holiday figure, director Steven LaMorte recently recalled how he managed to navigate the legal trickery. Rather than merely hoping he took enough liberties with the original story to get by legal issues unscathed, the filmmaker pointed out how he specifically crafted every element he could to make sure the project could be considered a parody and would be able to avoid any backlash. The Mean One will debut in select theaters on December 9th.
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Black Voices: Artist George McCalman writes new Black history book

George McCalman, artist, illustrator and graphic designer, wrote a new book “Illustrated Black History.” It features illustrations, stories and accomplishments of 145 integral figures in Black American history from James Baldwin to Colin Kaepernick. McCalman spoke with Entertainment Weekly (EW) about the urgency behind the book, as well...

Bill Cosby Accused Of Sexual Assault By 5 Women

Bill Cosby is in spotlight again for alleged sexual assault. This comes one year after he was freed from prison. Five women, including two former actors on The Cosby Show, have accused the actor of sexual assault and abuse. In a lawsuit filed Monday in New York state court, the group cited instances of assault, battery, and infliction of emotional distress and false imprisonment by Cosby.

The Walking Dead: the importance of the we’re the ones who live quote

The Walking Dead series finale served fans a surprise coda scene that featured fan favorites Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and Michonne (Danai Gurira). Fans had been very vocal regarding the inclusion of Rick in the series finale as the story began with and should rightly end with Rick. During this scene, the theme was “we’re the ones who live,” a quote from an early season, but what did it signify?